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7 Traits of 6 Highly Effective People with ADHD: how 6 Post-secondary Learners beat the odds & overcame common challenges

Martha Wise

7Be + p elastic scattering

Bikash Chauhan

80th Anniversary of the D-Day or Normandy Landings

Andrew Turchyn

80th AnniversaryNormandy Landing

Riya Baker

A comparative analysis of the Social Determinants of Health in Ohio's counties and census tracts.

Shelby Level

A Comparison of Opioid-Related Knowledge & Stigma Among Residents of Two of Ohio's Most Populous Counties

Molly Pennington

A comparison of resting metabolic rate using indirect calorimetry, the InBody 770 and prediction equations.

Katelyn Golden

A Comprehensive study on Equitable Integration Practices of Educational Leaders for Refugee Learners in Schools of Columbus Ohio

Ihsan Thaheem

A Content Analysis of Posters Presented at the 2023 National Association of State Alcohol and Drug Abuse Directors (NASADAD)

Sophia Starkie

A Corpus-based Contrastive Study: Comparing Usage Rates of English Denominal Verbs

Mingzhen Cheng

A Greedy Emulator for Nuclear Two-Body Scattering

Joshua maldonado

A High-throughput Functional Genomic Study of Core Arabidopsis F-box (CAF) Genes using an Overexpression Approach

Madhura Yapa

A narrative-based approach to fibroids in Malawi: A quest for information dissemination

Jessie Gongolo

A Novel Method for Evaluating Gene Expression in a Non-model Organism

Nico Cunningham

A participatory arts-based approach to defining "quality education" in a rural Ecuadorian community

Cora Farra

A pilot study investigating cortical activity and interoceptive awareness during two mind-body practices

Elizabeth Hinkle

A study on the proton structure of 11B

Michael Jeswald

A Study on the Proton Stucture of 11B

Michael Jeswald

A Time-Based Model of Digital Video Game Markets with Piracy

Evan Carlisle


Emmanuel Gbede

Accessibility of Resources in Military Sexual Trauma (MST) Impacted Veterans

Alyssa Lambrecht

Addressing Rehabilitation Challenges in the Context of Human Trafficking: A Case Study of NGOs

Sonali Jha

Advising Tools

Adam Dubsky

Aging and Climate Change: Assessing Opportunities in Ohio's Strategic Action Plan on Aging

Cara Harmon

AI Generated Beatmaps for Beat Saber

Jakob Burkett

An analysis of Causative Constructions of English Unaccusative

Satoshi Hattori

An Evaluation of the CLAS Standards as a Catalyst for Prevention Learning Collaborative

Noel Rozic

Anaerobic Digestion within Microbreweries in the United States

Helena Karlstrom

Analyzing Open Circuit Potential Change versus Time in Corrosion Inhibition Experiments

Kushal Singla

Analyzing Rotational and Translational Dynamics of a Supercooled Diatomic Liquid

Collin Collins

Analyzing the Triadic Relationship Between Environmental Health, Social Determinants, and Appalachian Decision-Making

Austin Mahr

Anatomy Defined Using American Sign Language: A Digital Resource for Deaf Education

Brenna Downing


Aeden Grothaus

Ankle Sprain Recurrence and Risk Stratification in Division I College Athletes: Comprehensive Analysis of Contributing Factors

Bryan Soth

Anomalies on von Neumann algebras

Pradyut Karmakar

ApoA4 Improves Metabolic Dysfunction-Associated Steatotic Liver Disease

Zachary LaRussa

Apolipoprotein A4 Attenuate Age-Induced Obesity in Old Mice

Nosheen Bashir

Approach to Equilibrium of a Glass-Forming Liquid

Maximilian Meineke

Arachno Terror

Isaac Kerstine

Are plants adapted to specialized soils more reproductively efficient?

Hannah Wiederhold

Assessing Maternal and Infant Health in Latino Populations Through Secondary Data Analysis

Sueny Paloma Lima

Assessing Neurocognitive Functions in muscle-specific FSP27 transgenic mice.

Connor Aleshire

Assessing the impact of route characteristics on vehicle fault occurrences

Erica Metta

Assessing The Use Of Twitter During The Covid-19 Pandemic And Vaccine Behaviour Among Selected Universities In Kwara State

Maryam Lasisi Mustapha

Assessing Voice Familiarity in Normal-Hearing Adults: Behavioral and Electrophysiological Approaches

Maddie Porter

Assessment of Community Building Programs in Housing and Residence Life: A case of Ohio University.

Frank Osei-Ababaio

Attack on DEI: From State Legislation Litigation to SCOTUS Implementing Systematic Racism in Higher Education

Lauren Staigers

Authentic Leadership - A Case Study of Women in Higher Education Leadership in The Gambia

Isatou B Secka

BALANCE: Lupus Healthcare Facility Targeting Gaps in Healthcare and patient Well-Being through Architectural Design Elements

Brenna Cromwell

Bangladesh-Saudi Arabia Migration: Exploring the Potential Assistance of the Bangladeshi Embassy in Protecting Migrant Workers

Sidhrah Mantaha Noha

Barriers to Engaging in Dementia Prevention Behaviors in Adults at Risk for Dementia

Elise Grant

Beyond "Babysitting": Efforts to ADV Early Childhood Education in Ohio

Faye Wooden

Beyond the Mascot, Behind the Moniker: A Thematic Contextualization and IST Analysis of NAGA v. Washington Commanders

Taylor Orcutt

Bioengineering Bacteria for in-site Delivery of Small-Molecule Natural Products

Alexandria Montavon

Biomechanical Association with Lower Limb Dominance During a Single Leg Landing Task

Alec Hinton


Jacob Dollmatsch

Bloom Med, Black Women's Health Center

Lauren Hailey

Bodies of Christ: Reimagining the Myths of Jesus and the Mermaid in Western Christianity

Melanie Ahmetspahic

BOLD Hockey: Real-Time Sports Action on PC, Mac, and iOS

William Hamilton

Brain Activity Associated with Quadriceps Strength Improvement from 6-weeks to Return to Activity following ACL Reconstruction

Amber Schnittjer

Building Community Resilience to Climate Change Driven Extreme Weather Events in Appalachia

Chloe Partlow

Can client satisfaction variables predict goal progress within rural community behavioral health?

Katie Enderle

Case length prediction improvement model

Peyton Raypholtz

Catalyst: Art in the Time of Environmental Crisis

Morgan Gangaware

Ceiling Temperature Determination of an Organically Catalyzed Ring-Opening Copolymerization Reaction

Darrion Demase

Cell Blebbing as a Marker for Metastatic Breast Cancer

Debalina Chakraborty

CFD Simulations of Strong Acid and CO2 Corrosion in Various Flow Geometries

Adam Cutright

Changes in Moon, Mars, and Micro Gravity: A Meta-Analysis of Plant RNA Transcription Shifts

Emma Canaday

Characterization of a tomato extensin peroxidase in vivo

Zawar Hussain

Characterization of Aerenchyma in Aquatic Legumes

Caitlin Cooler

Characterization of GT43 family in Rice to understand their interactions and role in Cell wall Xylan biosynthesis.

Mohsin Ali Nasir

Characterization of Transcription Product Outcomes in T-box Riboswitch Modulation

Danushika Herath

Characterizing Genetic Interactions Between DNA Methyltransferases and ASK1 in Arabidopsis thaliana

Anna Smith

Characterizing the Behavior of Caenorhabditis elegans in Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors

Riley Becker

Characterizing the Early Growth of Cerebral Organoids

Daniel Cartwright

Chemical Recycling of Polylactic Acid using Organic Catalysts

Emily Harasin

ChIP-seq Analysis of CIB1, a Transcription Factor Upregulated in Arabidopsis thaliana During Spaceflight

Md Sifatul Islam

Chiral Electromagnetics and Mie Resonances in Meta-Molecules Made of Long Plasmonic Nanowires

Richard Sottie

Cincinnati Cares Domestic Abuse Shelter

Madison Fantelli

Circular Economy Education: Fostering Sustainable Minds in Appalachian Ohio Youth

Cynthia Jimenez

Client satisfaction ratings in relation to the number of services received by clients.

jena miller

Climate Change and Human mobilities: a place-based examination of smallholder rice farmers' adaptation to saltwater intrusion.

Muhammed Ceesay

CO2 Mineralization Reactor Design and Testing

Quinn Bennett

Collaborative Strategies for Mitigating Bias in AI-Enabled Education

Joshua Osondu

"Colors of the Sunrise": The Me Decade and Rajneeshpuram

Maddie James

Combined Omics Investigation Reveals Regulatory Mechanisms of Arabidopsis Adaptation to Spaceflight

Gbolaga Oluwasegun Olanrewaju

Combined Stream and Wetland Restoration on a Former Agricultural Field-Bloody Run

Ellen Pokuah

Community Programming Youth Camp

Haven Horton-Kunce

Comparative Analysis of Gender Roles in Extractive Industries in Appalachia

Catherine Galla

Comparative Fitness of Various White Oak (Quercus alba) Seed Sources in an Open Field Setting in Southeastern Ohio

Eliana Balit

Comparing the Impact of Brief vs. Extended Therapy on Mental Health Outcomes in Students with Anxiety: A Quantitative Study.

Emmanuel Agyei-Poku

Comparison of White Oak (Quercus alba) Seed Sources: Establishing in a Shaded Environment

Sean Pierce

Comparison of White Oak (Quercus alba) Seed Sources: Establishing in a Shaded Environment

Sean Pierce

Complex and Experimental Photolithography in Creating 3D Microstructures

Evan Finding

Composing Five Chapters of a Textbook in Auditory Electrophysiology

Sydney Bauer

Confronting Period Poverty in Athens County, Ohio

Margaret Grant

Constitutional Framing of the Environment in the United States, Colombia, and Ecuador, and What it Means for Citizens

Mia Citino

Constraining the Reaction Rates for X-ray Burst Models

Nisha Singh

Construction of a Synthetic Extensin Gene to Probe Cell Wall Assembly

Allan Kenneth Regunton

Construction of the term 'women of color': acceptance and awareness among women at Ohio University

Ariel Cevallos

Contributory Factors to Mental Health Providers' Job Satisfaction

Sidney Fick

Conveying Emotional Impacts through Editing and Blocking in CineVR

Andrew Branderhorst

Convolutional Deep Learning for Atmospheric Visibility Estimation in Constrained Environments

Justin Murray

Cornelius Ryan Collection of World War II - A Visual Discovery

Abigail Lindley

Corrosive Biofilms and the Mechanism Behind Their Corrosivity Causing Structural and Economical Consequences

Adnan Khan

Cracking the Code: Understanding the Shift Towards Post-Quantum Cryptography

Hannah Culver

Crafting Defense: The Art of Chain Mail, Leather, and Stiletto Daggers

Carissa Knitowski

Creating VR content for training purposes

Oussema Dhieb

Cultivating Colorful Downpours: Rain Garden Installation

Alyssa McHugh

Curating Community: Explorations in Art & Belonging

Sarah Heink

Curfew - An Application to Fight Food Waste

Owen Salyer

Cyber Delinquency's Influence on Life Satisfaction in Korean Adolescents: Intersecting Roles of Self-Esteem andFriendshipQuality

Chanhoon Park

D-Day 80th Anniversary Infographic

Zachary Kullman

D-Day Infographic Series Project

Aubrey Cline

Darnella Frazier's Dear Diary

Kerrie Lane

Data and information at rest protection

Abimbola Ogunjinmi

Data Visualization and Health Monitoring System for Wireless Sensor Networks

Treyce Albin

Data-driven compact storage estimation and using Machine Learning and simulation.

Yusuf Zakaria

Deciphering Osteoarthritis: Insights into Reduced Chondrocyte Proliferation from PTHrP Knock-In Mouse Model Studies


Decoding Infectious Disease in Appalachian Ohio

Gabriel Morgan

Degradation of Per-and Polyfluoroalkylsubstances (PFAS) Using Thermolysis and Electrochemical Oxidation

Tyler Kelley

Demystifying the SDGs: Understanding the Geopolitics and Communication Strategies of the United Nations

Francis Ametepey

Design and Synthesis of Lead Compound Analogues for the Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes

Katelynn Ossege

Design and Synthesis of Novel Glucose Uptake inhibitors as Anticancer Agents

Bernard Asante

Design and Synthesis of δ-Lactone derivatives: Exploring the therapeutic potential of a versatile scaffold.

Sa-adatu Female Abdullai

Detecting Pressure Leaks in Trucks Using Thermal Imagining

Jude Alaswad

Developing Methodology for the Mass Spectrometry of RNA Targets

Emily Fairchild

Developing Methods For Crude Oil Analysis Using Tandem Mass Spectrometry

Jaya Paudel

Development of Coal-Derived Graphite for Lithium-ion Batteries

Abigail Paul

Development of the Methodology for Corrosion Inhibitor Persistency Studies in Batch Inhibition

Kasra Shayar Bahadori

Dewetted Gold And Zirconium Nitride Plasmonic Thin Films

Luke Davenport

Dilapidated: a journalistic investigation into blighted properties, the Land Bank, and building home in Athens, Ohio

Isabel Nissley

Disconnection: Childhood Factors Leading to Young Adult Disengagement with Work and Higher Education

Dylan DeMonte

Discovering Generation Z's Boycotting Behaviors Within the Live Music Ticketing Industry

Alexis Stewart

Discrepancies in Social Work Availability for Deaf and Hearing Populations

Catron Arnold

DME/MLS Model Modernization

Zachary Naymik

DME/MLS Model Modernization

Mihajlo Chonev

Do Negative Expectancies Affect Illness Identity Beliefs in Individuals with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury?

Kylee Bernel

Do Negative Expectancies Affect learning and memory performance in individuals with mild traumatic brain injury

Isabelle Zimmer

Does lobbying expenditure negatively impact small business creation?

Susannah Colley

Ecology and Evolution of Gypsum Endemics

Kathleen Madsen

Economic and Cultural Lives of the Giza Necropolis

Deontae Brown

Educational Leaders Perceptions of Stress in Their Work Environment

Allyssa Reece

Effect of high glucose on inflammatory functions of RAW 264.7 murine macrophages in vitro

Grace Matocha

Effect of Oxygen on Corrosion in the Oil and Gas Industry

Shrirang Deshmukh

Effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the functional status of individuals with Parkinson's disease

Sauniya Randeri

Effects of Social Isolation on the Aggression of Male Xiphophorus multilineatus

Caden Beegan

Effects of Soil Environment on Growth of Ohio Oaks: A Dendrochronology Approach

Georgia Riendeau

Effects of TadA on The Virulence of Staphylococcus aureus

Jacob Hensley

Effects of Talker Gender on Sentence Recognition in Noise

Victoria Costa

Effects of task performance on brain activity during a bilateral leg press task: An fMRI study

HoWon Kim

Elucidating the role of TaVER2 and Rice orthologs in Xylan biosynthesis

Samia Nawaz

Emancipating Identity: Men Adorning Dreadlocks in Accra, Ghana.

David Tetteh

Emergence of the temperature–density relation in the low-density intergalactic medium.

Alexandra Wells

Empowerment Advisory

Jordan Frasure

Engineered Bacteria as a Delivery Vehicle for Therapeutic Payloads

Mara Kessler

Enhancing Investigation and Prosecution: Optimizing Data structures and Technology in response to Sex Trafficking.

Wilhemina Bofla

Enhancing Lead Time Prediction Accuracy for THK Custom Orders

Rose Duffus

Environmental Impacts Assessment of Electrochemical Phosphorus Recovery from Municipal Wastewater

Richard Nana Arthur

Epssilon Épée

Adam Ehlers

Equitas Health Mental Health and Recovery Services Department Job Satisfaction Study

Gabriela Grijalva

Evaluating Arthropods Community Structures on the Schoonover Green Roof.

Kaya Stone

Evaluating Hopewell Health Center's CARE Skills Training in Terms of Satisfaction and Confidence

Cameron LaGraff

Evaluating the Effect of the Green Roof on Airborne Particulate Matter

Noah Leigh

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Teens with Anxiety

Mackenzie Maynard

Evaluating the Impact of Person-Centered Therapy in a School-Based Setting on Anxiety and Depression Levels in Adolescents

Parker Kwiatkowski

Evaluating the Impact of VR in Enhancing Patient Care and Increasing Knowledge of Chemotherapy

Sam Scott

Evaluating transport properties of materials using Hall effect measurement

Madhuparna Chakraborty

Event Planner

Blake Gall

EveTrust: A New Era of Non-Hormonal Contraception in the US

Parwinder Singh

Examining the Psychometric Properties of an Alternative Scoring System for the RBANS: Figure Copy

Adrienne Jankowski

Expediting Lunar Exploration: A study of 5G mmWave Communications for Upcoming Human Missions on the Moon

Quadri Adebowale

Experimental Constraints of Nuclear Level Densities via the (3He,n) Reaction

Austin Rambo

Expertise and Infrastructure in Emergency Management: The Cases of Egypt, Jordan and Morocco

Alyssa Manning

Exploration of CBT on Anxiety and Depression in SUD Adults

Alec Meeker

Exploration of Child Readiness: The K-Ready through High School Graduation Pipeline

Shannon Rood

Exploring Interactive Storytelling in 360 Cine-VR

Sharique Sarfaraz Siddiqui

Exploring Job Satisfaction among School Social Workers and Student Support Liaisons: A Cross-Sectional Survey Study

Breanna Rhodes

Exploring Persistence Among Living Kidney Donors in the Face of Burden

Olivia Prevost

Exploring Physical Activity Engagement in African-born Black Immigrant Women in the US: An Explanatory Mixed Methods Study

Bose Maposa

Exploring Polymer-Surfactant Interactions at Interfaces with SFG Spectroscopy and MD Simulations

Danielle John Garza

Exploring Teacher’s Understanding of Climate Change: A Cross -Disciplinary Perspective

Srijana Katuwal

Exploring the Impact of ChatGPT Integration on Teacher Experience and Classroom Material Preparation

Aymen Khazaal

Exploring the impact of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) on educational attainment for adolescent girls in Northern, Zambia

Grace Chundama

Exploring the Impact of Public-Private Partnerships on Education Access and Quality in Egypt

Raghda Elshaloudy

Exploring the Impacts of Recalling Social and Physical Pleasure on Health Predictors

Yixin Yang

Exploring the Interplay between Prohibitin and P53: Subcellular Localization Post-UV Irradiation and its Association with Choles

Zeinab Fayyaz

Exploring the Stories of Climate Change Impact on the Livelihood, Health and Well-being of the Coastal Community of Conakry Dee

Usman Bah

F2/J2 - A mobile app prototype for international students and scholars with dependents.

Brianne Dowler

Facilitating Peer Tutor Collaborative Learning through Community of Inquiry Guided Instructional Design: A Design-Based Research

Agam Syahrial

False Signal

Jacob Jackson

Fan Girl Power: Theorizing the Value of Transformational Fan Labor

Natallia Yeloshyna

Fecal Findings: Exploring Environmental Drivers of Mesopredators' Diet

Mohit Poudel

Flow characteristics of dense phase CO2 stream: Water accumulation and displacement models

Favour Bawa

Flu Season: A Comparative Analysis of Influenza Antigen Testing and Wastewater Surveillance Data

Mia Provenzano

Forecasting Carbon Emissions

Colin Stokes

Formation of a Triazole Ring using a Delta-Lactone Azide and Various Alkynes

Michelle Hawk

Foster Care Facility

Keirstan Mesnick

Fostering Inclusivity: The Role of the Aurat March in Uniting Women Across Diverse Socio-Economic Divides in Pakistan

Zoya Fateh Muhammad

Fragment-based Computational Drug Discovery Targeting the T-box Riboswitch

Braeden Craig

Fragmentation Chemistry of Lactose Derivatives using Tandem Mass Spectrometry

Joy Malaba

Framework for Developing a Degradation Model and Test for Bivariate Degradation Data Considering Random Thresholds

Felix Asare

Framing of Eco-anxiety in Mainstream Media

Lydia Colvin

Freedom Forward Living, a reentry home solution for ex-convicts.

Brynna Pope

Freshwater Red Algal Diversity at Huyck Preserve, New York

Montana French

Friday Night Legacies - Football, Community, and Family in Southeast Ohio

Ethan Sargeant

Full Cycle

Deja Brown

Functional Characterization of Embryo Defective F-box 1 in Arabidopsis Seed Development


Functional characterization of putative transcription factors of primary cell wall deposition in rice

Fitrat Ullah

Future Instructional Designers' Perception and Awareness of the Use of the Signaling Principle in Canvas Courses

Qusai Tweissi

Gaming Collaboratively: Examining the Influence of Player Satisfaction and Frustrations on Learning in Final Fantasy XIV.

Nour El Houda Maache

Generation of suppressor mutants from higher order mutants of Hydroxyproline-O-galactosyltransferases

Damilola Ayorinde

Generation Z Consumers' Perceptions of Corporate Social Responsibility in Regard to Political Ideology and Morality

Pearl Herriott

Geography and Politics of Rightsizing Toledo, Ohio

Kendra McKitrick


Yaw Akosah

Ghanaian First-Generation Student Thriving.

Augustine Gyekye

Girl Internet

Abby Palmer

Global Media Coverage and Analyses of Baloch Women Long March 2023 in Pakistan

Aazadi Fateh Muhammad


Jacq Garcia

GoOHIO Student Routes

Jaret Crist

Growing for the Future in the Appalachians: Farmers' Lessons on Food SUS Under Changing Environments

Felipe Varela

Growth and Characterization of FeSn and CrSn Kagome Antiferromagnetic Films

Tyler Erickson

Growth and surface investigation of antiferromagnetic D019- Mn3Ga on GaN(0001)

Ashok Shrestha

Growth Hormone Receptor Antagonism Markedly Improves Chemotherapy Efficacy in Human Lung Cancer

Arshad Ahmad

Growth Hormone Signaling Alters Lymphatic Pumping Rate and Lymphatic Vessel Healing

Christopher Walsh

Growth of C-plane Mn3Sn on GaN

Hannah Hall

Gödel's Completeness Theorems

Roman Simkins

Habitat for Humanity Student Chapter Impact Report

Sam McAvoy

Harnessing Multi-Fidelity Design Analysis to ADV Fusion Reactor Design

Greta Hibbard

Hearts Without Borders

Betty Kankam-Boadu

"Helping Hands" Single Parent Support Center

Avery Berman

Hemolytic Effects of Overexpressing a Small RNA in Staphylococcus aureus

Octavia Hogue

Hero Walker

Sorrel Kerr-Jung

High Temperature CO2 Corrosion of C1018 Mild Steel

Zhuldyz Zhigulina

How Can I help You

Mohamed Essam

How do Minority Populations Face Injustices in the Chicago Metropolitan Area?

Blake Madden

How Journalist's Health Literacy Influences MMR Vaccination Reporting in Lesotho: A content analysis of online newspaper reporti

Matlhohonolofatso Rose Moremoholo

Hubbard Hamiltonian: linear chain.

Nohora Hernandez

Humanitarian Responses to Ukraine: Lessons from Poland

Sabina Hordinski

Humidity, Electrochemical C2H6 Processing, & LSF0.5 Electrocatalyst Structure

Kasick Andrew

I Eat Therefore I Am: An Investigation of Gender, Body, Food, and Self In Emerging Adult Women

Emma Bhatt

Identification of sRNA targets in Staphylococcus aureus

Julia Tennant

Identifying A Novel Role Of Muscle-Specific Fat-Specific Protein 27 In Muscle Performance

Rabia Basri

Identifying Novel Protein Protecting Against Atherosclerosis

Hebaallaha Hussein

Impact Of Live Healthy Kids On Nutrition Knowledge And Preference

Hannah Moore

Impact of the Trujillato Era on 21st Century Dominican Republic Intimate Partner Violence and Intergenerational Trauma

Caroline Rhude

Impacts of Microgravity on Metabolic Processes of Alcaligenes faecalis as a Proposed Bioremediation Method of Heavy Metals

Morgan Brotz Morgan Brotz

In House Pulse Tool Repair Validation

Chase McCartney

In the Shadows of Angola Prison

Magda Sutherland

Including an F-wave resonance in effective field theory of 3He - 4He scattering

Andrius Burnelis

Increased Military Contractor Activity on Environmental Justice Concerns

Phoebe Giordano

Industrial Engineering Senior Design No Show Project

Collin Walker

Inertial Measurement Unit With RF Telemetry Capabilities

Zane Bode

Influence of Manure and Inorganic Nitrogen Fertilizers on Corn Quality and Productivity

Gobind Sah

Inhibition of 2′3′-Cyclic GMP-AMP (cGAMP)-induced activation of interferon regulatory factor (IRF) by a novel compound

Lydia Belinski

Inhibition of CXCL10 Expression in PBMCs Exposed to SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein

Michael Hogrell


Aaron Kappers

Integrative analysis of gene mutation, methylation, and expression in multiple cancer types

Owen Salyer

Interactive 360degree Puppet Show

Mariah Waring

Interfacial Molecular Organization and Emulsion Stability assisted by Switchable Surfactant Self-Assembly

Tharushi Ambagaspitiya

International Unity Center

Kara Ferguson

Intimate Partner Violence Against Gay Men: A Study Exploring the Narratives of Male Victims and Communication Barriers in Egypt

Ahmed Aly

Intimate Partner Violence and Health Outcomes: The Moderating Effect of Emotion Regulation

Abriana Gresham

Intimate Partner Violence Victimization and Automatic Partner Attitudes

Shelby Nincehelser

Invasions in a warming world: exploring the relationship between climate change and invasions' intensity.

Alexis Medley

Investigating (Extensins) Glycoproteins and Their Cross-linking Interactions via Analogous Repetitive Basic Modules

Abdul Hakeem Al Bulushi

Investigating Niche Differentiation of Small Mammals Across Elevational Zones in the Andes

Keegan Webb

Investigating the Individual Roles of Phenol-Soluble Modulin Toxins (PSMs) in S. aureus

Emily Sudnick

Investigating the Mechanism of action of Type 1 Diabetes Therapeutic Compound MSB-61 via RNA Sequencing.

Fnu Palwasha

Investigating the role of neutron optical potential in neutron-rich 55Va

Chirag Rathi

Investigating the Role of RNA and hemolysis in an alpha-PSM Staphylococcus aureus mutant.

Jayanna Smith

Investigation of microbial corrosion by anaerobic Clostridioides difficile biofilm using a new electrochemical test kit

Lingjun Xu

Is Acorn Germination Influenced by Weevils and Seed Size?

Clare Mattingly

Issues of Gender in Secondary and Tertiary Education in Kenya.

Collins Ketere

Job Satisfaction of Mental Health Providers and Influential Factors

Paige Risner

Kagome Antiferromagnetic Mn3GaN grown on MgO(001) using Molecular Beam Epitaxy

FNU Ali Abbas

Knowledge, Attitude, and Perception of Cervical Cancer, Human Papilloma Virus and Human Papilloma Vaccine among female students

Athar Memon

La Fleur Pleure L'Azure: an exploration of Art and Absurdity

Daniel Swartz

Lead concentrations in human, bovine, and caprine milk in southeast Ohio

Kana Wisniewski

Let's write your name in Thai

Krerkkiat Chusap

Linking the Abstract with the Concrete: What It Means to Compute

Adeline Fitzwater

Lithic unifaces at the State-Line site, Hamilton co. OH, Dearborn co. IN

Phillip Manley

Locked In and Left Behind: The Dismal State of Prison Healthcare in the United States

Anna Skapoulas

Loneliness amongst International Graduate Students

Raghad Al-Khazraji


Max Kaplan

Loss of CEACAM1 in hepatocytes causes hepatic fibrosis

Maria Benitez Iglesias

Low Altitude Weather Network (LAWN): Hardware Design

Dylan Wright

Making Move Out Matter

Elizabeth de Klerk

Mapping the Presence of Otolaryngology Practices Across Ohio: A Comprehensive Distribution Analysis

Samuel Borgemenke

Measuring Nitric Oxide/Peroxynitrite balance Using Metalloporphyrin Nanosensor: Implication for Neurodegenerative Diseases

Nouf Alsiraey

Measuring the Eye of a Needle: Neutrons + Oxygen-16 for Astrophysics Applications

Joseph Derkin

Mechanisms of Extracellular ATP Induced Senescence in Human Lung Cancer Cells

Ryan Ward

Medically Inaccurate Media And it's Impact on Long Covid Symptoms

Aanya Datta

Meeting Patriarchal Expectations: A Character Study of Mae in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof"

Brandon Witmer

Memory Lane Living Facility

Maggie Champer

Menstrual Equity in the United States:Implications for Ohio college students in regard to mental health and academic achievement

Megan Handle


hammad rehman

Metal Additive Manufacturing: FFF & SLM

Scott Downard

MFA Thesis Exhibition: People of Ghana

Bright Kontor Osei

Michelangelo: Redefining the PietÃ

Avery Richardson

Micro-Credentials as A Catalyst For Improving Students' Experience in Higher Education

Abraham Loorig

Mind Over Matter: investigating the impact of psychology and self-hypnosis on chronic ankle instability expression.

Lydia Caggiano

Mineralogy and Chemical Analysis of Speleothems in Discovery Cave

Ripley Taylor

Miriam's Magic Mineshaft

Ryan Hoeting

Mitigating Social Engineering Attacks in OHIO. A Phish Bowl Analysis

Gerard Chukwu

Modeling COVID-19 Clinical Cases with Wastewater Surveillance of SARS-CoV-2

Fatemeh Rezaeitavabe

Modeling energy potential of various waste streams in anaerobic digestion.

Sarah Liederbach

Modeling Hyolingual Musculature of Anolis using Avizo XFiber

Jacob George

Modeling Sediment Transport in Fullers Cave, Culverson Creek Cave System, West Virginia, USA

Sydney Hansen

Molecular Simulations of Quaternary Ammonium and Tetrahydropyrimidinium-Based Surfactants at Metal-Water Interfaces

Thanh Minh Giang Do

Monkeying Around with Bacterial Colony Morphology and Biofilms of a Rhesus Macaque Isolate.

Jacob Thompson

Moral Hazard in Commercial Banking

Caden Hibbs

Morphologic and Molecular Pathology of Localized Prostate Cancer using an Experimental Dog Model

Nathan Hoggard

Morphology and breeding system covariation in the common blue violet (Viola sororia)

Elijah Rhein-Murray

Mossy Hollow

Grace Cobb

Motherhood Penalties: Unveiling the Barriers to Women's Job Retention in Bangladesh and Nepal

Afia Akbar

Movement Ecology of Henslow's Sparrows (Centronyx henslowii)

Gabriella Lindsey

Mutagenesis of the Toxin-antitoxin System in Shigella Flexneri using Error-prone PCR

Alyssa Favro

Nano-scale world of metal-graphene composites

Kishor Nepal

Nanomechanical properties of copolymer thin films composed of methacrylate-based monomers studied by atomic force microscopy.

Ramasinghege Lumbini Ramasinghe

Natural succession in urban forest fragments


Nature, Wonder, and Art: Community Building through Adult Experiential Learning in an Appalachian Museum

Anna Crabtree

Navigating Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in Small-town America

Brady Floyd

Neutron-Induced Reversible Nanostructuring of GeSe2

Spoogmay Khan

New information on the skull and craniofacial pathology of Allosaurus (Dinosauria: Theropoda) specimen based on new CT scanning

Peter Rhynard

Notating November Steps: Toru Takemitsu's Graphic Scores for Shakuhachi

Sam Sernavski

Novel method for the continuous production of coal-derived carbon foam.

Caleb Gula

Number of target behaviors: Impact on student outcomes and correlation with teacher stress and self efficacy.

Abigail Marxen

Occupational Transitions Among Ohio's Dislocated Coal Energy Workers into Solar Energy Production

Ryan Humeniuk

Ohio SPF-PFS in SEO: Sustaining Substance Misuse and Underage Drinking Prevention Coalitions in Adams and Lawrence Counties.

Ijeoma Idika-Chima

OHIO Student Farm's Impact on the Campus Community

Kate Harmon

Ohio University 360 Tour

Junaid Majaz

Ohio University URC Rover

Noah Koval

Ontogenetic and phylogenetic analysis of Dryosaurus elderae (Dinosauria: Ornithopoda) from the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation

Daniel Dunfee

Optical Cavity Connections between Qubits

Noah Smith

Optimization of Plant Cell Pack For Expression of Glycoprotein

Claire Shuey

Optimizing DNA Immobilization and Study on Single-Molecule Adsorption Kinetics of YOYO-1 Dye to Immobilized DNA Molecules

Srijana Pandey

Optimizing the lysis step in CTAB DNA extraction of silica-dried and herbarium leaf tissue

Jamie Carey

Optimizing Tsunami Evacuation Paths and Shelters for Patong Beach, Phuket: A Topological Approach

Saruda Seeharit

Organic Community Gardens for Ohio University Students

Cole Chluda

Osteohistology of the Theropod Dinosaur Ceratosaurus

Riley Sombathy

Osteopathic Medical Student Views on Changes to Comlex 1 and Its Impact on Residency Preparation

Sarah Shelley

Overwinter Habitat Patch Use, Survival, and Movement Ecology of Slate-colored Juncos, Junco hyemalis

Jacob Morgan

Paramagnetism in Synthesized Metal-Free Nitrogen-Doped Graphene Quantum Dots

Simeon Sunday

Pathways to Student Academic, Social, and Psychological Engagement and Well-being at a Public University in Benin

Oumarou Abdoulaye Balarabe

Perceived Stres During COVID 19 and Health Consequences

Kayla Pintar

Performance Evaluation of Photomultiplier Tubes (PMTs) for the CLAS12 Calorimeter in Hall B: A Comparative Analysis

Colton Ashcraft

Phenological Study of Macroinvertebrate Species in Restored Wetlands

Maggie Lacey

Phenological Study of Vegetation on the Schoonover Green Roof

Maggie Lacey

Photometric Lightcurve Analysis of Low-Period Average-Brightness Main-Belt Asteroids

Joey Hilliard

Physiological Correlates of Social Anxiety in a Social Support Conversation

Jessica Lang

Pit Stop

Blade Eblin

Planes, chains, and atom-mobiles: investigating magnetic phenomena of various rare-earth ion cluster configurations.

David Facemyer

Poison Hemlock and the Growing Impact on Local Communities

Al Arbaugh

Polyamine Effect on T-box Riboswitch Transcription Outcomes

Izzy Walther

Positioning the Status of Maternal Health in Post-Taliban Afghanistan

Parwana Hamdam

Potent MSB-61 as Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) therapy: mechanism of action in insulin secretion

Nida Ajmal

Potential of a probiotic lactic acid bacteria for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19

Claire Smith

Potential Project Optimization Tools in Independent Game Development

Ashley Spelic

Power, Perception, and Partnerships: A Comparative Analysis of U.S. Presidential Framing of Jordan and Israel

Stan Yerrick

Predicting Water Treatment Capability of the Truetown Wetland

Ella Grey

Prediction of Barley Malt Qualities Using ATR-FTIR and Automated Multivariate Regression Models

Qudus Thanni

Preliminary morphological comparisons of a new species of Andean mice (Cricetidae: Thomasomys)

Andrew Pagan

Preserving the future of our forest against climate change

Hoang Luu

Prevalence of self-perceived isolation, and depression and support seeking behaviour among general population of US

Shatakshi Semwal

Probing BCL2 protein interactions using Scyllatoxin-based BH3 domain mimetics

Dhanushka Arachchilage

Productivity Standards and Mental Health Employee Job Satisfaction

Erin Dickson

Project Directors' Perspectives on Ohio's Community Collective Impact for Change (CCIM4C) Initiative

MacKenzie Kay

Promoting Green Infrastructure in Southeast Ohio

Samantha Holdaway

Promoting tourism on the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway

Colin McKinley

Protein Characterization at the Mitochondrial Associated Membrane (MAM) after Exposure to Solar Ultraviolet Radiation

Evelyn Potter

Psychological Effects of Solitary Confinement in Society through Albert Woodfox

Charlotte Lundgren

Pummel Park

Evan Johnson

Quantifying the trade-offs between stamen and staminode formation in the flowers of Mentzelia.

Campbell Hauschild

Quantum in Aviation Security: ADS-B Protection with QKD

Brady Phelps

ReBike Program: Returning Abandoned Bicycles Back to the Community

Sean O'Donnell

Rebuilding Foundations: Evaluating Post-Earthquake Education Policies for Children in Nepal

Subekshya Ghimire

Recombinant Lactococcus lactis expressing anti-SARS-CoV-2-nanobodies blocks entry of the virus into human cells.

Carolina Portero

Reducing glycolysis uniquely maintains normal islet function in chronic hyperglycemic conditions

Brian List

Reforming African American Literature in High Schools

Alesha Davis

Regional Trends in Prehistoric Rockshelter Use in Southeastern Ohio

Victoria Lovelace

Reimagining Institutional Support: 'Being Journey Advocates' for Foster Youth Alumni in Campus-Support Programs in Ohio

Faustina Mensah

Research and Implementation of Zero Waste Initiatives at Campus Markets

Claire Chartier

Resolving species relationships in the recent and rapidly evolving Mentzelia section Bartonia (Loasaceae)

Paige Fabre

Retro-Style Arcade machine

Daniel Reeves

RNA Protonation: A Pathway to Drug Discovery

Opeyemi Fatunbi

RNA Protonation: A Pathway to Drug Discovery.

Opeyemi Fatunbi

RNA-targeted Drug Design: Impact of pH on Fragment-Based Ligand Discovery

Deborah Amesaki

Role of AHA2 Protein in Plant Gravity Response

Victoria Swiler

Room for Resilience

Josie Stafford

Room Scout

Parker Corbitt

Sausage Casualty Studios

Nathaniel Stein

Scoreboard for Excel: Real-time Formative Feedback and Honesty Controls for Excel-Based Education

Maddi Raisch

Scraps to Take With You

Chloe Miller

Seed dispersal in gypsum-endemic species: is limited dispersal ability being selected for?

Zoe Hoelmer

Self-Reported Symptom Expectancies in Individuals with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Micheala Evans


Jenna Tucker

Sensory Sanctuary

Sophie Zawodny

Separability of Non-Local One-Body Ground State densities for 0^+ ground state light nuclei

Joseph Foy

Sharenting Syndrome's Effects on Children's Well-Being

Annika McKinney


Miriam Snavely

Sikh Ohio: Nurturing Traditions, Building Bridges

Venkat Sai Akash Pamarthy


Omnya Abdelwahab

Simulation Analysis of Risk of Job Tardiness as a Measure of Manufacturing System Resilience

Mohammad Milad Omar

Small RNAs in Neisseria gonorrhoeae

Lorna Vizmeg


Bailey Perry

Solar Charging System with DC-AC Inverter

Michael Debrosse

Something About Coal's DNA: A path to sustainable coal utilization aside from burning

Chinonso Ugwumadu

Speciation and Niche Shifts in the Amphibious Plant Group Neptunia (Fabaceae)

Ellie Becklund

Spooky Dookie

Evan Whalen

Sprouting Healthy Lifestyles: Evaluation and Preliminary Efficacy

Julia Peter

SSEP - Effect of ISS-Derived Bacteria on Plant Growth and Gene Expression

Victoria Swiler

SSEP: Investigating the Effectiveness of Bacteriophage-Mediated Biofilm Clearing In A Microgravity Environment

Maranda Stricklin

Stakeholder perspective on how Culture and customary law influence how women report abuses towards them in an intimate relations

Priscilla Akosua Denkyi

Stress before and after interpersonal interactions

Dalton Dickerson

Student Game : RUN

Benjamin King

Study of solid phase separation of metal halide perovskite using visible light fluorescence spectro-microscopy

Deepani Vidarshika Athapaththu

Study of water in oil droplets for use in single-molecule chemical kinetics of surface-immobilized DNA

Dylan Smith

Surveying H12 Dynamics Within the Constitutively Active Human Estrogen Receptors Using a Bipartite Tetracysteine Display

Lasantha Sendanayake

sUV-induced nitric oxide synthases mediated regulation of DNA damage and repair pathway

Maryam Muzaffar

Symbol-Pair Distances of Negacyclic Codes of Length $2^s$ over $\GR(2^a,m)$

Manh Thang Vo

Synthesis and Antibacterial Activity of Novel Derivatives of Natural Products

Oluwaseun Adegbite

Synthesis of Novel 3,5-disubstituted Oxazolidinones as ligands to bind to the T-Box Riboswitch

Kurtis Williams

Synthesis, Surface Attachment of Rh(III) Complexes Supported By Functionalized Bipyridyl Ligands and Characterization using SFG.

Simeon Sunday

Teacher Report of Facilitators and Barriers to Implementation of Classroom Behavior Supports Following Year-long Consultation.

Bryn Burnham

Teachers Perceptions on the Coronavirus Pandemic among Third Graders in Appalachian Ohio

Caroline Brenneman

Teachers' Abilities to Accommodate Students with Disabilities in Ohio's Rural Appalachian Schools

Ella Schaffer

Teachers' Perspective on Integrating Environmental Education Relating to Human-elephant Coexistence in Tanzania

Felician Ezekiel

Temperature dependent gene regulation in Staphylococcus aureus

Zoe Wilfing

Testing Associations Between Forms of Child Maltreatment and Specific Forms of Domestic Violence Perpetration and Victimization

Valerie Velasco

Testing the Efficacy of a new Invertebrate Paleontology Display Case in Clippinger Laboratories.

Lorena Jevnikar

Tetralkynebenzylated Glycoluril scaffolds for anion binding, transport and extraction.

Prabhleen Singh Bedi

The Association Between Collegiate Athlete Injury and Emotional Stress

Jack Myers

The Association of Visual-cognition and Hitting Biomechanics in Collegiate Baseball Players

Byrnadeen Farraye

The Climate Connection

Kate Richards

The Creation of the OU Sports Analytics Revolution

Ian Lindstrom

The Curfew App

Isabel Alvarez

The Dental Student Student Problem

Jacob Smith

The Detection of Sulfonamides in Molecularly Imprinted Polymers using Density Functional Theory and Microscopy

Aoife Zuercher

The Diazoxide Dilemma: Explaining the Unexpected Role of K(ATP) Channels in Restoring Insulin Pulsatility

Benjamin Stiadle

The Digital Dungeon Master: A Virtual Tabletop To Make Dungeons & Dragons Affordable and Immersive For All Players

William Hamilton

The Effect of Acid Mine Drainage on Body Size in Macroinvertebrates

Hadlie Bennett

The Effect of Length of Time Spent in a Domestic Violence Shelter on Feelings of Safety and Other Outcomes

Olivia Lang

The Effect of the Use of the Wiktionary on the Development of Writing Skills in French as a Foreign Language

Fatiha Bazouche

The Effect of Wnt5a Signaling on Macrophage Phenotype

Brakstin Hockley

The Effects of Residency at a Level 2 Transitional Recovery House on Women with Substance Use Disorder (SUD)

Cierra Smith-Carter

The Efficacy of ChatGPT in Diverse Language Teaching and Learning


The Evolution of Petals in Caryophyllaceae

Riley Rees

The Existence of a Woman Artist

Emily Van Meter

The expectations and real community effects of the Intel chip manufacturing plant in Licking County, Ohio.

Laine Underhill

The Experiences of Faculty Advisors at Ghanaian Public Universities: The University of Cape Coast

Doreen Tutera

The FarAB efflux pump in Neisseria musculi contributes resistance to free fatty acid and biofilm formation.


The Fate of Microplastics on Freshwater Invertebrates

Makenna Koogler

The Geographic Shift and Expansion of "Poverty Neighborhoods" in Cleveland, Ohio

Madeline Gardner

The Haven of Seattle

Taylor Laubacher

The Impact of Client Gender and Sexuality on The Efficacy of Advocacy Services Post Interpersonal Violence

Camryn Smith

The Impact of Climate Change on Vector Born Diseases Demonstrated through Chagas

Jess Mitchell

The Impact of Recent China-US Disagreements on College Students' Attitudes towards the Chinese Language and People

Ruitong Zhu

The Impacted of Stressful Working Environments Related to Rural Mental Health Provider Job Satisfaction Study

Letisha Corson

The Importance of Wild Pollinator Conservation and Pollination Education

Lily Schaefer

The Influence of Perceived Anxiety and Racial Stigmas on the Willingness to Seek Mental Healthcare Services

Michelle Nkansah-Wiafe

The Last Memories Of Pyreld

Raj Rana

The Monarch Mental Health Center

Lea Strauss

The Mother Tongue and her Daughters: Exploring Language Evolution in a Constructed World

Joaquin Vigo Alejandro

The Need for Seed: Patterns of Bird Feeder Use by Slate-colored Juncos (Junco hyemalis)

Olive Stringer

The Opportunity Center

Nife Oseni

The Percolation of Human Computer Interaction

Doug MacDowell

The Phenomenon of 'Quarry Kids': Exploring Parent and Community Perspectives on Children Engaged in Quarry Activities in Ghana

Ama Dufie Ofori-Birikorang

The Political Economy of U.S-China Trade War

Damilola Amen-Wisdom

The Postpartum Period is a Tumultuous Time that often Brings About Changes to the Psychological, Social, And Interpersonal Aspects of a New Mother’S Identity

Halina Dreger

The potential impacts of zip code on perceived mental healthcare access in rural Ohio.

Patrick Caniglia

The Responsiveness of Tyramine Receptors in Caenorhabditis elegans when Matured without Monoamines

Riley Bunstine

The role of KFB in plant gravitropism in Arabidopsis thaliana

Elyse Hensley

The Role of Select E3 Ligases in Plant Gravitropism

Samantha Fedoush

The secret life of glassy carbon

Elise Aaron

The separation of metals from Acid Mine Drainage using hydrochar. The Regeneration of used hydrochar by applying four solvents.

Sana Jamshidifard

The Test: Unreal 5 Eperimental Puzzle Project

Crewe Edens

The Union Payphone

Kyle Reynolds

The Visual Plane of Advertising: The Techniques of Commercial Storytelling

Devin Chen

Thermal and Morphological Characterization of Novel Sargassum-Based Polymer Composites for Application in 3D Printing

Michael Wells

To Cycle or Not to Cycle: The Effect of Weight Cycling on Xenobiotic Metabolizing Enzymes

Maya Djalali-Gomez

ToneDeaf VR Project

Jason Bock

Transfer of microplastics from one trophic level vs two in a freshwater food web

Mohsin Khan

TRANSformation of Transgenderism in America

Aireen Maurisio

Transitioning from Conventional to Organic Farming- Ohio University Student Farm

Peter Makinde

Transitive Property: An Interdisciplinary Collaborative Performance

Allison Rollins

Trends in the Radiation Balance of Schoonover Center's Green Roof

Preston Connors

Troubled Treatment

Sophia Young

Try to put Myself in their Shoes: Story circles and intercultural competencies for teacher candidates

Nayomi Field

Uncertainty Quantification of the Low-Density Nuclear Equation of State derived from Chiral Effective Field Theory

Yoon Gyu Lee

Under pressure: anatomical clues suggesting physiological adaptation to the hydrostatic pressures of deep diving in phocid seals

Grace Vance

Understanding and Characterizing Students' Experiences to the Field of Speech-Language Pathology Within an Ecological Framework

Miranda Kress

Understanding Anti-Caste Movement in Nepal: A Qualitative Study

Bridhika Senchury

Understanding Donor Intervention Strategies in Basic Education in Rural Northern Ghana; A Case Study of the Nanton District

Erica Adzimah

Understanding Plant Gravity Perception (PGP) and Identifying Peroxidases

Marzieh Moradifar

Understanding the Effectiveness of Health Communication Program: A Study of the Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention (SMC) Program

Godsway Otchere

Understanding the Impact of Observational Systematics on the DESI Cosmological Parameters

Casey Ann Horvath

Unpacking the Complexities of Eyewitness Testimony

Emma Rich


Amedee Michel

Use of telehealth, its satisfaction, and relationship with self-perceived well-being, health literacy, and self-efficacy

namra nadeem

Use of VR/AR to Enhance College Class Experience.

Junaid Majaz

Using plant cell packs for transient GFP expression

Jack Kenny

Version Compare Archive

Tavier Leslie

Veteran Rehabilitation and Transition Center

Alexis Craiglow

Vietnam: Tunnel Assault

Joseph Daniels

Virtual Trolley Problem

Jack Sherlock

VR Computer Builders

Collin Bartlett

VR Project

Edmund Darko

Waste-To-Energy: A Techno-Economic Analysis of Anaerobic Digestion of Brewery and Food Waste

Mehrnoush Keshavarzian

What chemosensory cues do Chironomid midge larvae use for evaluating food resources of differing qualities?

Brittney Sargent

What Controls the Nb/Cr Ratio in Rutile in HP/LT Metamorphic Rocks?

Thomas Willem Koebel

What does addiction actually mean?

Alyvia Morton

Who Believes Women Lead Better? Unpacking Public Perception.

Jessica Wolfe

Who Owns the Story?: An Analysis of True Crime Storytelling and How Narratives Get Co-Constructed

Hiley Kresse

Will I fit in?: International Student Decision in Communicating Self-Information In Student Organizations First Meetings

Thien Pham

Willingness of changing smoking practices in response to increasing prices among students at Ohio University

Athar Memon

Winding Road Recovery Center

Myah Husted

Window Pain: A Survey of Avian Window Collisions on Ohio University's Athens Campus

Elena Delach

Womanhood and Queerness in Animation

Meg Sharp

Women, Life, Freedom (Zan, Zindagi, Aazadi)

Megan Knicely

Wonder Camera, Insects of Southeast Ohio

Castillo Jorge

WORD UP! An Animated Music Video

Theodore Menkhaus

Working Season

Milton Lindsay

Zoo Escapees Gone Wild: assessing the population structure of invasive hippos using scat samples

Prothama Manna