Online Journal of Space Communication


The Online Journal of Space Communication is a cross-disciplinary scholarly publication designed to advance space communication as a profession and as an academic discipline.

Individual issues provide in-depth examination of matters of importance to satellite and space communication in terms of:

  • Education and Manpower Development
  • Innovation and Technology
  • Economy and Business Development
  • Services and Applications
  • Regulation and Public Policy
  • Social Impact
  • Regional Development

The Journal's goal is to be a credible record and repository for developments of public significance in satellite and space communication, and to promote critical analysis of those developments. Each Journal issue is designed to make complex historical, technical, economic, regulatory and social issues more accessible and understandable. All articles are peer-reviewed with ancillary materials and historical perspectives included to stimulate discussion and set a future agenda.

The Online Journal of Space Communication is a project of the Society for Satellite Professionals International (SSPI) of New York. The Journal was approved by the SSPI Board in September 2001. Robert Bell is Executive Director.

The Journal was hosted and editorially managed by the School of Media Arts & Studies jointly with the Graduate Program in Communication and Development at Ohio University, Athens OH. Don Flournoy served as General Editor.