Online Journal of Space Communication

Issue #1: Education and Training (Winter 2002)

Editor Introduction

The first issue of the Online Journal of Space Communication focuses on Education and Training: Curriculum and Resource Development for the 21st Century.

This issue features a Database of Academic Institutions, research centers and professional associations around the world that do research and teach content and skills relating to satellite and space communication. This is a first-of-its-kind database in that specific degree programs, individual courses and program heads as well as instructional faculty are identified. If you and your program are not listed, send the relevant information to the editor. We will add it.

This issue presents Model Curricula. The varied approaches being taken in the education and training of next-generation professionals in satellite and space communication are highlighted. Examples are drawn from Associate, Baccalaureate, Masters and Ph.D. Programs in a range of academic disciplines, as well as short courses and continuing education programs. If you have a model course or program of study to recommend, write it up for the editor. We will include it.

This issue hosts Critical Perspectives. Feature articles, and thoughtful editorial commentary are presented on the topic of Education and Training from both the scholarly and the professional side. These perspectives are intended to frame the debate and set the agenda for discussion about what's right and what's wrong with current approaches to education and training in space/ satellite disciplines. Note the March 27, 2003 National Workshop on Space Education and White Paper. If you have a perspective you wish to share, please do so by sending an email to the editor. The advantage of being online is that the content can be revised and updated as often as needed. Our goal is to make our Journal as inclusive and as global as possible. Join us.

Please note that this Journal is not a static publication, and its contents are not forever fixed. Our Database does not include all who should be included; our Model Curricula do not reflect the full diversity of programs and courses offered; our Critical Perspectives do not reflect the full diversity of views that exist. As a dynamic, updatable online resource, the Journal invites you to be a contributor.

If you would like to make a contribution to this issue or know of others who should be included, please fill out the Curriculum Response Form and send it to (see Submission Guidelines):

Randy Johnson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Aviation Management and Logistics
College of Business
Auburn University
Tel: +1 334 844-6822
Email: johnsrd@auburn.edu

Or send your communication directly to the Editor:

Don M. Flournoy, Professor of Telecommunications
General Editor, Online Journal of Space Communication
School of Media Arts and Studies
Scripps College of Communication
Ohio University, Athens, Ohio 45701
Tel: +1 740 593 4866
Fax: +1 740 593 9184
Email: don.flournoy@ohio.edu