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VSAT Communication (Fall 2004)

General Editor Introduction

In the satellite world, data communication is popularly called VSAT Communication, named after the very small aperture satellite earth stations and the interconnecting satellite infrastructure that business and government offices, banks, retail outlets, hospitals and schools use for moving information around locally and globally.

Case studies are used to explain how VSAT networks operate and to show how satellites are bringing communication to regions of the world that cannot be reached in any other way. Special attention is given to the effects of regulatory reform on VSAT adoption, especially among developing countries.

Under Current Developments, the Journal has posted a series of vendor applications that illustrate the global significance of this technology. Some of these essays are promotional in nature, perhaps inconsistent with a scholarly journal, but they are included because the information is valuable for the detailed knowledge they contain.

Credit is due to David Hartshorn and Martin Jarrold of the Global VSAT Forum for serving as Guest Editors for this issue of the Journal. If you have knowledge of VSAT Communication and would like to make a contribution to this Journal.


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Or send your communication directly to the Editor:

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Front Matter


Issue 7: From the Guest Editors
David Hartshorn and Martin Jarrold



Overview: Politics and Technology Converge: Case Studies on the Effects of Regulatory Reform on VSAT Adoption in Developing Countries
Emmanuel Adugu, Kwasi Boateng, D. Flournoy, Eric Gavua, Wencelous Kaswoswe, and Miao Zhang


Overview: A+B+C = VSAT
Martin Jarrold



Issue 7: Contributors
David Hartshorn and Martin Jarrold