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A Comparative Analysis of Abnormal Bone Remodeling In 621 Female Skeletons Recovered From United Kingdom Burial Sites 0-1850 CE

Ariana Kocab, Sociology and Anthropology

A comparison of burnout and stress levels of athletic trainers in emerging and traditional settings

Katlyn Trimmer, Athletic Training

A Cost Benefit Analysis of Medicare for All

Dylan Rainey, Economics

A dual-acting STAT5 inhibitor in the treatment of type 1 diabetes.

Maislin Bogart, Biological Sciences

A Location-Allocation Model for Vaccine Distribution with Transshipment Utilization

Marjan Pesaran Haji Abbas, Industrial and Systems Engineering

A New Paralemanea Species Discovered in Eastern North America

Chloe Hendrikse, Environmental & Plant Biology

A Pandemic Podcast In the Parks

Morgan Spehar, Journalism

A protein-protein interaction tool linked with Glycosyltransferase database in Rice.

Mohsin Ali Nasir, Environmental & Plant Biology

A Slip of the Mind: a Performance Study

Julianna Simons, Theater

A Term in Crisis and Under Stress: Vindicating the Musicological Usage of 'Sturm und Drang'

Peyson Weekley, Music

A Twitter Analysis of Restricting Speech on Social Media in the Era of Trump

Zanovia Criss, Journalism

Academic Resilience of the Athletic Training Student During COVID-19 Pandemic

Brandon Gallimore, Athletic Training

Adena Baby-Centered Recovery Program

Cody Anderson, Social Work


Alexander Schakel, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Affordable File Manager

Zac Baker, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Aging in a Warmer Ohio

Melissa Damico, Voinovich Environmental Studies

Albireo: Energy-Efficient Acceleration of Convolutional Neural Networks via Silicon Photonics

Kyle Shiflett, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Algorithm for Discovering and Characterizing Complex Chromatin Interactions with applications to neural science

Yingnan Zhang, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

All About the 'But'; A Linguistic Analysis

Skyla Matteson, Linguistics

Allocation of resources during pandemic

Mandvi Malik, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Altering the Tides of a Midge Swarm: How Polarized Light and Olfactory Cues Influence Oviposition Behavior in Chironomidae.

Wesley Walsh, Biological Sciences

Alternative Lightweight Filler Material For Fiber Cementitious Composites

Logan Veley, Mechanical Engineering

American E-Democracy: The Importance of Online Political Radicals in Shaping Contemporary Politics in the United States

Andrew Stone, Political Science

An interactive VR experience for the reality of chemotherapy.

Abolfazl Jarrahi, Emerging Communication Technologies

An Investigation of a School Closing in Appalachia Ohio

McKinley Zemek, Teacher Education

An Overview of the Computer Science Major at Ohio University

Matthew Lang, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Analysis of GSK3 Structure and Function: Advancements Towards the Treatment of Bipolar Disorder

Hannah Boesger, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Analysis of marsh plants in Rowley River tidal creeks

Riley Rees, Environmental & Plant Biology

Analyzing the Effects of UVB Radiation and Cholesterol Depletion on the Endoplasmic Reticulum

Evelyn Potter, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Anatomy of American Sign Language (ASL): Exploration of learning muscle-nerve structures involved in ASL facial expressions

Kevin Swails, Rehabilitation and Communication Sciences

Anatomy of American Sign Language: Learning the Hand Muscles Used in Sign

Shayla Spears, Rehabilitation and Communication Sciences

Ansible Galaxy Collection of Enterprise GitHub Managing and Information Modules.

Tyler Zwolenik, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Anti-CD44 conjugated polystyrene beads bind to CD44 on Colon and Breast Cancer Cells Under Flow Conditions

Cesar Schadeck, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Anuran Community Occupancy Dynamics in Wayne National Forest

Andrew Connolly, Biological Sciences

Apolipoprotein A-IV enhances glucose homeostasis and insulin action

Zachary LaRussa, Biological Sciences

ApolipoproteinA-IV Acting Through Sympathetic Activation Regulates Lipid Metabolism

Kate Thomas, Biomedical Sciences

Approximation of functions in Barron’s space using sums of separable functions.

Indupama Herath, Mathematics

"Art in the Yard" Proposal for Genesis Hospital Pediatric Courtyard, Zanesville

Meredith Meredithc, Art

Assessing natural chemical diversity derived from an Ecuadorian fungal endophyte with potential antimalarial effect

Carolina Portero, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Assessing population viability of Ohio's recovering bobcats (Lynx rufus)

Marissa Dyck, Biological Sciences

Assessing Step Count Dependent Changes in Femoral Articular Cartilage Using Ultrasound Throughout 10,000 Steps

Olivia Bodway, Applied Health Sciences and Wellness

Assessing Sustainability: Communities of Practice for Rural Communities Opioid Response Program

MacKenzie Kay, Voinovich Public Administration

Assessing the Accumulation of Heavy Metals in Ohio's Recovering Bobcat Population

Ashlynn Canode, Biological Sciences

Assessing the Differences Between ACLR Patients and Healthy Controls in Traditional and Neurocognitive Hop Tests

Christine Ault, Applied Health Sciences and Wellness

Association between perceived barriers to access healthcare services and utilization of cervical cancer screening in Kenya.

Jackline Otieno, Social and Public Health

Asymmetric Sensorimotor Brain Activity during Knee Motor Control in Patients with Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

Amber Schnittjer, Translational Biomedical Sciences

Augmented Musical Control

Simon Marland, Emerging Communication Technologies

Automatic Dart Board

Alex Henson, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


Abby Coppock, Theater

Birds of a Weather: Impact of weather patterns on overwintering home ranges of radio-tagged male slate-colored juncos

Emily Bails, Biological Sciences

Brain Size Variation among the Russian Fox-Farm Experimental Trial Groups

Anna Brant, Biomedical Sciences

Breakfast Consumption and Energy Balance in Active Adult Males

Lane Cullums, Applied Health Sciences and Wellness

Breaking the Silence: Exploring the Narratives of Survivors of Female Genital Cutting in Kenya.

Mary-Magdalene Chumbow, Media Arts

Breastfeeding Experiences of Mothers who are Nurses, Nutritionists, and Physicians in Ecuador

Maria Jose Mendoza Gordillo, Individual Interdisciplinary Program

Building Eastern Hellbender Populations through Reintroduction of Head-Start Individuals

Matthew Kaunert, Biological Sciences

Butanol Extraction analysis of phenol-soluble modulin proteins that carry out many functions in Staphylococcus aureus

Emily Sudnick, Biological Sciences

Buzzy Study

Kelly Scruggs, Pediatrics

Campus Clothes Donation Center

EllieAna Shanklin, Voinovich Environmental Studies

Can Gravestones Represent Infrastructural Degradation on a Local Scale?

Wyatt Moore, Geography

Capstone Cowboy

Beth Brennen, Emerging Communication Technologies

Capture of Phosphorus from post-digester municipal wastewater via electrochemistry

Lawrence Ajayi, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Carbon and nitrogen dynamics in a Miscanthus x giganteus biomass crop over a decade

Samuel Adu Fosu, Voinovich Environmental Studies

Casting Black Cinema: Opinions of African American Students on Contested Casting in Black History-Films

Adelaja Oriade, Media Arts

Casual Connections: The Conservative Legal Movement's Strategic Gutting of the Voting Rights Act of 1965

Diamond Brooks, Political Science

Cerelia Supply Chain Analysis

Jonathan Henderson, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Changes in Knee biomechanics during a neurocognitive hopping task

James Williamson, Applied Health Sciences and Wellness

Characterization of a 6Li enhanced CLYC detector

Justin Warren, Physics & Astronomy

Characterization of the interaction between breast cancer exosomes and E-selectin molecules under static and flow conditions

Yinan Huang, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Characterization of Xylan synthase Complexes (XSCs) in Rice

Tasleem Javaid, Environmental & Plant Biology

Chloroplast genomes for resolving relationships among select genera (Batrachospermales, Rhodophyta)

Roseanna Crowell, Environmental & Plant Biology

Chronic alcohol consumption does not impair recovery from repeated injuries

Samantha Moser, Biomedical Sciences

Classical Music in Southeast Ohio: The Impact of Performance on a Rural Community

Taae Hamid, Music

Climate Change and Human Rights in Philosophy and Law

Erica Bechtel, Philosophy

Co-Construction of the Appalachian Elder: Effects of Stereotypes on Discourse and Identity

Noah McGeorge, Linguistics

Codebenders - Programming Exam Generator

Jacob Beauchamp, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Combinatorial Anticancer Therapy Strategy Using a Novel GLUT Inhibitor with Chemotherapy and Target Drugs in vitro and in vivo

Lindsey Bachmann, Biological Sciences

Commodification of Religion by U.S. Catholic Schools: Management of Teacher Morality, Religiosity, and Identity

Haley Janoski, Communication Studies

Communication and Development: Effects of Fast fashion's Secondhand industry on Seamstresses in Ghana

Vanessa Antwi, Communication and Development Studies


Faith Shields, Media Arts

Comparison of 3 different Cr steels vs. carbon steel in MIC by a very corrosive SRB

Lingjun Xu, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Comparison of microbiologically influenced corrosion of Cr steel at 3, 6 and 12 o'clock positions using a corrosive bacterium

Dominic Riepenhoff, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Compost Expansion and Education at Ohio University

Katelyn Rousch, Voinovich Environmental Studies

Consequence of Head Impacts on Mental Health and Quality of Life in Stunt Performers

Bri Houle, Applied Health Sciences and Wellness

Considering Biofuel Possibilities with Recycled Grease and Oil

Jack Knudson, Voinovich Environmental Studies

Convergence of Technology, Communication, and Culture in Amazonian Ecuador: An online platform for biocultural conservation

Megan Westervelt, Media Arts

Correlates of Imposter Syndrome in Black Students attending a Predominantly White Institution (PWI)

Catrina Beasley, Psychology

Correlation between particle size and degree of phase segregation of CsPbBr1.5I1.5 perovskite quantum dots

Deepani Vidarshika Athapaththu, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Cortical Tension and Cell Volume Difference as a Marker for Cancer Cell Lines That Bleb While Undergoing Micropipette Aspiration

Dalton Cunningham, Physics & Astronomy

COVID-19 and Migrant Worker Ghettoization in Singapore

Ben Nichols, Geography

Creating and standardizing a skin explant model for studying solar damage and repair

Hailey Payne, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Creating Demand for the North American Pawpaw: Recipe Development

Luisa Guimaraes, Applied Health Sciences and Wellness

Creating Podcasts with Ohio Adult Allies and Youth-Led Groups to Further Understand Their Role in the Community

Aurelia Johnson, Biological Sciences

Crystalline Mn3Sn growth by molecular beam epitaxy

Sneha Upadhyay, Physics & Astronomy

Data Analytics & Statistical Process Control on High Volume Line

Kayla Wagner, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Demonstrative Use of a Manipulative Model for Osteopathic Cranial Strain Education: Perceptions and Practicalities

Sumedha Medicherla, OsteopathicManipulativeMedicine

Design, synthesis, and characterization of Lanthanide-based supramolecular architectures

Mahsasadat Boraghi, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Designing Peptides to Inhibit the T-Box Riboswitch

Emily Fairchild, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Determination of the roles of constitutive nitric oxide synthase cNOS in solar-UV induced carcinogenic responses in mouse models

Bernardo Bastidas, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Determining the Effects of Virtual Reality BESS on Postural Stability Compared to the Traditional BESS Post-Concussion.

Miranda Haas, Applied Health Sciences and Wellness

Developing an In Vitro Platform to Mimic the Pancreas-Liver Endocrine Axis

Nicholas Whitticar, Biomedical Sciences

Developing small-molecule Glucose uptake inhibitors as potential anticancer agents

Nazanin Ghobadi, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Developing Sustainable Land Banks

Lucy Thompson, Voinovich Environmental Studies

Development of New Antibacterial Agents from Small Natural Products

Sa-adatu Abdullai, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Development of photo-affinity label peptides for mapping therapeutically-relevant protein-protein interactions

Khairun Nahar, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Differentiating Petroleum Acid Isomers using Tandem Mass Spectrometry Coupled to Computational Chemistry

Esther Mbuna, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Digital Guitar Pedal

William Madigan, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Dissecting the role of Differentiation and Greening-Like 1 in unfolded protein response

Noah Barber, Environmental & Plant Biology

DNA Supercoiling as a Regulator of Gene Expression in Staphylococcus aureus

Ryan Steere, Biological Sciences

Documenting the Reduction of (ng) in Appalachian English

Will Mullen, Linguistics

Does health insurance status affect the likelihood of receiving a Covid-19 vaccine?

Dylan Rainey, Economics

Does Inquiry-Based Learning Reduces Math Anxiety Compared to Lecture-Based Instruction?

Harman Aryal, Teacher Education

Don't Waste This Water: An Epidemiological Study Monitoring SARS-CoV-2 Variants in Athens City and Campus Wastewater

Jacob Dimenbort, Biological Sciences

Dormitory Wastewater Monitoring of SARS-CoV-2 at Ohio University for Covid 19 Outbreak in Fall 2021

Fatemeh Rezaeitavabe, Civil Engineering

Drivers of genetic divergence in mice populations in the northern Andes

Quinn Cifani, Biological Sciences

Drop Vertical Jump Action-Observation Neural Activity in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstructed Patients and Healthy Controls

HoWon Kim, Translational Biomedical Sciences

Early Active Intervention for Sports-Related Post-Concussion Recovery

Sean Ennis, Applied Health Sciences and Wellness

Effect of blood group on extended high frequency auditory sensitivity and cochlear functioning

Katlin Hill, Rehabilitation and Communication Sciences

Effect of novel compounds on pathogen-induced cytokine storms

Jacob Lloyd, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Effect of Ultraviolet Induced Activation of Constitutive Nitric Oxide Synthase in Fibroblasts

Tina Athans, Biological Sciences

Effective Classroom Management Strategies: Exploring the Correspondence between Teacher Self-Report and Observation

Hannah-Grace Rew, Psychology

Effects of Arabidopsis thaliana AHA2 Protein Phosphorylation on Gravity Response

Victoria Swiler, Environmental & Plant Biology

Effects of Silent Intervals on Noise Separation of Frequency-Following Responses by using Machine Learning

Allison Giordano, Rehabilitation and Communication Sciences

Effects of Spatial Separation and Voice Difference on Masking Release

Katrina Dorsey, Rehabilitation and Communication Sciences

Effects of Wnt5a isoforms on epithelial mesenchymal transition in urothelial carcinoma cell lines

Taylor Deleruyelle, Biological Sciences

Electrochemical Reduction of Carbon Dioxide in Solid Oxide Electrolyzer Cells Using Transition Metal Infiltrated Cathodes

Ahmad Abu Hajer, Mechanical Engineering

Electrochemical-Oxidative Dehydrogenation (e-ODH) of Ethane

Andrew Kasick, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Eliminating the Front Row: How teaching in the chat fosters student engagement

Erin Morgenstern, Counseling and Higher Education

Elucidating the glucuronidation mechanism of heteroxylan in monocots

Akshayaa Venkataraghavan, Environmental & Plant Biology

Elucidating the mechanisms of eATP-induced changes in cell growth, energy metabolism, and cancer stem cells in human non-small l

Jingwen Song, Biological Sciences

Employee and customer interaction within coffee shops.

Chloe Connolly, Communication Studies

Energy-efficient Graph Convolutional Neural Network Accelerator with optimized dataflow

Siqin Liu, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Engineered Profiles Pump Reliability

Michael Spradlin, Industrial and Systems Engineering

English vowel perception in multiple-talker babbles and speech-shaped noise

Abigail Earliwine, Rehabilitation and Communication Sciences

Ensuring Student Collaboration in Group Projects

Deependra Budhathoki, Teacher Education

Environmental Literacy

Serenity Zaebst, Voinovich Environmental Studies

Estimating Heating Values for the Simulation of Coal-Derived Products with Aspen Plus

Chiderah Chukwuka, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Ethical Representation in Historical Fiction

Lauren Steinkuhl, Media Arts

Evaluating the curing kinetics of solid phenolic resins using differential scanning calorimetry

Sophia Almanza, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Evaluation of Local Sustainable Operation: True Pigments

Nikolas Hinkle, Global Leadership Center

Evaluation of mother daughter dyad communication with respect to sexual health and its implication in prevention of sexual abuse

Roshni Ashiq, Communication Studies

Eviction, Gentrification, and Restoration in Cincinnati, OH

Kaia McKenney, Geography

Evidence for Investigating GSK-3 Inhibitors as Potential Therapeutics for Severe COVID-19

Davoud Ghazanfari, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Evidence of Genetic Interaction Between Clic5 and Radixin in Hearing and Deafness in Mice

Nicole Hess, Biological Sciences

Examining the effects on astrocytes in a mouse model of neurovascular disease.

Lindsey Butler, Biological Sciences

Examining the Role of Endothelial Rbpj During Postnatal Intestinal Microvascular Development in Mice

Kristen Schuch, Biological Sciences

Experiences of Nursing Students as Related to COVID-19 Pandemic

Kübra Civan, Counseling and Higher Education

Explanations of physical activity in reducing stress

Kaylee Stewart, Communication Studies

Exploration of How Patient Characteristics Influence Patient Openness to Treatment and Resources

Grace Connolly, Social Work

Exploring the Impact of Community Gardening on the Health of Participants

Hannah Wynne, Geography

Exploring the impacts of performance-based funding policy among institutions

Shiya Liu, Counseling and Higher Education

Exploring the Relationship between Athletic Identity on Certain Coping Mechanisms in Adolescent Athletes

Jessica Steger, Applied Health Sciences and Wellness

Expression and purification of Segments of recombinant Coronavirus Protein In Tobacco plant

Zohreh Shariati, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Factors Associated with Teachers' Sustained Intervention Implementation Following Intensive Consultation

Hannah Kassab, Psychology

Federation Ball

Mariah Waring, Emerging Communication Technologies

Flirty Flashing Flies: Field Testing of Midge Fly Responses to Simulated Visual Mating Cues

Makayla Deyling, Biological Sciences

Formation of bismuthene layer on manganese nitride.

Ashok Shrestha, Physics & Astronomy

Friction: an exploration of impediments to interdependence

Lily Erb, Art

Fuel Station

Jessica Robinson, Emerging Communication Technologies

Functional Analysis of Possible Xylan Glucuronosyltransferases From Rice Using CRISPR/Cas 9 Technology

Helena Littler, Environmental & Plant Biology

Gamification of Vaccine Information

Medrine Nyambura, Media Arts

Gender Equity and Career Advancement among Aging Female Faculty

Hoda Rahmani, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Gender Inequality in the Indigenous Food Sovereignty Movement in Canada

Hunter Uhl, Geography

Gene Expression at the Intersection of Microgravity and Reorientation Implicates New Regulators of Gravity Signaling

Calvin Coffin, Environmental & Plant Biology

General Musculoskeletal Injury Prevalence and Occurrence in Dancer Working in the Commercial Industry

Stephanie Petery, Applied Health Sciences and Wellness

Generating Hypothetical Martian Trees with an Evolutionary Algorithm and L-System Grammars

Zion Klinger, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Genetic diversity and differentiation across geographically separated populations of North American small terrestrial mammals.

Molly Haugen, Biological Sciences

Genomic mining guided activation of a silenced biosynthetic gene cluster in Amycolatopsis

Eunice Prasojo, Nutrition

Ghana Beyond Division: Gender and Sexual Minorities and the use of social media as a tool for advocacy in Ghana.

Eirene Binabiba, International Development Studies

Giving for God: Do more religious areas give higher amounts of charitable donations?

Matthew Geiger, Economics

Green Bonds: A case analysis of Apple, Pepsi, Verizon, and Walmart corporate debt.

Ishan Matta, Finance

Group Cohesion and the Ties to Success

Emily Margolies, Communication Studies

Guitar Pedal Red Team

Michael Schraff, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Historical Ethnography of Pandemic-Related Mental Health in Appalachia

Lizzie Shuga, Sociology and Anthropology

House of Hope

Alexander Keller, Film

House Without Roof: A Kurdish Spiritual Journey of Return

Elizabeth Story, Interdisciplinary Arts

How do dancers in the commercial industry self-report concussion prevalence?

Seth Davis, Applied Health Sciences and Wellness

How do Leaves Adapt in Desert Environments?

Mekenzie Altman, Environmental & Plant Biology

How Does Microgravity Change a Plants Capacity to Produce, Regulate and Degrade Proteins

Samantha Fedoush, Environmental & Plant Biology

How food insecurity affects college students

Gabby York, Communication Studies

How Students Transition From High School To College Living

Robbie Miller, Communication Studies

How Tracking Positive Lightning Can Reduce The Threat of Wildfires

Aaron Will, Geography

Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange Tandem Mass Spectrometry and Modeling of Internal Residue Loss in Protonated Glycans

Lauren Schultz, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Hydrology and Agricultural Sediment Pollution in the Bloody Run Swamp of Ohio

Kehinde Ositimehin, Voinovich Environmental Studies

"I Think I Have Autism Spectrum Disorder": How Social Media Can Create An Illness Identity

Kyra Fife, Psychology

"I Think I Have Bipolar Disorder": How Social Media Can Create an Illness Identity

Lyndsey Fought, Psychology

"I think I have Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)": How social media can create an illness identity

Tiffany Fowler, Psychology

I'm Calling CPS

Sondra Boyle, Emerging Communication Technologies

Identification of Novel Regulators for Primary Cell Wall Deposition in rice

Mojde Sedaghat, Environmental & Plant Biology

Identifying and Understanding Pathways to Student Thriving at a Public University in Benin: A Mixed Methods Perspective

Oumarou Abdoulaye Balarabe, Counseling and Higher Education

Identifying Drivers for Successful Recruitment in Eastern Hellbender (Cryptobranchus a. alleganiensis) Populations

Ryan Brown, Biological Sciences

Impact of COVID-19 in Rural Schools in Nepal

Sunita Aryal Chhetri, Educational Studies

Impact of Sports on College Students

Molly Ryan, Communication Studies

Impact of Survivor Advocacy Program's Service Delivery Type on Student Survivors

Kaitlyn Urbaniak, Social Work

Improving the Scorecard Generation Process of Genesis Healthcare Systems

Daniel Papanek, Industrial and Systems Engineering

In The Loop - Red Light Green Light Demo

Justin Levy, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Influence of inhibitor concentrations and carbon steel microstrucutres on inhibitor adsorption mechanism investigated by atomic

Huiru Wang, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Influence of Surface-Active Compounds on CO2 Corrosion During Intermittent Oil-Water Wetting

Neda Norooziasl, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Injuries and Access to Health Care in Competitive Collegiate Dance Teams

Cassandra Everhart, Applied Health Sciences and Wellness

Inquiring Rights

Theodore Berry, International Studies

Integrating Mental Health Services into Primary Health Care

Allison White, Nursing

Interaction with university communications

Ellie Coldiron, Communication Studies

Interactive Reading Environment in Web-Based Virtual Reality

Akbar Sultanov, Emerging Communication Technologies

Interactive Tools for Teaching Mathematical Proof

Garett Cunningham, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Intimate Partner Violence Victimization & Health during COVID-19

Abriana Gresham, Psychology

Investigating the Effect of Bacterial EV-packaged RNA on Human Gene Expression

Emily Marino, Biological Sciences

Investigating the News Media Coverage of People v. Turner

Jayne Yerrick, Journalism

Investigating the toxicity of Staphylococcus aureus "naked RNA"

Riley Zielinski, Biological Sciences

Investigating Tornado hole is southeast Ohio

Maryam Almazroey, Geography

Investigation of F-actin arrangement in Keratocytes

Hagen Childers, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Investigation of Transport Phenomena in Wastewater Treatment

Ardavan Zanganeh, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Is the reproductive success of plants influenced by the type of soil they occur on?

Lilly Osterday, Environmental & Plant Biology

ISE 4192: P7 - Magna Welding

John Kasik, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Isolation of Extensin Precursors via Elution of Suspension Culture Cells

Hannah Nicholson, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Isosteviol: Privileged Scaffold for Therapeutic Drug Design

Mariam Shafqat, Chemistry & Biochemistry

"It's Them or Us": Identification of Violence Justification Frames For Effective Conflict Prevention

Nicole Sword, Political Science

J.A.N.I.S: a nautical mixed reality experience

Jessica Robinson, Emerging Communication Technologies

Job Satisfaction Among Youth Mental Health Providers: The Impact of Self-Efficacy, Perceived Stress, and Burnout

Jessica Hartman, Social Work

Job Satisfaction and Burnout Rates Relevant to Age and Coworker/Supervisor Relationships at Shawnee Family Health Center Portsmouth

Jessica Collier, Social Work

"Karens" as the Vocal Sleeper Agents of Intersectional Privilege in the United States

Daniela Grijalva, Sociology and Anthropology

Kenworth Dock Utilization

Carolyn Rhodes, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Knowledge and Attitudes Towards Concussion Management and Return to Work Protocols in Professional Stunt Artists

Sarah Mason O'Connor, Applied Health Sciences and Wellness

Leaf Matter Decomposition

Kelly Love, Voinovich Environmental Studies

Level of Burnout and Perception of Stress in Athletic Training Students

Zach Patton, Athletic Training

Leveraging Critical Appreciative Inquiry & Multi-Attribute Utility Theory in Diversity Program Development and Evaluation

Micah McCarey, Individual Interdisciplinary Program

LGBTQ+ Inclusion Best Practices within Athletic Training Facilities

Hailey Bauer, Applied Health Sciences and Wellness

Lighting Reduction on Campus

Josh Lundgren, Environmental & Plant Biology

Local Restaurant Vegetarian Options and Sustainability

Helena Karlstrom, Voinovich Environmental Studies

Localization of China's Belt and Road Initiative in Developing Asia

Grant Perry, Geography

Macropinocytosis-mediated extracellular ATP internalization in cancer cell lines (of different types)

Nicole Stone, Biological Sciences

Magna Seating Columbus Assembly Line

Isa Herrera, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Maladaptive Coping Cycle of Students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Concept Model of Downward (or Upward) Spiral

Martha Wise, Educational Studies

March 2020

Natalie Stretton, Educational Studies

Masting and Microclimate: The influence of temperature on flowering and seed production in oak trees

Tyler Arnold, Environmental & Plant Biology

Mating behavioral response to nitrate pollution in the green swordtail fish, Xiphophorus helleri

Meredith Fitschen-Brown, Biological Sciences

Media Framing of LGBTQ+ issues: An analysis of Ghanaian Blogs

Jennifer Donkoh, African Studies

Medical Student Perceived Institutional Support of Family Planning

Casey Koth, SocialMedicine

Mesophication and altering species compositions: 40 years of oak-hickory forest dynamics

Aaron Rudolph, Environmental & Plant Biology

Mixing and Mastering - The Subjective Art of Sound Design for Television

Meredith Wammes, Media Arts

Molecular and cellular changes in pericytes following endothelial Rbpj deletion in a mouse model of brain AVM

Sera Nakisli, Biological Sciences

Molecular and Cellular Consequences to Brain Endothelial Cells in a Rbpj-mediated Model of Brain Arteriovenous Malformation

Kayleigh Fanelli, Biological Sciences

Molecularly Imprinted Polymers with Differing Template Molecules Characterized by Atomic Force Microscopy

Emily Harasin, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Money Talks and Votes: How Campaign Finances Influence Senatorial Votes in the 116th Congress

Maggi Karagosian, Journalism

MSB-3 protects islets and restore insulin secretion capacity, thus can slow or even halt T1D progression in the early stages.

Fnu Palwasha, Biomedical Sciences

Murky Water Thesis Film

Emily Isaacs, Film

Mythology Turn-Based Tabletop RPG (MTTRPG)

Zane Bartel, Emerging Communication Technologies

Narratives on Infertility and Status Disclosure: What are Ghanaians Saying?

Freda Lekey, Communication Studies

Native Planting Project

Catherine Galla, Environmental & Plant Biology

Negative Interest Rate Policies and Bank Lending

Kelsie Gentle, Economics

Neural Adaptations Following ACLR

Kaitlyn Moore, Applied Health Sciences and Wellness

No Way to Keep Well: Disabilities in Charlotte Bront's Villette

Callie Martindale, English

Non-covalent interactions in water probed by a Cucur[8]uril-secured supramolecular balance

Md Nazimuddin, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Nonprofessional Investors Detection of Red Flags

Samuel Neal, Accountancy

Not Just the Blues

Abigail Pennington, Art

Not Your Model Minority: An Archival Collection of AAPI Organizations in Athens

Alexis Karolin, History

"Nowhere to Go, Nowhere to Be"- COVID-19's Effect on the Mental Health of First-year College Students

Alexandra Herron, Sociology and Anthropology

Nuclear Parathyroid Hormone-related Protein is Necessary for Pituitary Somatotrophs and Growth Hormone Production

Waleed Hashmi, Biomedical Sciences

Nursing Practice Change

Jenna Young, Nursing

Ohio University's Survivor Advocacy Program's "Start By Believing" Documentary Impact on Regional Campus Students

Morgan Dick, Social Work

Ohio Univsersity CTF Challenge

Hudson Stouffer, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Ontogenetic analysis of a juvenile braincase of the Upper Jurassic ornithopod dinosaur Dryosaurus elderae using CT scanning

Daniel Dunfee, Geological Sciences

Opiate Use Disorder and Exercise: A Systematic Review

Joe Mandato, Primary Care

Optimizing the conditions for the DNA two end immobilization

Dinesh Gautam, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Organizational Support, Job Flexibility, Length of employment, and Compassion Fatigue and the Impact on Job Satisfaction...

Danielle Doss, Social Work

Osteoarthritis Development in Endogenously Produced Growth Hormone Antagonist Mice

Trent Davis, Biomedical Sciences

Paint, Sip & Unwind

Chayenne Scott, Nursing

Pandemic Theater: Covid-19's Impact on Traditional Cinema

Jackson Horvat, Journalism

Parent & Guardian Perceptions of the Effectiveness of College & Career Readiness Resources in Rural vs Urban Public High Schools

Anna Fletcher, Social Work

Patterns in the growth of the theropod dinosaur genus Allosaurus.

Riley Sombathy, Biological Sciences

Performance of Somatic Mutations in the Classification of Endometrial Carcinomas with CpG Island Methylator Phenotype

Jonathan Feige, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Perspectives on Inclusive Leadership in the Workplace

Brit Unangst, Management and Strategic Leadership

Phenotypic Characterization of Fusion Proteins Designed to Illuminate the Plant Gravity Response

Wafa Aziz, Environmental & Plant Biology

Photobinding to DNA and Ultrafast Transient Absorption Studies of a Rh(III)-BODIPY Complex

Eli Skelton, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Physical Activity on the Stress and Depression Levels of College Students

Malina Gugle, Communication Studies

Physiological mechanisms contributing to alcohol-induced weakness in mice

Austin Brown, Biomedical Sciences

Physiologically based pharmacokinetic modelling of methotrexate and 6-mercaptopurine in adults and children

Arabella Hunt, Mathematics


Rebecca Popp, Media Arts

Plants in Space: Proteomics of Arabidopsis thaliana grown in NASA BRIC LED hardware

Gbolga Olanrewaju, Environmental & Plant Biology

Plasmid Design and Synthesis for Heterologous Expression of Lasso Peptide Gene Cluster 1.20 from A. nigrescens DSM44992

Mara Kessler, Biological Sciences

Player Needed

Richard Danylo, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Player Needed

Logan Essex, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Player Needed

Benjamin Marschall, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Prediction of in situ pH Based on Alkalinity Measurements; Implications for Corrosion Prediction

Jason Dreher, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Preseason Single-Leg Hop Testing in High School Athletes for Return to Play with Comparison of Contralateral Limb

Andrew Cradler, Athletic Training

Prime Suspects: Lawyers, Lenders, and Loan Sharks the exploitation of Appalachia

Strohmann Breeding, Political Science

Privatization of the electricity sector and access to electricity

Anastasiia Sakharova, Latin American Studies

Probing Light-mediated Polymerization using Sum Frequency Generation Spectroscopy

Uriel Erasquin, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Professor Availability Application

Bryce Rohrer, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Program Evaluation of Peer Support Services

Milton Greek, Social Work

Prohibitin-Binding Proteins and their effects on Beta Cells.

Lauren Lutz, Biomedical Sciences

Props Technology

Nicolas Bartleson, Theater

Proteomic Characterization of ASK1-Containing SCF Complexes in Arabidopsis Using TurboID

Yang Li, Environmental & Plant Biology

Providing Mental Stimulation to Alzheimer Patients

Emileigh Bryant, Nursing

Quantifying the Biotic Response to the Clarksville Phase of the Richmondian Invasion

Ian Forsythe, Geological Sciences

Quantitative Reasoning for Student Empowerment

Amrit Thapa, Teacher Education

Range Limit Evolution in the Cumberland Plateau Salamander, Plethodon kentucki

Emily Watts, Biological Sciences

Reflections of LGBTQ+ Adolescents on School Support Systems in High School

Camilla Hibbard, Educational Studies

Reform at the Reformatory: The Evolution of Humane Treatment of Prisoners at the Ohio State Reformatory

Joseph Balliett, History

Restoration of Pre-Injury Single Leg Hop Performance Improves Patient-Reported Outcomes after Lateral Ankle Sprain

Mariah Goecker, Applied Health Sciences and Wellness

Rethinking Social and Behavior Change Communication in addressing child malnutrition in Rwanda

Jean Bosco Ntirenganya, Communication and Development Studies

Revisiting the species invasion conundrum with modern genomic simulations

Prothama Manna, Biological Sciences

Robotic Defect Detection System

Emily Jones, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Roles of Extracellular ATP-induced Changes in Glutathione Metabolism in Drug Resistance in Human Lung Cancer Cells

Alexander Steed, Biological Sciences

Room Availability

Gabriele Chiossi, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Room Availability App

Matthew Mulholland, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Root-associated Microbial Analysis of E. crassipes and T. pallida and Their Effect On Plant Growth and Bioremediation

Muneeba Ghauri, Environmental & Plant Biology

Rural Educational Leaders' Perceptions on Mental Health Programs for Adolescent Students Impacted by Opioid Misuse

Emma Harter, Educational Studies

SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Induced Signaling

Lydia Belinski, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Scoping Plan for the promotion of the Collegiate Rivalry Classic

Jared Emch, Journalism

Senior Capstone: Wireless IMU unit and Display

Camden Houston, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Severe Weather Impacts of Mesoscale Convective Systems in the Eastern Contiguous United States

Nathan Kuhr, Geography

Shedding Light on Solar Panel Manufacturing

Katelyn Rousch, Voinovich Environmental Studies

Simulating climate change in an old growth forest.

Hoang Luu, Environmental & Plant Biology

Sit Still: A Visual Exploration of Women's Value Outside of Labor

Mallory Stowe, Art

Small RNAs play a key role in Plant Primary to Secondary Cell Wall transition

Abhijit Sukul, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Sound Pressure Level meter

Theodore Stueber, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Special Topics: Teaching through a Pandemic

Carley Derexson, Educational Studies

Spore sizes reveal ploidy levels in known and new Great Lakes Bog Clubmosses (Lycopodiella).

Nate Augustine, Environmental & Plant Biology

Staffing and funding a healthcare clinic for collegiate level performing arts: A literature review

Emily Eckman, Applied Health Sciences and Wellness

Staphylococcus aureus Responds to Physiologically Relevant Temperature Changes by Altering Its Transcript and Protein Profile

Raeven Bastock, Biological Sciences

Stimulation of osteoblastic bone metastasis by canine prostate cancer

Shiyu Yuan, Biological Sciences

Storytelling in Immigrant Support Organizations: Communicating Support for Immigrants, Refugees, and Asylum-seekers

Isabella Daley, Communication Studies

Structural Effects on Glycan Fragmentation using Mass Spectrometry

Joy Malaba, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Structural, functional, and interactional analysis of Cullin, Proteasome, and Skp1 genes in Rice.

Samia Nawaz, Environmental & Plant Biology

Student perception of student-athletes.

Kurtis Rourke, Communication Studies

Study of CO2 Corrosion Inhibitor Persistency Using a Developed Methodology and Langmuir Isotherm Model in Continuous Treatment

Kasra Shayar Bahadori, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Study Room Availability

Alex Neargarder, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Studying Chemical Compounds Derived From Soil bacteria (genus Streptomyces) with potential therapeutic and biotechnological use.

Katherine Remley, Biological Sciences

Studying the 11B proton structure via the 10Be(p,n)10B reaction: A preliminary investigation.

Yenuel Jones-Alberty, Physics & Astronomy

Studying the impact of Traumatic Brain Injury on recall effects.

Aanya Datta, Psychology

Sustainability within Greek Life

Mia Citino, Voinovich Environmental Studies

Swimming for Survival: Carryover Effects of Pesticide and Predator Exposure on Larval Wood Frog Tadpoles

Era Bakia, Biological Sciences

Synthesis of Hydrocarbon-stapled Peptide Antagonists of the Human Growth Hormone Receptor

Joseph Pettis, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Systematic study of charge radii versus the number of nucleons.

Nathan Carter, Physics & Astronomy

Tadpole vs. Predator: pond drying and predation pressure affect thermal preference in larval wood frogs

Cassie Thompson, Biological Sciences

Targeting anti-apoptotic BCL2 proteins using re-engineered scorpion toxins

Matthew Vince, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Teachers' Perceptions of Student Engagement in Mathematics in Grades 4-8 Online Settings

Annie Dill, Educational Studies

Teaching After COVID

Kiana Ragland, Teacher Education

Teaching During The Pandemic

Samantha Lowe, Teacher Education

Team DAAD Presents: GNSS Performance Monitor

Aaron McKenna, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Test Generator

Peter Schumacher, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

The 2021 Clothing Crunch: Global Supply Chain Crisis and OU student's Clothing Consumption

Luke Beccasio, Geography

The algebraic structures of cyclic codes of length 5p^s over ring F_p^m +uF_p^m and their duals.

Manh Thang Vo, Mathematics

The American Plight of Anti-Homeless Architecture and Inaccessible Structures

Jailei Maas, Art

The Art of the Plate: Definitive Guide to Prestigious Cooking and Exquisite Presentation

Alexander Doyal, Emerging Communication Technologies

The Associations of Systemic Racism With Racial and Ethnic Covid-19 Vaccination Disparities

Erika Jones, Social and Public Health

The Boys's Room Availability System

Mark Dreitzler, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

The Characterization of Iron and Zinc Redistribution in Pancreatic Beta-Cells Under Conditions of Low-Grade Inflammation

Grace Counts, Biomedical Sciences

The college experience through the lens of social media

Devan DeJohn, Communication Studies

The Effect of a 6-Week Standardized Neuromuscular Training Program on Jump Landing Biomechanics Across Different Sports

Stephanie Pierce, Applied Health Sciences and Wellness

The effect of chemical composition and solution conditions on the nutrient recovery

Sana Heydarian, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

The effect of lymphatic pumping on mouse melanoma metastasis

Christopher Walsh, Biomedical Sciences

The Effect of Substrate on Treatment Efficiency of Constructed Wetlands for Year-Round Onsite Sanitation

Nichole Mazzone, Voinovich Environmental Studies

The Effects of a 6-Week Intrinsic Foot Muscle Exercise Intervention in Individuals with Pes Planus

Rebecca Marszalek, Applied Health Sciences and Wellness

The Effects of Passive Force on Sarcomere Length

Matt Fender, Biological Sciences

The effects of the 1977 Spanish Amnesty Law

Kaitlyn Booher, Modern Languages

The Effects of Weight Cycling on the Intestinal Microbiome

Jackson Krejsa, Biological Sciences

The first glimpse into the evolutionary relationships of African endangered plants

Abigail Croft, Environmental & Plant Biology

The Fixed Angle Short Trajectory (FAST) Neutron Source

Joseph Derkin, Physics & Astronomy

The Growing Burden of Housing for Low-Income Renters

Justin Schiessler, Economics

The Impact of ACT on Psychological Flexibility at Pathways

Michelle Horton, Social Work

The Impact of Members' and Leaders' Positivity on Organizational Identification in Business Student Organizations.

Elsa Gran, Management and Strategic Leadership

The Impact of the Bridges Residential Program on Client Reported Anxiety Levels

Breanna Horton, Social Work

The Impacts of nitrate on mating behavioral plasticity in the green swordtail (Xiphophorus Helleri)

Madison Parker, Biological Sciences

The Infant Gut Microbiome and Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

Sueny Paloma Lima dos Santos, Translational Biomedical Sciences

The Influence of Artistic Creation: Amazigh Women and Symbols of Amazigh (Berber) Identity in North Africa

Camellia Azzi, Global Studies

"The Land Beyond the Window"

Evan Gilland, Film

The Language of My Century: Play and Aesthetics in Contemporary Spectacle

Shea Benezra, Political Science

The Life of Rural Athens

Caroline Martin, Communication Studies

The moderating role of weight bias internalization on the relationship between weight suppression and eating pathology

Taylor Rezeppa, Psychology

The Normativity and Rule of Law: A Kantian Conception

Sebastian Johnson, Philosophy

The novel protein ScrA influences Staphylococcus aureus virulence through the SaeRS two-component system

Marcus Wittekind, Biological Sciences

The Pressure is on at Cedar Point

Danielle Klein, Industrial and Systems Engineering

The Projects or the People: A study of Education policymaking in The Gambia

Samba Bah, Counseling and Higher Education

The Regulatory Role of MULTIPLE ORGANELLAR RNA EDITING FACTOR 1 (MORF1) in Plant Stress Response

Madhura Yapa, Environmental & Plant Biology

The Relationship between Sport Specialization and Coping Mechanisms in Adolescent Athletes

Saralynn Kusner, Applied Health Sciences and Wellness

The role of nuclear Parathyroid Hormone-related Protein in Pancreatic Islet Function

Ibiagbani Max-Harry, Biological Sciences

The role of switchable surfactant self-assembly in demulsification process at the oil-water interface.

Tharushi Ambagaspitiya, Chemistry & Biochemistry

The Small RNA Teg41 and its Role in Virulence Regulation in Staphylococcus aureus

Ariana Mayher, Biological Sciences

The thermal sensitivity of behavior in tree lizards, Urosaurus ornatus: implications for a warming world

Tyler Goerge, Biological Sciences

The Ubiquitin-26S Proteasome and Autophagy Systems Relay Proteome Homeostasis Regulation During Silique Development

Peifeng Yuan, Environmental & Plant Biology

The Use of Agricultural Waste to Remove Heavy Metals from Mine Water

Edward Abbiw, Voinovich Environmental Studies

The Use of Mass Sexual Violence During Conflict as a Means of Perpetrator Group Expansions and the Societal Aftermath

Alexis Eberlein, Political Science

The Utilization of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance-Commitment Therapy Based Interventions and Associated Outcomes

Rebecca Dillon, Social Work

Themed Attraction Design Proposal

Katherine Keber, Media Arts

There are Plenty of Mosquitoes in the Swarm: Female Mosquitoes may be Using Sight to Find a Mate (Culex Pipiens)

Helen Stec, Biological Sciences

Thermal ecology of desert-living tortoises

Julia Joos, Biological Sciences

Thermal stabilization of PVC with coal filler

Sam Forshey, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Transcriptome Analysis of an experimental GHvariant with Therapeutic Potential

Jolie Bogart, Biological Sciences

Transcriptome Analysis: Updating the WySeq Data Pipeline for Current Space Research

Emma Canaday, Environmental & Plant Biology

Tree growth as it relates to mycorrhizal association - a study in dendrochronology

Maggie Lacey, Environmental & Plant Biology

Triangulation of the Phonetic Usage of Appalachian Englishes in Southeastern Ohio

Lynden Caldwell, Linguistics

True Crime Media and its Consequences on Knowledge of Crime

Julie Ingraham, Sociology and Anthropology

Twilight Zone

Kristin Veroski, Media Arts

Type 2 Adipocytes Mediates Obesity-associated Inflammation in a PPAR

Jun Huang, Biological Sciences

Ubiquitination of Proteins in Arabidopsis

Madalyn Shelt, Biological Sciences

Ulster Scots and Appalachian Speech Patterns

Molly Krannitz, Linguistics

Understanding Turning Points of Change & Effects on Self-Concepts When Leaving Religion

Megan Hysell, Sociology and Anthropology

Unheard Victims: The Experience of Families of Death Row Inmates

Sydney Borsellino, Sociology and Anthropology

Updating An On-Campus Transportation Mode Share Study: In An Effort To Improve Response Rates

Caroline Bass, Voinovich Environmental Studies

Updating monitoring protocols for beavers in Ohio

Madeline Kenyon, Biological Sciences

Use of NAPPA to study the biochemical properties of plant cell wall glycosyltransferases

Matrika Bhattarai, Environmental & Plant Biology

Use of Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) in Corrosion Inhibition Research

Kushal Singla, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Using genomes to inform conservation management: genome assembly of the northern myotis and tricolored bat!

Juan Pablo Aguilar Cabezas, Biological Sciences

Using R programming to study the affects of elevated CO2 on Arabidopsis thaliana herbivory

Victoria Swiler, Environmental & Plant Biology

Using regression modeling to accurately estimate mosasaur skull size

Donald Morgan, Biomedical Sciences

Using RFID and blockchain technology for object tracking

Marcelo Morales, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Using the ORID Method to Facilitate Critical Discussions in Science Teacher Education

Rachel Garcia, Teacher Education

Utility of the Expanded Reliable Digit Span in Detecting Malingered Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Brianna Hart, Psychology

Utilizing a Gold-Catalyzed Nucleophilic Ring Expansion to Synthesize Frondosin-like Compounds

Clay Burger, Chemistry & Biochemistry

V.H.S.: Virtual Horror Story

Alec Balmer, Emerging Communication Technologies

Variable Selection in sparse Sufficient Dimension Reduction (SDR) models.

Yeshan Withanage, Mathematics

Variation in Female Mate Preferences and the "Signal Reliability" Hypothesis

Nicole Cobb, Biological Sciences

Variation in insulin sensitivity due to diet in swordtail fishes

Kana Wisniewski, Biological Sciences

Vegetation Survey on the Schoonover Green Roof

Marissa Gabriel-Vince, Environmental & Plant Biology

Verifying Gravitropism-deficiency in Genetically Modified Arabidopsis thaliana

Nicolás Barr, Environmental & Plant Biology

Virtual Reality Balance Error Test on a firm surface on adolescence with a history of concussions.

Anthony Nguyen, Applied Health Sciences and Wellness

Volumetric Video & Augmented Reality

Chase Goodwin, Media Arts

VR: Hack and Shoot

Riker Thomas, Emerging Communication Technologies

Walk in the Woods

Samuel Kreimer, Emerging Communication Technologies


Tammy Dannemiller, Social Work

What role does programmed cell death play in the floral evolution of Lepidium (Brassicaceae)?

Nevaeh Prater, Environmental & Plant Biology

What's color got to do with it?: Persuasive appeal for participation in COVID-19 vaccine trials in the US.

Nancin Dadem, Communication Studies

Who's on the line? Best practices for ensuring successful collaboration through the use of communications equipment.

Sidney McCarty, Theater

You're not alone: A thematic analysis of accounts of gendered violence in alternative music

Em Sapp, Sociology and Anthropology

Zircon Record of Neotethyan Ocean Closure

Andrew Studzinski, Geological Sciences