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7Be + p elastic scattering

Bikash Chauhan

A Greedy Emulator for Nuclear Two-Body Scattering

Joshua maldonado

A study on the proton structure of 11B

Michael Jeswald

A Study on the Proton Stucture of 11B

Michael Jeswald

Analyzing Rotational and Translational Dynamics of a Supercooled Diatomic Liquid

Collin Collins

Approach to Equilibrium of a Glass-Forming Liquid

Maximilian Meineke

Cell Blebbing as a Marker for Metastatic Breast Cancer

Debalina Chakraborty

Characterizing the Early Growth of Cerebral Organoids

Daniel Cartwright

Chiral Electromagnetics and Mie Resonances in Meta-Molecules Made of Long Plasmonic Nanowires

Richard Sottie

Complex and Experimental Photolithography in Creating 3D Microstructures

Evan Finding

Constraining the Reaction Rates for X-ray Burst Models

Nisha Singh

Dewetted Gold And Zirconium Nitride Plasmonic Thin Films

Luke Davenport

Emergence of the temperature–density relation in the low-density intergalactic medium.

Alexandra Wells

Experimental Constraints of Nuclear Level Densities via the (3He,n) Reaction

Austin Rambo

Growth and Characterization of FeSn and CrSn Kagome Antiferromagnetic Films

Tyler Erickson

Growth and surface investigation of antiferromagnetic D019- Mn3Ga on GaN(0001)

Ashok Shrestha

Growth of C-plane Mn3Sn on GaN

Hannah Hall

Harnessing Multi-Fidelity Design Analysis to ADV Fusion Reactor Design

Greta Hibbard

Hubbard Hamiltonian: linear chain.

Nohora Hernandez

Including an F-wave resonance in effective field theory of 3He - 4He scattering

Andrius Burnelis

Investigating the role of neutron optical potential in neutron-rich 55Va

Chirag Rathi

Kagome Antiferromagnetic Mn3GaN grown on MgO(001) using Molecular Beam Epitaxy

FNU Ali Abbas

Measuring the Eye of a Needle: Neutrons + Oxygen-16 for Astrophysics Applications

Joseph Derkin

Nano-scale world of metal-graphene composites

Kishor Nepal

Neutron-Induced Reversible Nanostructuring of GeSe2

Spoogmay Khan

Optical Cavity Connections between Qubits

Noah Smith

Performance Evaluation of Photomultiplier Tubes (PMTs) for the CLAS12 Calorimeter in Hall B: A Comparative Analysis

Colton Ashcraft

Photometric Lightcurve Analysis of Low-Period Average-Brightness Main-Belt Asteroids

Joey Hilliard

Planes, chains, and atom-mobiles: investigating magnetic phenomena of various rare-earth ion cluster configurations.

David Facemyer

Separability of Non-Local One-Body Ground State densities for 0^+ ground state light nuclei

Joseph Foy

Something About Coal's DNA: A path to sustainable coal utilization aside from burning

Chinonso Ugwumadu

The secret life of glassy carbon

Elise Aaron

Uncertainty Quantification of the Low-Density Nuclear Equation of State derived from Chiral Effective Field Theory

Yoon Gyu Lee

Understanding the Impact of Observational Systematics on the DESI Cosmological Parameters

Casey Ann Horvath