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A Correlation Study between Household Internet Access and Student Dropout Rates in Virtual Science Fairs in Ohio

Jade Braden, Voinovich Public Affairs

A Discourse Analysis of Gentrification in the South Side of Columbus, Ohio

Sam Smith, Geography

A Retrospective Data Collection of the Fixation and Stabilization of Small and Long Bones with the Fixos Screw System

Emily Hahn, Specialty Medicine

A Revision of Mechanistic Modeling of Mild Steel Corrosion in H2S Environments

Payman Sharifi Abdar, Chemical Biomolecular Engineering

A Woman's Place in Environmental Writing: The Impacts of Sexism and Ageism Told through the Eyes of Three Female Authors

Alli Mancz, Voinovich Environmental Studies

Abnormal Eating Patterns among Young Boys and Girls: Profiles of Self-Perceptions, Negative Urgency, and Emotional Functioning

Courtney Gibson, Psychology

Adsorption Behavior of Surfactants at Metal-Water Interfaces Studied via Molecular Simulations

Himanshu Singh, Chemical Biomolecular Engineering

Affordable Chat

Clayton Ritchie, Electrical Engineering Computer Science

African Smart Cities

Jeremiah Commey, African Studies

American Chestnut Hybrids Infected with Cryphonectria parasitica Were Not Affected by Elevated CO2

Joanna Gallagher, Environmental Plant Biology

American Federalisms and Climate Change

Allison Shryock, Geography & Environmental Studies

An Analysis of Stream Restoration Through the Floodplain Reconnection Method

Annika Gurrola, Voinovich Environmental Studies

Analysis of Alylation DNA Damage and Its Mutation Patterns

Mahima Sanyal, Biological Sciences

Analyzing Consequences to Astrocytes in a Mouse Model of Brain Arteriovenous Malformation

Brittney Ward, Biological Sciences

Anatomy of American Sign Language: Brachial Plexus

Allyson Smith, Rehabilitation Communication Sciences

Assessing the Effects of Rapamycin on Adiponectin Levels in GHRKO and Control Mice

Lauren Abdella, Applied Health Sciences Wellness

Association between Risky Sexual Behavior and HIV Testing among Sexually Active Men in Colombia

Luc Messenger, Interdisciplinary Health

Autism & Occupational Therapy: Effects of Proprioceptive Interventions on Behaviors in Children with Autism

Audrey Peters, Applied Health Sciences Wellness

Autonomous Driving System Companion App

Brandon Kimberly, Electrical Engineering Computer Science

Bayesian Model Averaging for Extrapolation of EFT Expansions

Matthew Connell, Physics Astronomy

Behavioral and Exercise Interventions for Sleep Dysfunction in the Elderly: A brief Review and Future Directions

Cassandra Everhart, Applied Health Sciences Wellness

Beyond Bees

Emi Olin, BSS, Medical Illustration

Biodiversity Assessment Using DNA Barcoding: A Case On Small Mammals

Sarah Dreher, Biological Sciences

Biotic Response to the Clarksville Phase of the Richmondian Invasion: A Synecological Perspective

Ian Forsythe, Geological Sciences

Blue Forest

Liahna Brown, Emerging Communication Technologies

Cellular Heterogeneity in Dermal, Bone Marrow, and Brown Adipose Tissue

Noah Powell, Biological Sciences

Challenges and Opportunities in Virtual Care for Veterans

Katelyn Lotz, Specialty Medicine

Climatic Specialization in Tropical Mountains

Grace Garrity, Biological Sciences

Conversations and Collaborations: The Impact of Interdisciplinary Arts in Pre-College Piano Pedagogy

Lydia Sander, Music

Dark Illusions Video Game

Adam Lucas, Emerging Communication Technologies

Deforestation in Protected Areas in Nicaragua

Paola Sofia Muñoz Gamboa, Voinovich Environmental Studies

Demilitarization, Deindustrialization and McClellan Park

Suzie Ferraro, Geography

Dinah: A Novel of Intersectional Identity, Ghosts, and Grief

Jade Braden, English

Dino VR

Beth Brennen, Emerging Communication Technologies

Dissecting the Role of Decorative Sugars on Arabinogalactan-Proteins (AGPs) in Reproductive Processes

Maura Linthicum, Environmental Plant Biology

Diverting Ohio University's Construction and Demolition Debris from Landfills

Olivia Wolff, Voinovich Environmental Studies

Do COVID-19 Government Interventions Affect Stock Market Performance?

Lebogang Nleya, Economics

Dylan Rose Hop Farm Internship

Dylan Rose, Environmental Plant Biology

EECS Advising Software

Jake Schwarz, Electrical Engineering Computer Science

EECS Advising Tool

John Wolfe, Electrical Engineering Computer Science

EECS Advising Tool (Team CSS)

Jennifer Sroka, Electrical Engineering Computer Science

Effects of Growth Hormone on Pancreatic Cancer-Derived Exosomes

Prateek Kulkarni, Biological Sciences

Effects of Noncredible Responses on Associations between Executive Functioning and Functional Impairment in ADHD Evaluation

Grace Lee, Psychology

Effects of Parathyroid Hormone-Related Protein (PTHrP) on Insulin Secretion

Ibiagbani Max-Harry, Biological Sciences

Effects of Septage Hydrochar Fertilizer on Agave americana Plant Growth

Anna Crabtree, Voinovich Environmental Studies

Empathy in Information Security

Jacob Donaldson, Management Information Systems

Endothelial Deletion of Rbpj Does Not Result in Pericyte Proliferation in the Brain

Shruthi Kandalai, Biological Sciences

Ethical Representation in Historical Fiction

Lauren Steinkuhl, Media Arts

Evidence for Genetic Integration of Mating Behavior and Morphology in a Behaviorally Plastic Alternative Reproductive Tactic

Shasta Kamara, Biological Sciences

Examining Patterns of Social Vulnerability to Hazard and Wildland-Urban Interface in the United States

Sean Hollowell, Geography

Exhibitions in a Global Health Crisis

Emma Lawrence, Sociology Anthropology

Exploring the Utility of Climate-Change-Risk Maps for Species in the Tropical Andes

David Fenohr, Biological Sciences

Extension Analysis of Polymerase Kappa and Polymerase Delta on Tobacco Smoke Induced DNA Mutations

Dylan Nunn, Biological Sciences

Extracellular ATP Induces Drug Resistance by Enhancing ATP-binding Cassette Transporters-mediated Drug Efflux in Lung Cancer

Haiyun Zhang, Biological Sciences

Finding a Fit: Investigating RNA-Ligand Binding Specificity with Experimental and Computational Methods

Mason Myers, Chemistry Biochemistry

Floral Reduction in the Mustard Family, Lepidium

Nevaeh Prater, Environmental Plant Biology

Fly Like an Eagle, Let Pneumaticity Carry Thee: Postcranial Skeletal Pneumaticity in Accipitrimorphae

Samuel Gutherz, Biological Sciences

Fraternities and Sexual Assault

Hope Brinkmeier, Counseling Higher Education

Fungus among Us

Melanie Fisher, Art

Gender and First Generation Differences in Factors Related to Academic Success for Black Students Attending a PWI

Catrina Beasley, Psychology

Ghost Town

Eli Jonas, Emerging Communication Technologies

Glucoronic Acid is Important in Establishing Normal Trichome Branching in Arabidopsis Leaves

Alexander Ford, Environmental Plant Biology

Glucose Transporter Inhibitor DRB18 in the Treatment of Lung Cancer

Lindsey Bachmann, Biological Sciences

Hand Carved Foam Dragon

Mary Atchley, Theater

Hearing Impairment Analysis of Possible Protein Complex Involving Clic5 and Rdx at Base of Hair Cell Stereocilia

Nicole Hess, Biological Sciences

High Momentum Spectrometer Saturation Corrections at Jefferson Lab

Jacob Murphy, Physics Astronomy

How Much Wood Can a Beaver Chuck? : Developing Monitoring Protocols for Beavers in Ohio

Madeline Kenyon, Biological Sciences

Identification of RNA Molecules Interacting with Hfq in Staphylococcus aureus

Hailee Sorensen, Biological Sciences

Identifying Motivations for Contributions in a Voluntary Contribution Mechanism (VCM)

Casey Hall-Jones, Economics

Impact of COVID-19 Stay-at-Home Restrictions on Employment, Physical Activity, and Sedentary Behavior Changes

Riley Corrigan, Applied Health Sciences Wellness

Improving the Photosensitizer in Singlet-Oxygen Producing and CO-Releasing Molecules

Grace Judd, Chemistry Biochemistry

Internalization of Extracellular ATP via Macropinocytosis

Nicole Stone, Biological Sciences

Investigating a Recently Identified Mode of Visual Communication for Environmentally Sustainable Management of Pest Midge Flies

Morgan Bickel, Biological Sciences

Macbeth: Scottish Swords

Sara Keller, Theater

Maintaining the Borderland: Negotiating Ukrainian American Identity in Ohio

Anna Leatherwood, Sociology Anthropology

Media Portrayal of Infertility: A Narrative Analysis of Nigerian Movies

Freda Akosua Lekey, Communication Studies

Mortis and the Land of Scribbles

Adam Spelic, Media Arts

MUNC | IOS, Android, and Web Application

Michael Snider, Electrical Engineering Computer Science

My Gun's Been Moved - Gun Safety Device

Evan Eley, Electrical Engineering Computer Science

Naming the Numbered: A Longform Journalism Project Exploring the Reclamation of the Athens Lunatic Asylum Cemeteries

Rachael Beardsley, Journalism

Needle Exchange for Diabetics

Sierra Ross, Nursing

Neuronal Factors that Potentially Influence Behavioral Plasticity of Sneaker Males in the Xiphophorus multilineatus

Helen Stec, Biological Sciences

Nutrients (Phosphorus) Removal and Struvite Deposition from Animal Waste

Babatunde Ojoawo, Chemical Biomolecular Engineering

Ohio University Glideslope and Terrain Model

Alexander Ford, Electrical Engineering Computer Science

PACE Employer Application

Daniel Abdelsamed, Electrical Engineering Computer Science

Perception of Spectrally-degraded, Foreign-accented Speech

Jenna Barrett, Rehabilitation Communication Sciences

Perceptions of Student Engagement in Online Settings among Teachers of Mathematics in Grades 4-8

Annie Dill, Educational Studies

Pesticides: The Good, The Bad, & The Frogs

Cassandra Thompson, Biological Sciences

Phenomenology No. 5

Chloe Mason, Music

Pipeline for Motif Discovery in F-Box Protein Genes

Garrett Dildine, Civil Engineering

Player Ready Mobile Application

Cole Williams, Electrical Engineering Computer Science

Players Ready

Micah Tobon, Electrical Engineering Computer Science

Predicted Profit of Phosphorus Recovery from Waste Feedstocks Using PHREEQC

Garrett Dildine, Civil Engineering

Proteomic Characterization of ASK1-Containing and ASK2-Containing SCF Complexes in Arabidopsis

Yang Li, Environmental Plant Biology

Rape Myth Acceptance amongst Social Work Students

Heather Lambert, Social Work

Rational Approach to Evaluate Asphalt Concrete Base Course

Johnnatan Garcia-Ruiz, Civil Engineering

Reduction of Differentiation and Greening Like (DAL) by iCRISPRi Reveals a Novel Stress Signaling Route

Madhura Yapa, Environmental Plant Biology

Regulatory Mechanism of IKKa Expression in cells post-UVB Irradiation

Yuxi Zhou, Chemistry Biochemistry

Reorganization of Polymer Thin Films under Liquid

Emily Robertson, Chemistry Biochemistry

Resolving Relationships in Mentzelia Section Bartonia

Abigail Moore, Environmental Plant Biology

Riboflavin Acceleration of Carbon Steel MIC by Desulfovibrio ferrophilus IS5

Di Wang, Chemical Biomolecular Engineering

Risk of Automation

Nicholas Montana, Media Arts

Roles of Extracellular ATP in Inducing Cancer Stem Cell (CSC)-like Changes in Non-small Lung Cancer Cell Line

Jingwen Song, Biological Sciences

Seasons of a Pandemic: My Journey of Coping and Creating in the 21st Century

Alli Mancz, English

Selecting Business as a Major - A Study of Female Undergraduate Students

Audrey Bull, Business Administration

Self-care for Nurses

Brittany Shaffer, Nursing

Self-efficacy Social Cognitive Theory- A Conceptual Framework for Perceptions

Shauna Torrington, Teacher Education

Self-Guided Tour

Andy Wolff, Electrical Engineering Computer Science

Serving Families: Perspectives from Family Peer Mentors

Sam Smith, Partnership for Children and Families

Shell Game - Senior Design

Akshobh Mirapurkar, Electrical Engineering Computer Science

Shinobi Uprising

Derek Buckley, Media Arts

Silverlane Acres

Danielle Boggs, Nursing

Single Pixel Camera Technology for Smartphone Infrared Cameras

Sam Foucart, Electrical Engineering Computer Science

Song/Casting: Combining Podcasts and Songs to Create a Hybrid Medium

Nate Sahr, Media Arts

Striving to Stay Connected Globally and Directly: Palestinian firms in Shipping, Logistics, and Customs

Dina Rishmawi, International Development Studies

Structural Analysis of Giant Plasma Membrane Vesicles for Drug Loading and Delivery Purposes

Mahsa Kheradmandi, Chemical Biomolecular Engineering

Sustainable Trawling in COVID times: Lessons from Costa Rica

Daniel Bell Moran, Voinovich Environmental Studies

Systemically Study the Role of Ubiquitin-26S Proteasome System (UPS) in Early Seed Development

Peifeng Yu, Environmental Plant Biology


Alec Balmer, Media Arts

The Effect of Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) on Calculus I Students' Math Anxiety

Harman Aryal, Teacher Education

The Effect of the GH/IGF-I axis during Trypanosoma cruzi Infection

Patricia Mora-Criollo, Translational Biomedical Sciences

The Hidden Messenger's of the Cell

Noah Barber, Environmental Plant Biology

The Influence of Conspecifics in Thermal Preference in Tree Lizards (Urosaurus ornatus)

Tyler Goerge, Biological Sciences

The Jurassic dinosaur Dryosaurus: Skull Changes with Growth

Daniel Dunfee, Geological Sciences

The Magma Monoid over an Arbitrary Set and its Applications

Asiyeh Rafieipour, Mathematics

The Making of Leaders: The Relationship between Emergent and Effective Leadership Behavior at the Collegiate Level

Alexis Lowe, Management And Strategic Leadership

The Mood Meter Project

Alexis McDonald, Teacher Education

The Passionate Company: A Qualitative Understanding of How Leaders Can Initiate and Grow Their Followers' Passion

Max Hall, Management And Strategic Leadership

To Trap or Not to Trap: Assessing the Effect of Harvest on Ohio's Recovering Bobcat Population

Marissa Dyck, Biological Sciences

TTN: Players Needed

Renon Bowers, Electrical Engineering Computer Science

Undergraduate Students' Transition to Virtual Learning During COVID-19

Katie Arnold, Rehabilitation Communication Sciences

Validation of the InBody 770 Bioelectrical Impedance

Zoe Johanni, Applied Health Sciences Wellness

Virtual Mentoring in Healthcare: Exploring Creative Ways to Engage, Connect, and Inspire the Next Generation

Carli Sebest, Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine

Walkable VR - Alien Spaceship

Connor Jones, Emerging Communication Technologies

Wayne's World: Frog and Toad Call Surveys in Southeast Ohio's Wayne National Forest

Andrew Connolly, Biological Sciences

Web Virtual Reality Quiz with Hand Tracking

Akbar Sultanov, Emerging Communication Technologies


Kayleigh Shaw, Emerging Communication Technologies

Work and Lives of Female African Immigrant Homecare Workers in Columbus, Ohio

Linda Tuah, International Development Studies

Workplace Collaboration and Communities of Practice During COVID-19

Aleah Cumberbatch, Voinovich Public Affairs