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Ceiling Temperature Determination of an Organically Catalyzed Ring-Opening Copolymerization Reaction

Darrion Demase

Characterization of Transcription Product Outcomes in T-box Riboswitch Modulation

Danushika Herath

Chemical Recycling of Polylactic Acid using Organic Catalysts

Emily Harasin

Construction of a Synthetic Extensin Gene to Probe Cell Wall Assembly

Allan Kenneth Regunton

Degradation of Per-and Polyfluoroalkylsubstances (PFAS) Using Thermolysis and Electrochemical Oxidation

Tyler Kelley

Design and Synthesis of Lead Compound Analogues for the Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes

Katelynn Ossege

Design and Synthesis of Novel Glucose Uptake inhibitors as Anticancer Agents

Bernard Asante

Design and Synthesis of δ-Lactone derivatives: Exploring the therapeutic potential of a versatile scaffold.

Sa-adatu Female Abdullai

Developing Methodology for the Mass Spectrometry of RNA Targets

Emily Fairchild

Developing Methods For Crude Oil Analysis Using Tandem Mass Spectrometry

Jaya Paudel

Exploring Polymer-Surfactant Interactions at Interfaces with SFG Spectroscopy and MD Simulations

Danielle John Garza

Exploring the Interplay between Prohibitin and P53: Subcellular Localization Post-UV Irradiation and its Association with Choles

Zeinab Fayyaz

Formation of a Triazole Ring using a Delta-Lactone Azide and Various Alkynes

Michelle Hawk

Fragment-based Computational Drug Discovery Targeting the T-box Riboswitch

Braeden Craig

Fragmentation Chemistry of Lactose Derivatives using Tandem Mass Spectrometry

Joy Malaba

Interfacial Molecular Organization and Emulsion Stability assisted by Switchable Surfactant Self-Assembly

Tharushi Ambagaspitiya

Investigating (Extensins) Glycoproteins and Their Cross-linking Interactions via Analogous Repetitive Basic Modules

Abdul Hakeem Al Bulushi

Measuring Nitric Oxide/Peroxynitrite balance Using Metalloporphyrin Nanosensor: Implication for Neurodegenerative Diseases

Nouf Alsiraey

Nanomechanical properties of copolymer thin films composed of methacrylate-based monomers studied by atomic force microscopy.

Ramasinghege Lumbini Ramasinghe

Optimization of Plant Cell Pack For Expression of Glycoprotein

Claire Shuey

Optimizing DNA Immobilization and Study on Single-Molecule Adsorption Kinetics of YOYO-1 Dye to Immobilized DNA Molecules

Srijana Pandey

Paramagnetism in Synthesized Metal-Free Nitrogen-Doped Graphene Quantum Dots

Simeon Sunday

Polyamine Effect on T-box Riboswitch Transcription Outcomes

Izzy Walther

Prediction of Barley Malt Qualities Using ATR-FTIR and Automated Multivariate Regression Models

Qudus Thanni

Probing BCL2 protein interactions using Scyllatoxin-based BH3 domain mimetics

Dhanushka Arachchilage

Protein Characterization at the Mitochondrial Associated Membrane (MAM) after Exposure to Solar Ultraviolet Radiation

Evelyn Potter

Recombinant Lactococcus lactis expressing anti-SARS-CoV-2-nanobodies blocks entry of the virus into human cells.

Carolina Portero

RNA Protonation: A Pathway to Drug Discovery

Opeyemi Fatunbi

RNA Protonation: A Pathway to Drug Discovery.

Opeyemi Fatunbi

RNA-targeted Drug Design: Impact of pH on Fragment-Based Ligand Discovery

Deborah Amesaki

Study of solid phase separation of metal halide perovskite using visible light fluorescence spectro-microscopy

Deepani Vidarshika Athapaththu

Study of water in oil droplets for use in single-molecule chemical kinetics of surface-immobilized DNA

Dylan Smith

Surveying H12 Dynamics Within the Constitutively Active Human Estrogen Receptors Using a Bipartite Tetracysteine Display

Lasantha Sendanayake

sUV-induced nitric oxide synthases mediated regulation of DNA damage and repair pathway

Maryam Muzaffar

Synthesis and Antibacterial Activity of Novel Derivatives of Natural Products

Oluwaseun Adegbite

Synthesis of Novel 3,5-disubstituted Oxazolidinones as ligands to bind to the T-Box Riboswitch

Kurtis Williams

Synthesis, Surface Attachment of Rh(III) Complexes Supported By Functionalized Bipyridyl Ligands and Characterization using SFG.

Simeon Sunday

Tetralkynebenzylated Glycoluril scaffolds for anion binding, transport and extraction.

Prabhleen Singh Bedi

The Detection of Sulfonamides in Molecularly Imprinted Polymers using Density Functional Theory and Microscopy

Aoife Zuercher

Using plant cell packs for transient GFP expression

Jack Kenny