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The satellite communications industry is today a very complex global market with more than a dozen major components. The depth and breadth of these services are too broad to cover in a single course. This first course on satellite communications applications and services will thus focus on Fixed Satellite Services (FSS) which were the initial satellite services.

This course explores the evolution of fixed satellite services over time and includes the development of new types of ground systems such as VSATs, the ability of satellites to operate in increasingly "noisy" urban environments, the evolution of digital services, digital encryption, and the pathway from C-band to higher frequencies. It addresses how various satellite systems are addressing orbital congestion, open trade, provision of service through long term lease, short-term on-demand access to satellite networks by broadcasters, as well as defense systems and business user needs.

It also addresses current FSS services issues such as digital video and new MPEG standards, DVB and DOCSIS, the impact of the Internet and broadband IP services on the satellite world, the evolution of the new IPoS standard and "accelerators." It also examines the ways the communications satellite industry will likely evolve in the future to meet commercial, security and defense related needs.

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(Audio) Pelton Lecture 2: Evolution of FSS Networks - Technology Trends, Ground Antennas and TTC&M