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7Be +p: Elastic Scattering

Bikash Chauhan, Physics & Astronomy

A precise calibration of type A and type B hexagonal adatom structures on 2D-MnGaN

Cherie D'Mello, Physics & Astronomy

A systematic study of Charge Radii: Rutherford Differential Cross Section and the Form Factor

Nathan Carter, Physics & Astronomy

Active target measurement of the 35Cl(n, p) and 35Cl(n, alpha) cross sections utilizing CLYC detectors

Justin Warren, Physics & Astronomy

Alchemy of Graphite: The many faces of Coal

Chinonso Ugwumadu, Physics & Astronomy

Applications of Bayesian Model Mixing in nuclear physics

Alexandra Semposki, Physics & Astronomy

Approach to Equilibrium of a Glass-Forming Liquid

Maximilian Meineke, Physics & Astronomy

Biophysical and Image Analysis Techniques to Quantitatively Determine Differences between Cancer Cells and Cancer Stem Cells

Dalton Cunningham, Physics & Astronomy

Calibration of Optical Tweezers

Debalina Chakraborty, Physics & Astronomy

Charged Pion Electroproduction - Studying the Pion and the Nucleons

Jacob Murphy, Physics & Astronomy

Complex Growth of Two-Dimensional Materials from Bulk Metallic Patterns

William Poston, Physics & Astronomy

Constraining the 13C(α, n)16O reaction rate with 16O + n total and elastic scattering cross section measurements

Joseph Derkin, Physics & Astronomy

Detection of background Galaxy Clusters for Weak Lensing

Sarah Domke, Physics & Astronomy

Determining the Structure of Exotic Atomic Nuclei for Astrophysical Explosions

Nisha Singh, Physics & Astronomy

Development of Nuclear Level Density Database using data from different experimental techniques.

Chirag Rathi, Physics & Astronomy

Epitaxial growth and surface studies of Bi/ hexagonal Mn2N/MgO using MBE and STM

Ashok Shrestha, Physics & Astronomy

Intermediate-range Order in Organic Glasses

Spoogmay Khan, Physics & Astronomy

Investigation of Molecular beam epitaxial growth of Antiferromagnetic Manganese Gallium Nitride

Ali Abbas, Physics & Astronomy

Laser Assisted CVD Growth of 2D materials

Maryam Bizhani, Physics & Astronomy

Not your grandmother's spin-chain: a rare spin on Heisenberg's model

David Facemyer, Physics & Astronomy

Selectively oriented crystalline growth of Mn3Sn on Al2O3 (0001) using molecular beam epitaxy

Sneha Upadhyay, Physics & Astronomy

Spin qubits in photon-coupled microwave cavities.

Samuel Johnson, Physics & Astronomy

Studying 11B proton structure via the 10Be(p,n)10B reaction.

Yenuel Jones-Alberty, Physics & Astronomy

Synthesis of Plasmonic Zirconium Nitride (ZrN) Nanoparticles

Luke Davenport, Physics & Astronomy

The Influence of the Small-Scale Environment on Dwarf Galaxy Evolution

Casey Ann Horvath, Physics & Astronomy

Tilted Dirac cones and topological transitions in strained kagome lattices

Miguel Mojarro, Physics & Astronomy