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Chair Davis Bross of Hannover Fairs USA in introducing the three panelists asks them to start by trying to answer the question of "Where industry could do better?" with regard to industry consolidation.

Dianne VanBeber speaks of the successful merger of Intelsat with PanAmSat and its strategy of consolidating platforms, which created a lot of value for her company. She finds the investment community somewhat hesitant given the number of failures within the satellite industry. In her view, fiber growth has led to new opportunities for satellites.

Dean Olmstead of Loral Space & Communications Group remarks, "Consolidation is not new, the scale is." He feels the industry is creative and dynamic. He is optimistic that with digital broadcasting services, such as DTH and broadband satellite, we are on the cusp of a next generation in the consumer market. He expects Asia to be the next hotspot.

In answer to a question about increasing industry debt, Andrea Maleter of Futron Corporation asserts that it is a business issue for the investors to address. She also notes that governments have become very reliant on businesses, which increasingly are owned by entities that governments have no control over. Maleter is asked her opinion about the XM-Sirius merger; her response is to hope that the government will be rational enough to let the businesses run their businesses, even though she cautions that the reallocation of spectrum will need to be considered were the merger to be allowed.

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(Audio) Panel: The Satellite Industry: What's Worked, What Hasn't, and Why?