Online Journal of Space Communication


OhioView is a consortium of 10 state universities within Ohio established to promote the low-cost distribution of US Government civilian satellite data for public use. Dedicated to the goal of reducing the financial and technological barriers to use remotely sensed satellite data, OhioView has made a significant contributions to the educational, research and public use of satellite imagery through a continuing program of focused and applied land cover studies, expanded university level teaching, and public and private outreach and training. A grassroots organization formed in 1996 by its member universities, OhioView's mission is to develop remote sensing applications, create educational programs, and disseminate remote sensing knowledge to citizens and businesses in Ohio and nationally.

With the successful development of a central, standardized, on-line satellite database for Ohio, the OhioView project is poised to extend tools and functionality to its on-line environment to merge its data with the methods needed to maximize data use. This paper describes the OhioView program and examines its design, operation, and the application research that has been undertaken by OhioView participants. Through programs like OhioView, valuable satellite technology can be made more widely available and applied to support the informational needs of education, industry and the public sector.



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