Online Journal of Space Communication


Solar Powered satellites will have a future as an aid in disaster relief. These new satellites will not only be useful in gathering sun’s energy from space and transmitting it to Earth as electrical power, it can be expected that they will also be used in restoring communication and providing remote sensing as well as illumination.

The recovery from disaster events is a timely stand-by service needed by all societies. In a collaborative effort of spacefaring nations and their partners, the launch of constellations of satellites that circle the globe will make rescue team response to saving lives quicker and more effective.

This idea was brought forth by Dean Davis, Aerospace Scientist/Engineer, Lockheed Martin. This visualization, a space-based solar power design project of students at Ohio University, was presented and critiqued at the May 2011 International Space Development Conference in Huntsville, Alabama USA.

Advisors: Dean E. Davis, Prof. Don Flournoy, John Bowditch



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