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Summer 2017


Table of contents:

Inside Out ... 4

Wren Valley’s Confection Perfection
Truffle artisan creates chocolate experience to savor ... 6

Café Society
Somerset’s Sophie’s Tea Room a social delight ... 8

A Spoonful of Wellness
Gallia County couple steeps tea business in natural ingredients ... 10

Spokes and Words
The Book a Bike program proves that libraries aren’t just for books anymore ... 11

So Fresh and So Clean
Cutler’s Not-Just-Soap Company keeps its products real ... 12

A Wall for All
Athens climbers help build a boulder community ... 14

The real costs of playing high school sports ... 16

Trash Talk
Annie and Jay Warmke bring sustainable discussions beyond their Blue Rock Station home ... 18

Earth, Wind, Inspire
Environmentally mindful community Wisteria drums up earthly delights ... 20

Stable Market
Athens’ Seaman’s Super Market remains the purveyor of locally sourced goods ... 22

Classic Community
The Zanesville Concert Association brings renowned music and culture to the region for nearly 80 years ... 24

Business of Family
The founder of Nelsonville’s Fun Barn arcade and movie theater built a home for his family and a space for his community ... 26

Loyalty to Local News
In its 200th year of publishing, the Circleville Herald newspaper continues to cover close-to-home stories ... 28

Growing Consciousness
Portsmouth public school students cultivate positivity, equality and sustainability ... 30

A Rally for Rights in Millersburg
Generations of Millersburg families fuel the drive for equal rights ... 34

Powell’s Premier League
Experience the enduring drive to thrive of LPGA powerhouse and legend Renee Powell ... 36

Portsmouth’s Hometown Hero
Meet the entrepreneur, veteran and Shark Tank winner who is bringing strength to Portsmouth ... 38

Murder, They Wrote
Peek in on this Circleville bed and breakfast’s evening of intrigue and improv ... 42

Inside the glamorous world of a sorority house boy ... 46



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Summer/Fall 2017

Southeast Ohio Summer/Fall 2017