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Barriers to Engaging in Dementia Prevention Behaviors in Adults at Risk for Dementia

Elise Grant

Do Negative Expectancies Affect Illness Identity Beliefs in Individuals with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury?

Kylee Bernel

Do Negative Expectancies Affect learning and memory performance in individuals with mild traumatic brain injury

Isabelle Zimmer

Examining the Psychometric Properties of an Alternative Scoring System for the RBANS: Figure Copy

Adrienne Jankowski

Exploring the Impacts of Recalling Social and Physical Pleasure on Health Predictors

Yixin Yang

Intimate Partner Violence and Health Outcomes: The Moderating Effect of Emotion Regulation

Abriana Gresham

Intimate Partner Violence Victimization and Automatic Partner Attitudes

Shelby Nincehelser

Medically Inaccurate Media And it's Impact on Long Covid Symptoms

Aanya Datta

Number of target behaviors: Impact on student outcomes and correlation with teacher stress and self efficacy.

Abigail Marxen

Perceived Stres During COVID 19 and Health Consequences

Kayla Pintar

Physiological Correlates of Social Anxiety in a Social Support Conversation

Jessica Lang

Self-Reported Symptom Expectancies in Individuals with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Micheala Evans

Stress before and after interpersonal interactions

Dalton Dickerson

Teacher Report of Facilitators and Barriers to Implementation of Classroom Behavior Supports Following Year-long Consultation.

Bryn Burnham

Testing Associations Between Forms of Child Maltreatment and Specific Forms of Domestic Violence Perpetration and Victimization

Valerie Velasco

The Influence of Perceived Anxiety and Racial Stigmas on the Willingness to Seek Mental Healthcare Services

Michelle Nkansah-Wiafe

What does addiction actually mean?

Alyvia Morton