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A High-throughput Functional Genomic Study of Core Arabidopsis F-box (CAF) Genes using an Overexpression Approach

Madhura Yapa

Are plants adapted to specialized soils more reproductively efficient?

Hannah Wiederhold

Changes in Moon, Mars, and Micro Gravity: A Meta-Analysis of Plant RNA Transcription Shifts

Emma Canaday

Characterization of a tomato extensin peroxidase in vivo

Zawar Hussain

Characterization of Aerenchyma in Aquatic Legumes

Caitlin Cooler

Characterization of GT43 family in Rice to understand their interactions and role in Cell wall Xylan biosynthesis.

Mohsin Ali Nasir

Characterizing Genetic Interactions Between DNA Methyltransferases and ASK1 in Arabidopsis thaliana

Anna Smith

ChIP-seq Analysis of CIB1, a Transcription Factor Upregulated in Arabidopsis thaliana During Spaceflight

Md Sifatul Islam

Combined Omics Investigation Reveals Regulatory Mechanisms of Arabidopsis Adaptation to Spaceflight

Gbolaga Oluwasegun Olanrewaju

Comparative Analysis of Gender Roles in Extractive Industries in Appalachia

Catherine Galla

Constitutional Framing of the Environment in the United States, Colombia, and Ecuador, and What it Means for Citizens

Mia Citino

Ecology and Evolution of Gypsum Endemics

Kathleen Madsen

Effects of Soil Environment on Growth of Ohio Oaks: A Dendrochronology Approach

Georgia Riendeau

Elucidating the role of TaVER2 and Rice orthologs in Xylan biosynthesis

Samia Nawaz

Evaluating Arthropods Community Structures on the Schoonover Green Roof.

Kaya Stone

Evaluating the Effect of the Green Roof on Airborne Particulate Matter

Noah Leigh

Freshwater Red Algal Diversity at Huyck Preserve, New York

Montana French

Functional Characterization of Embryo Defective F-box 1 in Arabidopsis Seed Development


Functional characterization of putative transcription factors of primary cell wall deposition in rice

Fitrat Ullah

Generation of suppressor mutants from higher order mutants of Hydroxyproline-O-galactosyltransferases

Damilola Ayorinde

Impacts of Microgravity on Metabolic Processes of Alcaligenes faecalis as a Proposed Bioremediation Method of Heavy Metals

Morgan Brotz Morgan Brotz

Is Acorn Germination Influenced by Weevils and Seed Size?

Clare Mattingly

Morphology and breeding system covariation in the common blue violet (Viola sororia)

Elijah Rhein-Murray

Natural succession in urban forest fragments


Optimizing the lysis step in CTAB DNA extraction of silica-dried and herbarium leaf tissue

Jamie Carey

Organic Community Gardens for Ohio University Students

Cole Chluda

Phenological Study of Vegetation on the Schoonover Green Roof

Maggie Lacey

Preserving the future of our forest against climate change

Hoang Luu

Promoting tourism on the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway

Colin McKinley

Quantifying the trade-offs between stamen and staminode formation in the flowers of Mentzelia.

Campbell Hauschild

Resolving species relationships in the recent and rapidly evolving Mentzelia section Bartonia (Loasaceae)

Paige Fabre

Role of AHA2 Protein in Plant Gravity Response

Victoria Swiler

Seed dispersal in gypsum-endemic species: is limited dispersal ability being selected for?

Zoe Hoelmer

Speciation and Niche Shifts in the Amphibious Plant Group Neptunia (Fabaceae)

Ellie Becklund

SSEP - Effect of ISS-Derived Bacteria on Plant Growth and Gene Expression

Victoria Swiler

The Climate Connection

Kate Richards

The Effect of Acid Mine Drainage on Body Size in Macroinvertebrates

Hadlie Bennett

The Evolution of Petals in Caryophyllaceae

Riley Rees

The role of KFB in plant gravitropism in Arabidopsis thaliana

Elyse Hensley

The Role of Select E3 Ligases in Plant Gravitropism

Samantha Fedoush

Trends in the Radiation Balance of Schoonover Center's Green Roof

Preston Connors

Understanding Plant Gravity Perception (PGP) and Identifying Peroxidases

Marzieh Moradifar