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Advising Tools

Adam Dubsky

AI Generated Beatmaps for Beat Saber

Jakob Burkett

Assessing the impact of route characteristics on vehicle fault occurrences

Erica Metta


Jacob Dollmatsch

Convolutional Deep Learning for Atmospheric Visibility Estimation in Constrained Environments

Justin Murray

Curfew - An Application to Fight Food Waste

Owen Salyer

Data Visualization and Health Monitoring System for Wireless Sensor Networks

Treyce Albin

DME/MLS Model Modernization

Zachary Naymik

DME/MLS Model Modernization

Mihajlo Chonev

Epssilon Épée

Adam Ehlers

Evaluating transport properties of materials using Hall effect measurement

Madhuparna Chakraborty

Event Planner

Blake Gall

Expediting Lunar Exploration: A study of 5G mmWave Communications for Upcoming Human Missions on the Moon

Quadri Adebowale

GoOHIO Student Routes

Jaret Crist

Inertial Measurement Unit With RF Telemetry Capabilities

Zane Bode

Integrative analysis of gene mutation, methylation, and expression in multiple cancer types

Owen Salyer

Let's write your name in Thai

Krerkkiat Chusap

Low Altitude Weather Network (LAWN): Hardware Design

Dylan Wright

Ohio University URC Rover

Noah Koval

Quantum in Aviation Security: ADS-B Protection with QKD

Brady Phelps

Retro-Style Arcade machine

Daniel Reeves

Room Scout

Parker Corbitt

Solar Charging System with DC-AC Inverter

Michael Debrosse

The Curfew App

Isabel Alvarez

The Union Payphone

Kyle Reynolds

Version Compare Archive

Tavier Leslie