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Associations between Cannabis use and Risk-Taking Behaviors in Undergraduate Students who Binge Drink

Katherine Remley, Psychology

Associations Between Visceral Sensitivity, Body Dissatisfaction, and Restrictive Eating in Undergraduates

Zoe Schneider, Psychology

Awareness of Resources Among Psychology Majors

Michelle Nkansah-Wiafe, Psychology

Diabetes Diagnosis Qualitative Study

Andrew Pugh, Psychology

Examining Factors Correlated with Teacher's Use of a Technology Platform to Support Equity Focused Positive Behavioral Supports

Nicholas Zieg, Psychology

Examining Factors that Moderate the Relationship Between Male Students’ ADHD Behaviors and Teacher Stress

Madeline DeShazer, Psychology

Factors Associated with Priority Classroom Management Strategies: The Role of Teacher Stress and Executive Functioning Deficits

Emmarald Jean-Francois, Psychology

Psychological Correlates of COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy: The Moderating role of Fear of Vaccine Side-effects

Yixin Yang, Psychology

Results of a Single-Case Implementation of a Peer-Supported School-Based Engagement Intervention

Jocelyn Hardina, Psychology

Social Roles as a Moderator of the Relationship between Internalization of Body Shape Ideals and Body Dissatisfaction

Jenny Jo, Psychology

The Effect of Dementia Experience on the Relationship Between Dementia Worry, Knowledge of Dementia, and Age

Taylor Lambertus, Psychology

The Relationship Between Organizational Health and Teacher Self-efficacy for Culturally Responsive Practices

John Seipp, Psychology