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A Digital Atlas of the Abelisaurid Foot: New Insights from Majungasaurus Crenatissiumus (Theropoda): Abelisauridae

Alexander Acker, Biological Sciences

A Natural Mouse Model for Neisserial Transmission in the Upper Respiratory Tract

Tauqir Zia, Biological Sciences

A novel Role of PTHrP in Glucagon Production

Ibiagbani Max-Harry, Biological Sciences

A preliminary study about impact of clock position on SRB MIC of pipeline steel.

Adnan Khan, Biological Sciences

Analyzing astrocyte reactivity in a mouse model of brain arteriovenous malformation.

Lindsey Butler, Biological Sciences

Analyzing hemoglobin concentrations at varying altitudes in small terrestrial mammals in the northern Andes

Andrew Pagan, Biological Sciences

Apolipoprotein A-IV Enhances Insulin Action through Liver Sympathetic Activity

Zachary LaRussa, Biological Sciences

Assessing the accumulation of heavy metals in Ohio's recovering bobcat (Lynx rufus) population

Ashlynn Canode, Biological Sciences

Biochemical Reconstitution of Mutational Processes Induced by the Methylator Temozolomide

Mahima Sanyal, Biological Sciences

Characterization of Effects of Complete Loss of CLIC5 and Partial Loss of MYO6 on Hearing in Mice

John Altom, Biological Sciences

Characterizing bone growth and pneumaticity development in birds: Insights from the turkey (Meleagris sp.)

Nicholas Sze, Biological Sciences

Characterizing the genetic diversity and uniqueness of small terrestrial mammals in the Allegheny Plateau and surrounding areas

Molly Haugen, Biological Sciences

Conservation Genetics of a Protected Species: Genomic Variation in the Lake Erie Watersnake

Marissa Dowalter, Biological Sciences

Construction of bacterial delivery system in Lactococcus lactis for protein surface display with future therapeutic application

Claire Smith, Biological Sciences

Deciphering the role of Fat-Specific Protein 27 in muscle endurance

Ishika Puri, Biological Sciences

Do flowers make infertile stamens at the expense of fertile stamens?

Jenna McClure, Biological Sciences

Do we have a bias in understanding of invasive species? A meta-analysis of trait differences between invasive mammals and plants

Alexis Medley, Biological Sciences

Effect of dickkopf-1 (DKK-1) on canine prostate tumor growth and bone metastases using osteoblastic Probasco cell line

Shiyu Yuan, Biological Sciences

Effects of Environment on the Sonoran Desert Toad in a Changing Climate

Emma Stefanick, Biological Sciences

Effects of TadA on Virulence of Staphylococcus aureus

Jacob Hensley, Biological Sciences

Exploring the Cytotoxicity of RNA Isolated from Diverse Bacterial Pathogens

Riley Zielinski, Biological Sciences

Extracellular ATP-induced Senescence in Human Lung Cancer Cells

Ryan Ward, Biological Sciences

Fluorizoline and other Prohibitin-Binding Proteins impact on Beta Cells for the potential treatment of Diabetes.

Lauren Lutz, Biological Sciences

From Creek to Cliff – Salamander Abundance in Wayne National Forest

Era Bakia, Biological Sciences

How do chemosensory cues influence how Chironomid larvae choose more nutritious biofilm?

Brittney Sargent, Biological Sciences

Illuminating the effects of artificial light at night on vocal phenology in the avian cavity-nesting guild

Alaina Friedrich, Biological Sciences

Impacts of multiple stressors on survival and emergence rate of chironomid midges

Mohsin Khan, Biological Sciences

Investigating consequences to intestinal villus vasculature in mice following Rbpj deletion.

Michael Kelly, Biological Sciences

Investigating Gene Expression of Staphylococcus aureus RNA Isolated From Phagocytic Cells

Octavia Hogue, Biological Sciences

Investigating IL-1B production in human THP-1 cells exposed to S. aureus extracellular vesicles (EVs)

Emily Sudnick, Biological Sciences

Investigating Small RNA Teg41's Interactions on Gene Expression and Regulation in Staphylococcus aureus

Julia Tennant, Biological Sciences

Investigating the Global Impact of DNA Supercoiling on Staphylococcus aureus Gene Expression

Ryan Steere, Biological Sciences

Investigating the role of nitrogen pollution on the prevalence of fibropapillomatosis in green sea turtles

Jannine Gillett, Biological Sciences

Just Dunk It?: Observing Hard and Soft Tissue Interactions in Anoles

Jacob George, Biological Sciences

Just Flapping Through: Migratory habitat use by Swainson's Thrushes in Southeast Ohio

Gabi Lindsey, Biological Sciences

Microplastics in Freshwater Crustaceans Downstream of Wastewater Treatment Plants.

Juniper Nico Adkins, Biological Sciences

Oral Rabies Vaccination (ORV) Effectiveness among the Raccoon Population in Ohio

Jess Mitchell, Biological Sciences

Reconstructing the Cranial Vasculature in Plesiosaurs and Mosasaurs

Donald Morgan, Biological Sciences

Role of Phosphorylation in activity-dependent human tau release from Drosophila larval hemolymph

Reaz Uddin, Biological Sciences

Roles of macropinocytosis and the STC1 gene in internalization of extracellular ATP, proliferation, and metastasis in human canc

Nicole Stone, Biological Sciences

Siamycin: An antimicrobial lasso peptide heterlogously expressed in L. lactis

Mara Grace Kessler, Biological Sciences

Targeting the growth hormone receptor attenuates tumor exosome-mediated propagation of chemoresistance in melanoma

Prateek Kulkarni, Biological Sciences

Temperature dependent transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulation in Staphylococcus aureus

Raeven Bastock, Biological Sciences

The Effects of High Water Conductivity on Larval Eastern Hellbenders (Cryptobranchus Alleganiensis)

Nico Cunningham, Biological Sciences

The First Pterosaur from Egypt

Belal Salem, Biological Sciences

The histology of osteoderms and hindlimbs of the theropod dinosaur Ceratosaurus and their implications for osteoderm evolution.

Riley Sombathy, Biological Sciences

The Small Protein ScrA is a Novel Regulator of Staphylococcus aureus Virulence Acting Through the SaeRS Two-Component System

Marcus Wittekind, Biological Sciences

Thermal ecology and activity patterns of desert-living tortoises

Julia Joos, Biological Sciences

Through Time and Space: Using Archival Maps to Explore Changes in Athens County

Sarah Romer, Biological Sciences

Transcriptome Analysis of an Experimental Growth Hormone Variant with Therapeutic Potential

Jolie Bogart, Biological Sciences

Transformant Phenotyping in Arabidopsis

Rachel Ingle, Biological Sciences

Using Automated Telemetry to Determine Migratory Pathways of Swainson's Thrushes

Sarah Romer, Biological Sciences

Using macaques to study cervix and throat infections by Neisseria species.

Malik Jibran Ahmad Khan, Biological Sciences

Using Rosetta Fold Scores to Predict Protein Protein Interaction

Julian Renton, Biological Sciences

Wetland pollinators

Quinn Cifani, Biological Sciences

What comes after the initial invasion? Developing novel model-based tools to understand the drivers of biological invasions

Prothama Manna, Biological Sciences