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Chronically Online

Emily Rogers, Art

Connect: Spring Thesis

Desirae Harvey, Art

Design Thesis: Thrive Senior Center & Rehabilitation

Emmy Grubb, Art

Designing for Dementia and Alzheimer's

Bailey Buell, Art

Here Before

Ellora Lizarraga, Art


Spencer Caputo, Art


Benjamin Brunswick, Art

"Library of the Future": Fine Arts Academic Library Design

Maellie-Jade Jean-Francois, Art

Olivia Zalokar Senior Thesis Presentation

Olivia Zalokar, Art

Opium of the Masses

Rachel Hall, Art


Hallie Wright, Art

Renewed Origins

Sylas Johnson, Art

Supportive Housing for Veterans

Evan Comella, Art

Tales from an Armchair

Tristen Luken, Art

The Greenhouse

Amanda Cole, Art

The Potato Famine Paper

Andrea Matthews, Art

The Sanctuary: An exploration on the mutually beneficial relationship of humans and animals

Courtney Archibald, Art

Two Perspectives on the Contemporary State of Craft

Christopher St John, Art


Kylie Loeffler, Art


Emma Ward, Art

風来坊 (Wanderer)

Donovan Hale, Art