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A Natural Mouse Model for Neisserial Transmission in the Upper Respiratory Tract

Tauqir Zia, Biological Sciences

Accent of the Squirrel

Adam Spelic, Media Arts

Algal Survey of the Great Lakes Region

Gabi Lindsey, Environmental & Plant Biology

Analysis of the Electrochemical Oxidation of Lignin using Chemometrics

gobind sah, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Application of Self-Optimizing Radial Basis Function Support Vector Classifier for Multivariate Classification of Maca Plant

Qudus Thanni, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Associations Between Visceral Sensitivity, Body Dissatisfaction, and Restrictive Eating in Undergraduates

Zoe Schneider, Psychology

Awareness of Resources Among Psychology Majors

Michelle Nkansah-Wiafe, Psychology

Beyond Binaries: A Person-Centered Ethnography of Identity, Community, and Queer Empowerment

Luvina Cooley, Sociology and Anthropology

Changes in Moon, Mars, and Micro Gravity: Plant Responses to Gravity and Space Flight.

Emma Canaday, Environmental & Plant Biology

Chasing Basic Educational Rights through Policy for the Afghan Refugee Children in Educational Organizations of Sindh Pakistan

Ihsan Thaheem, Educational Studies

Confetti That Cares: Removing Harmful Pollution From OHIO's Athens Campus

Era Bakia, Voinovich Environmental Studies

Contrasting physiological traits of shade tolerance in Pinus and Podocarpaceae native to a tropical Vietnamese forest

Cat Gavin, Environmental & Plant Biology

Cost and Resource Level Consideration Under Probabilistic Demand Environment.

Mohammad Milad Omar, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Deciphering the role of Fat-Specific Protein 27 in muscle endurance

Ishika Puri, Biological Sciences

Decriminalization: an Effective Way to Reduce Overdose Deaths?

Ryan Humeniuk, Economics

Democratic Party Framing of the Israel-Palestine Conflict: The Cases of 2016 and 2020 Primaries

Stan Yerrick, Political Science

Detection of Anomalous Aircraft State via Live+Simulated Flight Machine Learning Models

Ahmad Waseem Ghauri, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Development of a Downhole Corrosion Modeling Software

Martin Colahan, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Does L1 Morphology Actually Influence 'Passive' Unaccusatives?: A Corpus Study of Unaccusative Errors by Japanese Learners

Yu Tazaki, Linguistics

Effect of Intermittent Wetting on Corrosion Inhibition in Oil/Water Systems

Yi He, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Effects of Environment on the Sonoran Desert Toad in a Changing Climate

Emma Stefanick, Biological Sciences

Elucidating the Effect of Coal Rank on the Thermal and Structural Properties of Phenolic Resins

Chiderah Chukwuka, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Extracellular ATP-induced Senescence in Human Lung Cancer Cells

Ryan Ward, Biological Sciences

From Creek to Cliff – Salamander Abundance in Wayne National Forest

Era Bakia, Biological Sciences

Fused Deposition Modeling of Natural Carbon-enhanced Composite Filaments for Structural Applications

Logan Veley, Mechanical Engineering

How beneficial is open-mindedness in vaccination games on network-based models of disease transmission?

Arabella Hunt, Mathematics

How do chemosensory cues influence how Chironomid larvae choose more nutritious biofilm?

Brittney Sargent, Biological Sciences

Investigating the Global Impact of DNA Supercoiling on Staphylococcus aureus Gene Expression

Ryan Steere, Biological Sciences

Just Flapping Through: Migratory habitat use by Swainson's Thrushes in Southeast Ohio

Gabi Lindsey, Biological Sciences

Microplastics in Freshwater Crustaceans Downstream of Wastewater Treatment Plants.

Juniper Nico Adkins, Biological Sciences

Modeling of electrochemical recovery of phosphorus from wastewater using machine learning

Lawrence Ajayi, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

New Pollinator Garden On Athens Campus

Lily Schaefer, Environmental Studies

Online giving through social networking sites. A qualitative study examining individuals' online donation process.

Viktoria Marinova, Media Arts

Physical, Mental, and Financial Health: Best Practices in Educating and Supporting Professional Athletes

Yayra Fekpe, Educational Studies

Potential Role of AHA2 Protein in Arabidopsis Gravity Response

Victoria Swiler, Environmental & Plant Biology

Pre-Service Community Health Workers' Perceptions of Public Health Needs in Appalachian Ohio

Molly Pennington, Voinovich Public Administration

Quantitative Investigation of Residual Cementite on the Performance of an Imidazolinium-type Corrosion Inhibitor with Mild Steel

Shuai Ren, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Quantum Computing: Past, Present, and Future

Hannah Culver, Mathematics

Shop Equipment Maintenance Process

Milena Vanessa Bumba David, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Statistical & Energy Consumption Analyses of Multi-Factor Effect on Nutrient Removal Via Electrochemical Animal Wastewater

Babatunde Ojoawo, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Stem Loop 2 Motif Structure in SARS Corona Virus 2 (COVID-19) is not pH-Dependent

Danushika Herath, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Study of CO2 Corrosion Inhibitor Persistency Using Langmuir Isotherm Model and Effects of Iron Carbide on Persistency

Kasra Shayar Bahadori, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

The Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) on Cellular and Overall Health

Riley Corrigan, Applied Health Sciences and Wellness

The Impact of Policy: How Federal Housing Policy Shapes Citizenship in the United States

Abigail Scherer, Political Science

The message is the manner: The role of supportive communication in improving pap screening in North-Central Nigeria.

Nancin Dadem, Communication Studies

The Potential of Digestate as a Fertilizer

Helena Karlstrom, Environmental & Plant Biology

The role of Social Enterprises in Emerging Economies

Yara Lane, Communication and Development Studies

Understanding Menstrual Stigma and Its Implications on Women's Health: A Qualitative Study in Ghana.

Wilhemina Bofla, Communication and Development Studies

Using VR Technology to Develop Conversational Skills among L2 Learners: Case Study of University Students Learning Arabic

Oussema Dhieb, Linguistics


Emma Ward, Art

"Women Can(not) Have it All in Academia": Neoliberal Feminism and Female PhD Digital Influencers in China

Eva Liu, Media Arts