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3,5-Disubstituted Oxazolidinones as Ligands to Bind to the T-Box Riboswitch

Kurtis Williams, Chemistry & Biochemistry

7Be +p: Elastic Scattering

Bikash Chauhan, Physics & Astronomy

A Campaign to Increase Public Transportation on Campus

Caden Hibbs, Economics

A City Divided: Gentrification of Troost Neighborhoods in Kansas City, Missouri

Xander Stultz, Geography

A Digital Atlas of the Abelisaurid Foot: New Insights from Majungasaurus Crenatissiumus (Theropoda): Abelisauridae

Alexander Acker, Biological Sciences

A Framework For Reducing EMS Over-Shift Time

Alex Molnar, Industrial and Systems Engineering

A gendered perspective on climate change and flood risks in urban informal spaces; Kibera informal settlement, Nairobi, Kenya.

Maria Mugeni, Geography

A Library of Hydrocarbon Stapled Peptide Antagonists of the Human Growth Hormone Receptor

Joseph Pettis, Chemistry & Biochemistry

"A Man Out of Time"

Jacob Horne, Media Arts

A Mathematical Model of Anaerobic Digestion

Sarah Liederbach, Voinovich Environmental Studies

A Natural Mouse Model for Neisserial Transmission in the Upper Respiratory Tract

Tauqir Zia, Biological Sciences

A novel Role of PTHrP in Glucagon Production

Ibiagbani Max-Harry, Biological Sciences

A precise calibration of type A and type B hexagonal adatom structures on 2D-MnGaN

Cherie D'Mello, Physics & Astronomy

A preliminary study about impact of clock position on SRB MIC of pipeline steel.

Adnan Khan, Biological Sciences

A Sense of Community

Jamirah Abdul-Haqq, Geography

A STAT5 inhibitor with novel effects on pancreatic islets: stimulation of insulin in addition to protection against cytokines

Maislin Bogart, Biomedical Sciences

A systematic study of Charge Radii: Rutherford Differential Cross Section and the Form Factor

Nathan Carter, Physics & Astronomy

Accent of the Squirrel

Adam Spelic, Media Arts

Accent Rating in Normal Hearing Listeners

Gabrielle Totino, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Active target measurement of the 35Cl(n, p) and 35Cl(n, alpha) cross sections utilizing CLYC detectors

Justin Warren, Physics & Astronomy

Adipocyte Subpopulations Regulate Growth Hormone-Induced Lipolysis and Insulin Resistance

Sohana Siyar, Biomedical Sciences

Advancing Electric Vehicles (EVs) for Sustainable Transport System in Ohio University

Chukwuma Smart Amaefula, Voinovich Environmental Studies

Aftershock of a Trauma: A Story of Afghan Fulbright Students Future

Zohal Nasrat, Communication and Development Studies

Agentic Performances of Women in Sexual Reproductive Health Campaigns on Television: An Analysis of YOLO TV Series in Ghana

Ama Ofori-Birikorang, Communication and Development Studies

Alchemy of Graphite: The many faces of Coal

Chinonso Ugwumadu, Physics & Astronomy

Algal Survey of the Great Lakes Region

Gabi Lindsey, Environmental & Plant Biology

American Sign Language: Digital Resources for Medical Terminology

Brihana Joseph, Rehabilitation and Communication Sciences

American Sign Language: Digital Resources for Medical Terminology

Sophia Blessing, Rehabilitation and Communication Sciences

An Analysis of Hunger and Appetite Hormones After Consumption of Protein or Carbohydrate Breakfast Drink

Sophie Miller, Applied Health Sciences and Wellness

Analysis of the Electrochemical Oxidation of Lignin using Chemometrics

gobind sah, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Analysis Rh(III)-BODIPY and Rh(III) Polypyridyl Complexes Using Tandem Mass Spectrometry and Computational Methods

Eli Skelton, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Analyzing astrocyte reactivity in a mouse model of brain arteriovenous malformation.

Lindsey Butler, Biological Sciences

Analyzing Compositional, Mineralogical, and Petrological Variations in Syrtis Major Planum Lava Flows throughout Martian Time

Brandon Duktig, Geological Sciences

Analyzing hemoglobin concentrations at varying altitudes in small terrestrial mammals in the northern Andes

Andrew Pagan, Biological Sciences

Anatomical Dissection - Deep Learning from Donor to Digital

Kevin Swails, Rehabilitation and Communication Sciences

Anatomy of American Sign Language: English and ASL Anatomical Terminology Guide

Shayla Spears, Rehabilitation and Communication Sciences

Anomalies associated with the Oxygen Reduction Reaction

Shrirang Deshmukh, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Apolipoprotein A-IV Enhances Insulin Action through Liver Sympathetic Activity

Zachary LaRussa, Biological Sciences

Apolipoprotein A4 Regulates Lipid Metabolism

Kathryn West, Biomedical Sciences

Application of Self-Optimizing Radial Basis Function Support Vector Classifier for Multivariate Classification of Maca Plant

Qudus Thanni, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Applications of Bayesian Model Mixing in nuclear physics

Alexandra Semposki, Physics & Astronomy

Approach to Equilibrium of a Glass-Forming Liquid

Maximilian Meineke, Physics & Astronomy

Assessing Stigma Related to Substance Use Disorder in Four Rural Communities

MacKenzie Kay, Social and Public Health

Assessing the accumulation of heavy metals in Ohio's recovering bobcat (Lynx rufus) population

Ashlynn Canode, Biological Sciences

Assessing the Feasibility of Implementing Suicide Gatekeeper Training for Pre-Professional Students

Noel Rozic, Voinovich Public Administration

Assessment of the Intersection Between Politics and Comprehensive Planning as a Tool for Climate Change Adaptation

Alexandra Balson, Geography

Association between dominant and non-dominant knee flexion ratio and brain activity during a leg press task

Alec Hinton, Rehabilitation and Communication Sciences

Associations between Cannabis use and Risk-Taking Behaviors in Undergraduate Students who Binge Drink

Katherine Remley, Psychology

Associations Between Visceral Sensitivity, Body Dissatisfaction, and Restrictive Eating in Undergraduates

Zoe Schneider, Psychology

Athens Landlord Scoreboard

Nick Schuler, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Athens Landlord Scoreboard

taylor miller, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

ATP Along With OWR & Little Cities of Black Diamond

Mackenzie Bastian, Political Science

Attitudes of Medical Students and Residents toward FGM/C

Kira Miller, Obstetrics And Gynecology

Audiology Medical Aspects Student Handbook

Eva Watson, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Audiology Medical Aspects Student Handbook

Jenna Ober, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Automated Terrain Generation in Aviation Safety Verification

Jacob Schaupp, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Awareness of Resources Among Psychology Majors

Michelle Nkansah-Wiafe, Psychology

Barriers Faced by Transgenders for Accessing Healthcare Facilities in Karachi

Athar Memon, Communication Studies

Barriers of Knowledge Transfer in the Cross-Cultural Semiotic Domain

Navin Prakash Bhatt, English

Belt and Road Initiative in Indonesia: China's Strategic Partnership or Expansionist Policy?

Soon Wai Yee, Asian Studies

Beyond Binaries: A Person-Centered Ethnography of Identity, Community, and Queer Empowerment

Luvina Cooley, Sociology and Anthropology

Biochemical Reconstitution of Mutational Processes Induced by the Methylator Temozolomide

Mahima Sanyal, Biological Sciences

Biophysical and Image Analysis Techniques to Quantitatively Determine Differences between Cancer Cells and Cancer Stem Cells

Dalton Cunningham, Physics & Astronomy

Bivariate Degradation Modeling Considering Random Effects and Random Failure Thresholds

Felix Asare, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Calibration of Optical Tweezers

Debalina Chakraborty, Physics & Astronomy

Cannabidiol's Therapeutic Potential in Diabetes Mellitus

Joseph Morell, Applied Health Sciences and Wellness

Carbon and Nitrogen dynamics in Miscanthus x giganteus biomass crop over a decade

Samuel Adu Fosu, Voinovich Environmental Studies

Carotenoid content of Pawpaw (Asimina Triloba)

Dustin O'Neal, Food and Nutrition Sciences

Causes of the Growing Tensions in the South China Sea

Alexander Hamilton, Geography

Changes in Body Composition Markers over Preseason Camp in NCAA Division 1 Football Players

David Filipowski, Applied Health Sciences and Wellness

Changes in Moon, Mars, and Micro Gravity: Plant Responses to Gravity and Space Flight.

Emma Canaday, Environmental & Plant Biology

Characterization of Effects of Complete Loss of CLIC5 and Partial Loss of MYO6 on Hearing in Mice

John Altom, Biological Sciences

Characterizing Release Dynamics of Slow-Release Permanganate Gel for Trichloroethylene Contaminant in Groundwater

Emmanuel Osei Acheampong, Geological Sciences

Characterizing bone growth and pneumaticity development in birds: Insights from the turkey (Meleagris sp.)

Nicholas Sze, Biological Sciences

Characterizing the genetic diversity and uniqueness of small terrestrial mammals in the Allegheny Plateau and surrounding areas

Molly Haugen, Biological Sciences

Characterizing Transcription Factor Activity Within the Arabidopsis Gravity Response

Calvin Coffin, Environmental & Plant Biology

Charged Pion Electroproduction - Studying the Pion and the Nucleons

Jacob Murphy, Physics & Astronomy

Chasing Basic Educational Rights through Policy for the Afghan Refugee Children in Educational Organizations of Sindh Pakistan

Ihsan Thaheem, Educational Studies

Chronically Online

Emily Rogers, Art

Civil War Trauma as portrayed in the Works of Salvadoran Claudia Hernández

Grace Weisel, Modern Languages

Claiming Freedom: Runaway Slaves and the Material World of Louisiana, 1825-1865

Anna Denman, History

Class I glucose transporters as therapeutic targets in ADVd, androgen-independent prostate cancer

Nathan Hoggard, Biomedical Sciences

Click, Like, Learn: News Consumption and Social Media Habits of Generation Z

Marguerite Augier, Journalism


Natasha Scarfo, Accountancy

CMS Scheduling OhioHealth

Scott McKee, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Collecting plant root data by a computer program

Alyssa Dumbra, Environmental & Plant Biology

Combined Tandem Mass Spectrometry and Computational Chemistry for Structural Elucidation of Singly and Doubly Deprotonated Galac

Ola Bataineh, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Community Nutrition Initiative in rural southern Ecuador

Maria Angelica Valencia, Latin American Studies

Complex Growth of Two-Dimensional Materials from Bulk Metallic Patterns

William Poston, Physics & Astronomy

Computational Workflow Development To Identify T-box Riboswitch Antagonists

Emily Fairchild, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Confetti That Cares: Removing Harmful Pollution From OHIO's Athens Campus

Era Bakia, Voinovich Environmental Studies

Connect: Spring Thesis

Desirae Harvey, Art

Conservation Genetics of a Protected Species: Genomic Variation in the Lake Erie Watersnake

Marissa Dowalter, Biological Sciences

Constraining the 13C(α, n)16O reaction rate with 16O + n total and elastic scattering cross section measurements

Joseph Derkin, Physics & Astronomy

Construction of bacterial delivery system in Lactococcus lactis for protein surface display with future therapeutic application

Claire Smith, Biological Sciences

Contrasting physiological traits of shade tolerance in Pinus and Podocarpaceae native to a tropical Vietnamese forest

Cat Gavin, Environmental & Plant Biology

Convolutional Deep Learning for Estimating Atmospheric Visibility in Constrained Environments

Justin Murray, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Cost and Resource Level Consideration Under Probabilistic Demand Environment.

Mohammad Milad Omar, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Creating Community Anew: Examining Social Capital in the United States Post-Pandemic

Hannah Fleming, Political Science

Cross-cultural mentoring relationship: Comparison of individualistic and Collectivistic cultures

Catherine Nikoi, Educational Studies

Crossroads: Military and Family Center

Emily Stump, Interior Architecture

Ctrl-Alt-Elite Project: Union Trivia Suite

Suzan Abdelqader, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Current Sleep Practices of Collegiate Student Athletes

Joseph Benish, Applied Health Sciences and Wellness

Dance Dance Revolution Beatmaps, AI Generated vs. Human Curated

Bradey Lounsbury, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Databased presents Union Trivia Administrative Suite

Ethan Flynn, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Deciphering the role of Fat-Specific Protein 27 in muscle endurance

Ishika Puri, Biological Sciences

Deconstructing Narratives of Place, Stigma, and Substance Use in Appalachia through Ethnography

Caroline Wilson, Communication Studies

Deconstructing U.S. Catholic schools: Institutions of inequity, homogeneity, and commodification

Haley Janoski, Communication Studies

Decriminalization: an Effective Way to Reduce Overdose Deaths?

Ryan Humeniuk, Economics

Democratic Backsliding and the Response of Civil Society Organizations of Bangladesh

Redwanul Hoq, Political Science

Democratic Party Framing of the Israel-Palestine Conflict: The Cases of 2016 and 2020 Primaries

Stan Yerrick, Political Science

Descriptive Study of Female Collegiate Athletes Walking and Running Biomechanics Post-Development of A Labral Tear

olivia brooker, Athletic Training

Design Thesis: Thrive Senior Center & Rehabilitation

Emmy Grubb, Art

Designing a Decision Support System to Optimize the Placement of Rehabilitation Services for Human Trafficking Survivors in Ohio

Riad Al Hasan Abir, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Designing Activities to Support Preservice Teachers in Promoting Generalizing

Kayla Heacock, Teacher Education

Designing for Dementia and Alzheimer's

Bailey Buell, Art

Detection of Anomalous Aircraft State via Live+Simulated Flight Machine Learning Models

Ahmad Waseem Ghauri, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Detection of background Galaxy Clusters for Weak Lensing

Sarah Domke, Physics & Astronomy

Detection of Network Attacks using Machine Learning Models

Alexander Nemecek, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Determing the Timing and Conditions of the First Appearance of Lawsonite in the Geologic Record

Connor LaCroix, Geological Sciences

Determining Educational Type for Coaches Pertaining to Exertional Heat Illness

Cassie Petretti, Athletic Training

Determining Ligand-Specific RNA Binding

Destini McCartney, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Determining stable configurations of phosphorylated protein dimers using molecular simulations

Hemant Nagar, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Determining the Structure of Exotic Atomic Nuclei for Astrophysical Explosions

Nisha Singh, Physics & Astronomy

Developing an in vitro GT array (i-GTray) platform for high-throughput enzyme activity testing of Glycosyltransferase

Matrika Bhattarai, Environmental & Plant Biology

Developing High-throughput assays for studying beta cell function and Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) drug discovery

Nida Ajmal, Biomedical Sciences

Development of a Downhole Corrosion Modeling Software

Martin Colahan, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Development of a Skin Explant Model for Studying UV-induced DNA damage

Hailey Payne, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Development of Nuclear Level Density Database using data from different experimental techniques.

Chirag Rathi, Physics & Astronomy

Development of photo-affinity label peptides for mapping therapeutically-relevant protein-protein interactions

Khairun Nahar, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Diabetes Diagnosis Qualitative Study

Andrew Pugh, Psychology

"Discreet": The Process and Analysis of Depicting Queer Identity and Desire on Screen in Genre Cinema

Kevin Lewis, Film

Dissociation Chemistry of Substituted Indolines

Lauren Davis, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Do flowers make infertile stamens at the expense of fertile stamens?

Jenna McClure, Biological Sciences

Do pollen size and number change in species that are adapted to specialized soils

Emily Ivory, Environmental & Plant Biology

Do we have a bias in understanding of invasive species? A meta-analysis of trait differences between invasive mammals and plants

Alexis Medley, Biological Sciences

Does Acetic Acid Influence the Protectiveness of Iron Carbonate Layers?

Sahithi Ayyagari, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Does education impact mental health stigma amongst MSW students at Ohio University?

jena fulton, Social Work

Does L1 Morphology Actually Influence 'Passive' Unaccusatives?: A Corpus Study of Unaccusative Errors by Japanese Learners

Yu Tazaki, Linguistics

Does the Catch My Breath program reduce the likelihood of teen vaping?

Bek Garven, Social Work

Does the length of employment change job satisfaction

Payton Moore, Social Work

Edible Campus

Sean Pierce, Voinovich Environmental Studies

Effect of dickkopf-1 (DKK-1) on canine prostate tumor growth and bone metastases using osteoblastic Probasco cell line

Shiyu Yuan, Biological Sciences

Effect of Intermittent Wetting on Corrosion Inhibition in Oil/Water Systems

Yi He, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Effect Of Mixture Of LVT-200 And Aromatic-200 Oils Containing Surfactants On CO2 Corrosion During Intermittent Wetting

Neda Norooziasl, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Effect of Trace Concentrations of H2S Introduced to Existing Sweet Corrosion Product Layers

Adam Cutright, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Effects of Behavioral Health Interventions on Client Satisfaction at Guernsey Health Choices

Cayla Hanes, Social Work

Effects of casein protein on metabolism when taken prior to sleep and in the morning.

Michael Martin, Athletic Training

Effects of COVID on the Living Kidney Donation Evaluation Process

Sophia Starkie, Social and Public Health

Effects of Environment on the Sonoran Desert Toad in a Changing Climate

Emma Stefanick, Biological Sciences

Effects of on-site hospital pharmacy utilization on 30-day readmission among admitted patients with COPD at a community hospital

Rebecca Schmehl, Social Medicine

Effects of TadA on Virulence of Staphylococcus aureus

Jacob Hensley, Biological Sciences

Elucidating the Effect of Coal Rank on the Thermal and Structural Properties of Phenolic Resins

Chiderah Chukwuka, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Elucidating the mechanism of action of Arabinogalactan Proteins

Damilola Ayorinde, Environmental & Plant Biology

Employee Satisfaction at Intergraded Services Behavioral Health and Contributing Factors: An Evaluative Study

Jaysa Acker, Social Work

Engineering live biotherapeutic bacteria as vehicles for in situ delivery of anti-SARS-CoV-2 nanobodies

Carolina Portero, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Enviornmental Health and Safety: Radioactive Isotope Tracking System

Xiangsi Howard, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Environmental Practices and Disclosure Within the Fashion Industry

Makenna Koehl, Analytics and Information Systems

Epidemiology of Injuries Seen in a University Performing Arts Clinic: A 9-year Overview

Francois Martel, Athletic Training

Epitaxial growth and surface studies of Bi/ hexagonal Mn2N/MgO using MBE and STM

Ashok Shrestha, Physics & Astronomy

Evaluating the Effects of Independent Variables on the Job Satisfaction Levels of Behavioral Health Team Employees

Dallas Woodgeard, Social Work

Evaluating the Impact of Civil War on Child Mortality

Aayushma Acharya, Economics

Evaluation of Nucleolin as an E-Selectin Ligand on Breast Cancer Cell Lines

Ayden Smith, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Evaluation of Work-Related Stress and its Correlation to Employee Burnout in Youth Partial Hospitalization

Dennison West, Social Work

Event Planner by Click To Add Title

Justin Murray, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Event Planner Web Application

Vignesh Pugazhenthi, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Evolution and Ethics: The Development of Morality in Light of Evolutionary Theory

Ashley Labodda, Philosophy

Examining Factors Correlated with Teacher's Use of a Technology Platform to Support Equity Focused Positive Behavioral Supports

Nicholas Zieg, Psychology

Examining Factors that Moderate the Relationship Between Male Students’ ADHD Behaviors and Teacher Stress

Madeline DeShazer, Psychology

Examining Radicalism: Monsters, Witches, and Women

Olivia Tenoglia, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Examining the influence of phenological synchrony and conspecific density on individual variation in seed production of oaks

Tyler Arnold, Environmental & Plant Biology

Examining the prevalence of ankle pathology and the need for diagnostic ankle arthroscopy in malleolar fractures

Brandon Wolters, Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine

Exhibition of Various Marching Band Show Design Techniques and Applications

Jordan Price, Music

Exploring Hybridity through Pop Culture, Multimodality, and Postcolonial Framework in FYC

Jennifer Whitfield, English

Exploring School Principals and Teachers' Perspectives on Instructional Leadership Practices towards improving student learning

Francis Fosu, Educational Studies

Exploring the Adaptive Functions of the Ubiquitin-26S Proteasome Systme in Rice

samia Nawaz, Environmental & Plant Biology

Exploring the Coping Mechanism of International Student's Mental Health: A Communication Studies in Ohio University, Athens

Shalewa Babatayo, Communication and Development Studies

Exploring the Cytotoxicity of RNA Isolated from Diverse Bacterial Pathogens

Riley Zielinski, Biological Sciences

Exploring the Ghanaian Students' attitude towards the adoption of Mental Health Facilities at Ohio University

Victor Dei, Communication and Development Studies

Exploring the Impact of Taliban return on Maternal Healthcare in Afghanistan

Parwana Hamdam, Communication and Development Studies

Exploring the Role of the Government in Promoting Inclusion, and Diversity among Persons with Visual Impairment in Accra, Ghana.

Abena Bosompem, Communication and Development Studies

Exploring the Use Of Movement Imagery In A Creative Movement Class To Create An Inclusive Environment

Maegan Wasaff, Dance

Extracellular ATP-induced Senescence in Human Lung Cancer Cells

Ryan Ward, Biological Sciences

Factors Associated with Priority Classroom Management Strategies: The Role of Teacher Stress and Executive Functioning Deficits

Emmarald Jean-Francois, Psychology

Factors that Influenced Attrition of Public School Teachers in the USA and Ghana.

Justice Bentil, Educational Studies

Feminist Perspectives on the Climate Crisis: The Intersectionality of it All

Morgan Gangaware, Environmental Studies


Natalie Soltis, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Flow State Experiences in the Chemistry Laboratory

Mickey Sanchez, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Fluorizoline and other Prohibitin-Binding Proteins impact on Beta Cells for the potential treatment of Diabetes.

Lauren Lutz, Biological Sciences

Food Justice in Appalachia

Samarra Wagoner, Voinovich Environmental Studies

Force Control Error is Correlated with Lesser Sensorimotor Cerebellar Activation after Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

Amber Schnittjer, Translational Biomedical Sciences

Fostering My Journey

Anthony Dade, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Fostering My Journey

Kane Louderback, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Fragmentation Chemistry of Gas-Phase Glucosamine Phosphate Anions

Lauren Schultz, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Free-Space Optical Link for Audio Communication

Daniel Cobb, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Free-Space Optical Link for Data Transmission

Colin Russell, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

From Creek to Cliff – Salamander Abundance in Wayne National Forest

Era Bakia, Biological Sciences

From Styx to Margaret Boyd: Digital Exhibits utilizing Ohio University Archives

Taylor Burnette, Journalism

"From the Switzerland of Ohio to a Welfare County": Rise and Fall of Ormet Aluminum in Monroe County, Ohio

Katelyn Straub, Geography

FSP27 plays a critical role in muscle performance

Rabia Basri, Biomedical Sciences

Function Characterization of TFF in Arabidopsis Seed development

Yang Li, Environmental & Plant Biology

Functional characterization of putative transcription factors of primary cell wall deposition in rice

SARA Anwar, Environmental & Plant Biology

Functional Genomic Studies of Core Arabidopsis F-box (CAF) Genes

Madhura Yapa, Environmental & Plant Biology

Fused Deposition Modeling of Natural Carbon-enhanced Composite Filaments for Structural Applications

Logan Veley, Mechanical Engineering

Garden Ware Product Tracking

Ryan Reisinger, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Generation of transgenic rice plants to investigate the role of TaVER2 in resistance to Hessian Fly

Zawar Hussain, Environmental & Plant Biology

Geologic Controls on Hydrologic Pathways in the Great Savannah Cave System, Lewisburg, West Virginia, USA.

Safa Al Salmi, Geological Sciences

Green's Relations, Idempotents, and Regular Elements in the Monoid on the Set of All Binary Operations Over a Fixed Set

Asiyeh Rafieipour, Mathematics

Hausa Filmmakers Embrace Youtube & Shun Cinemas

Nura Abubakar, Interdisciplinary Arts

Havenroot Vale

Kara Lacy, Communication Studies

"He has nothing left to offer us": An Exploration of Cognitive Dissonance in Parasocial Interaction

Hiley Kresse, Communication Studies

Help at Home: Increasing Home Health Matching Satisfaction

Hannah Mullin, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Here Before

Ellora Lizarraga, Art

His-tag Removal from BCL2 Using TEV Protease

Austin Couvillon, Chemistry & Biochemistry


Spencer Caputo, Art

How beneficial is open-mindedness in vaccination games on network-based models of disease transmission?

Arabella Hunt, Mathematics

How do chemosensory cues influence how Chironomid larvae choose more nutritious biofilm?

Brittney Sargent, Biological Sciences

How does plant species diversity differ on and off gypsum soil?

Lilly Osterday, Environmental & Plant Biology

Human CIDEC transgene improves lipid metabolism and protects against high-fat diet-induced glucose intolerance in mice

Hebaallaha Hussein, Translational Biomedical Sciences

Human Non-Small Cell Lung cancer is Sensitized to Chemotherapy by Growth Hormone Antagonism

Arshad Ahmad, Translational Biomedical Sciences

Hydrazones as Potential Dual Function Drugs for Type 1 Diabetes

Mariam Shafqat, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Hydrology and Agricultural sediment Pollution in the Bloody Run Swamp of Ohio

Kehinde Ositimehin, Voinovich Environmental Studies

Identification of genes involved in Heteroxylan glucuronidation in grasses

Akshayaa Venkataraghavan, Environmental & Plant Biology

Identifying Fat-Specific Protein 27 as a novel protein regulating bone morphology

Chloe Becker, Translational Biomedical Sciences

Illuminating the effects of artificial light at night on vocal phenology in the avian cavity-nesting guild

Alaina Friedrich, Biological Sciences

Impact of Live Healthy Kids on Nutritional Knowledge and Food Preferences

Hannah Moore, Translational Health

Impacts of multiple stressors on survival and emergence rate of chironomid midges

Mohsin Khan, Biological Sciences

Improving OHIO Waste Stream - A Case Study on Printing Services at Athens Campus

Dalton Niese, Communication Studies

Inclusive Study Spaces

Lauren Slanker, University Libraries

Inhibition of cGAMP induced CXCL10 expression by a GSK-3 inhibitor

Lydia Belinski, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Inhibitor adsorption characterized using Quartz Crystal Microbalance

Kushal Singla, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Injuries and Access to Healthcare in Competitive Collegiate Dance Teams

Cassie Everhart, Applied Health Sciences and Wellness

Injury in Competitive Marching Band Performers

Allison Williams, Applied Health Sciences and Wellness

Innovation and Business Freedom

Adam Cahoon, Economics

Integrated Model for Assessment and Projection of Carbon Emissions from Transport Sector

Mohammad Hashim Pashtun, Civil Engineering

Interfacial tension and critical micelle concentration (CMC) of N-Dodecylpropane-1,3-diamine (DPDA) in dodecane-water interface

Danielle John Garza, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Intermediate-range Order in Organic Glasses

Spoogmay Khan, Physics & Astronomy

Investigating consequences to intestinal villus vasculature in mice following Rbpj deletion.

Michael Kelly, Biological Sciences

Investigating Gene Expression of Staphylococcus aureus RNA Isolated From Phagocytic Cells

Octavia Hogue, Biological Sciences

Investigating IL-1B production in human THP-1 cells exposed to S. aureus extracellular vesicles (EVs)

Emily Sudnick, Biological Sciences

Investigating Small RNA Teg41's Interactions on Gene Expression and Regulation in Staphylococcus aureus

Julia Tennant, Biological Sciences

Investigating the Global Impact of DNA Supercoiling on Staphylococcus aureus Gene Expression

Ryan Steere, Biological Sciences

Investigating the role of nitrogen pollution on the prevalence of fibropapillomatosis in green sea turtles

Jannine Gillett, Biological Sciences

Investigation of Molecular beam epitaxial growth of Antiferromagnetic Manganese Gallium Nitride

Ali Abbas, Physics & Astronomy

Investigation of seed viability between chasmogamous and cleistogamous flowers of four Violet species

Colin McClurkin, Environmental & Plant Biology

Investigation of the capability of hydrochar to remove heavy metal ions (Cu, Zn, and Cd) from Acide Mine Drainage.

Sana Jamshidifard, Voinovich Environmental Studies

Joint Position Sense at 6-weeks, 3-Month, and 6-Months Post ACL Reconstruction

Jacob Rings, Athletic Training

Just Dunk It?: Observing Hard and Soft Tissue Interactions in Anoles

Jacob George, Biological Sciences

Just Flapping Through: Migratory habitat use by Swainson's Thrushes in Southeast Ohio

Gabi Lindsey, Biological Sciences

Kenworth East Loading Dock Utilization Project

Colin Taggart, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Kenworth: Chassis Paint Flow

Nick Paolo, Industrial and Systems Engineering


Benjamin Brunswick, Art

Laser Assisted CVD Growth of 2D materials

Maryam Bizhani, Physics & Astronomy

Laser Projected Pong Video Game

Ian Gant, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Leaf litter decomposition in restored stream-wetland complexes compared to forested headwater streams

Kelly Love, Environmental & Plant Biology

Learning Neuroanatomy is Biology

Peyton Ryba, Rehabilitation and Communication Sciences

Lenses: A Visual EP

Nate Pommering, Media Arts

LGBTQ Inclusivity at Ohio University & in Athens, Ohio

Maggie Bennink, History

"Library of the Future": Fine Arts Academic Library Design

Maellie-Jade Jean-Francois, Art

Life Outside the Boundaries: The Resilience of Patriarchy through Language

Julia Platt, English

Long-term efficacy of forest management strategies to maintain oak and hickory regeneration

Aaron Rudolph, Environmental & Plant Biology

Lost in Butterfly Holler: Anthropologic Micro-study of Family Migration Patterns within Southeastern Kentucky Using Census Data

Willow Cerridwyn Kuykendall, Sociology and Anthropology

Low-Cost, Low-Latency Digital Audio Mixer with Multiple Outputs

Aaron Bundy, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Luxury Product Packaging: Investigating the Perceived Value of Secondary Packaging for Luxury Goods

Gretchen Honer, Marketing

Mammoth Cave

Joe Timmerman, Visual Communication

Mapping Sailor's Boardinghouses in San Fransisco

Taylor Vickers, Political Science

Mass Transfer Characterization of a Three-Electrode System Used for Electrochemical Nutrient Recovery from Municipal Wastewater

Sana Heydarian, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Mesh Network for LAWN: Low Altitude Weather Network

Dylan Wright, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Microplastics in Freshwater Crustaceans Downstream of Wastewater Treatment Plants.

Juniper Nico Adkins, Biological Sciences

Mitigation of galvanized steel biocorrosion by nitrate reducing Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm using THPS biocide

Lingjun Xu, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Mixed Reality Research Project

Riker Thomas, Emerging Communication Technologies

Model for Acceptance and Rejection of Patients using Critical Resources During Pandemic-Like Situation

Mandvi Malik, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Modeling COVID-19 Clinical Cases with Wastewater Surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 in the City of Athens and Ohio University Campus

Fatemeh Rezaeitavabe, Civil Engineering

Modeling of electrochemical recovery of phosphorus from wastewater using machine learning

Lawrence Ajayi, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Modeling You Can't Refuse: How Recycling Policies Motivate a Transition to Circular Economy

Katelyn Rousch, Economics

Moderating effect of pre-pregnancy smoking on the association between pre-pregnancy folic acid intake and breastfeeding duration

Sueny Paloma Lima, Biomedical Sciences

Mortal Restaurant

Adam Spelic, Media Arts

Mountain Girl: An Adaptation

Brenna Daugherty, Theater

Network System for Evaluating Visibility

Treyce Albin, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Neural correlates of dual-task postural stability following experimentally induced knee joint deafferentation

Meredith Chaput, Rehabilitation and Communication Sciences

New Pollinator Garden On Athens Campus

Lily Schaefer, Environmental Studies

News coverage of sexual violence

Eren Crebs, Journalism

Not your grandmother's spin-chain: a rare spin on Heisenberg's model

David Facemyer, Physics & Astronomy

Novel Combination Therapy for the Treatment of Urothelial Carcinoma (UC)

Emily Davis, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Novel small compound inhibitors of glucose uptake transporters as potential anticancer agents

Nazanin Ghobadi, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Nuclear parathyroid hormone-related protein (PTHrP) regulates pituitary somatotrophs and growth hormone production

Waleed Hashmi, Biomedical Sciences

Olivia Zalokar Senior Thesis Presentation

Olivia Zalokar, Art

Online giving through social networking sites. A qualitative study examining individuals' online donation process.

Viktoria Marinova, Media Arts

Ontology model for mapping terms in plastic manufacturing – a case study

Mandvi Malik, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Opium of the Masses

Rachel Hall, Art

Optimization Time of RSH Extensin Protein from Arabidopsis Suspension Cell Line (T87)

Camryn Kinkead, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Optimizing the lysis step in CTAB DNA extractions of silica-dried and herbarium leaf tissues

Jamie Carey, Environmental & Plant Biology

OR Utilization at Ross Heart Hospital

Garrett Allen, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Oral Rabies Vaccination (ORV) Effectiveness among the Raccoon Population in Ohio

Jess Mitchell, Biological Sciences


Michael Davis-King, Emerging Communication Technologies

OU's Battlecat Team: A Robot Fighting Club

Ian Switzer, Mechanical Engineering

Perceptions of Professional Educators Surrounding Legislation Regulating the Teaching of Critical Theories in Ohio Schools

Delaney Brander, Educational Studies

PET Plastic Puller

Kaeden Saunders, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Phenotypic Characterization of Fusion Proteins Designed to Illuminate the Plant Gravity Response

Wafa Aziz, Environmental & Plant Biology

Photo-Advocacy as a tool to encourage society to preserve heritage

Ahmed Hamed, Communication and Development Studies

Photopolymer Electrospun Fibrous Mats Derived From Natural Product Pro-Drug Salicylic Acid

Grant Guggenbiller, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Phylogenomics Reveal Species Relationships in Neptunia Lour. (Fabaceae)

Leigh Becklund, Environmental & Plant Biology

Phylogeography of Batrachospermum gelatinosum in eastern North America

Roseanna Crowell, Environmental & Plant Biology

Physical, Mental, and Financial Health: Best Practices in Educating and Supporting Professional Athletes

Yayra Fekpe, Educational Studies

Political Motherhood in Appalachia: Resistance, Care, and Extraction in our Mountains

Lucy Thompson, Geography

Polylactic Acid: A Solution to Unsustainable Plastics

Emily Harasin, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Potential Role of AHA2 Protein in Arabidopsis Gravity Response

Victoria Swiler, Environmental & Plant Biology

Pre-Service Community Health Workers' Perceptions of Public Health Needs in Appalachian Ohio

Molly Pennington, Voinovich Public Administration

Predicting protein-protein interactions between glycosyltransferases for plant cell wall polysaccharides synthesis.

Mohsin Ali Nasir, Environmental & Plant Biology

Preparing Teachers to Meet the Needs of Learners in Inclusive Mathematics Classrooms

Jennifer Thomposn, Teacher Education

Primary cell wall regulation: ancient genes with modern roles

Mojde Sedaghat, Environmental & Plant Biology

Probing the Growth of Light-mediated Polymer Brushes using SFG Spectroscopy

Uriel Joseph Erasquin, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Project Egg

Dylan O'Donnell, University College

Proteomic response of Arabidopsis thaliana to spaceflight in the NASA BRIC LED hardware

Gbolaga Olanrewaju, Environmental & Plant Biology

Psychological Correlates of COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy: The Moderating role of Fear of Vaccine Side-effects

Yixin Yang, Psychology

Push and Pull Factors Responsible for International Students Migration to the United States

Gerard Chukwu, African Studies

Quantifying the presence of Influenza A, Influenza B, and RSV in Municipal and University Wastewater

Sean Martin, Biomedical Sciences

Quantitative Investigation of Residual Cementite on the Performance of an Imidazolinium-type Corrosion Inhibitor with Mild Steel

Shuai Ren, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Quantitative Reasoning and Student Empowerment

Amrit Thapa, Teacher Education

Quantum Computing: Past, Present, and Future

Hannah Culver, Mathematics


Hallie Wright, Art

Reconstructing the Cranial Vasculature in Plesiosaurs and Mosasaurs

Donald Morgan, Biological Sciences

Recovery and motherhood: Navigating trauma recovery and parenting in a domestic violence shelter

Audrey Crowl, Social Work

Recyclables in Trash

Patrick Walker, Mechanical Engineering

Relationship between field and laboratory-based fitness testing in NCAA division I soccer players

Daniel Lastra, Exercise Physiology

Relationship of Phase Angle to Performance Metrics in NCAA Division I Football Players

Kelsey Morgan, Applied Health Sciences and Wellness

Renewed Origins

Sylas Johnson, Art

Representing the "Other" in Travel Writing

Ayman Elbarbary, Linguistics

Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces

Jay Schaffer, Mathematics

Reproductive contributions of chasmogamous and cleistogamous flowers in four mixed-breeding violets in Ohio

Samuel Lockhart, Environmental & Plant Biology

Research related to optics presented by Ohio University OPTICA Chapter (OUOC)

Weiqiang Yuan, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Results of a Single-Case Implementation of a Peer-Supported School-Based Engagement Intervention

Jocelyn Hardina, Psychology

Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty for Proximal Humerus Fractures: a Comparison of the Deltoid Split and Deltopectoral Approaches

Nathaniel Starcher, Civil Engineering

Review of Existing Pseudo-Ideal Water Chemistry Models in the Presence of NaCl and CO2

Kamila Turganova, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Review of H2S/CO2 Corrosion of Mild Steel at Elevated Temperatures

Zhuldyz Zhigulina, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Ring-Opening Copolymerization of 4D Polyesters Using Supramolecular Thiourea/Organocatalysis

David Merckle, Biomedical Sciences

Role of basic modules in Extensin self-assembly

Abdul Hakeem Al Bulushi, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Role of CEACAM1 in NASH-associated Liver Fibrosis

Raziyeh Abdolahipour, Biomedical Sciences

Role of Phosphorylation in activity-dependent human tau release from Drosophila larval hemolymph

Reaz Uddin, Biological Sciences

Roles of macropinocytosis and the STC1 gene in internalization of extracellular ATP, proliferation, and metastasis in human canc

Nicole Stone, Biological Sciences

Rubric Model for Project Planning - Appalachia Community Grant Program

Mohammad Hashim Pashtun, Civil Engineering

Rufus Recycles Games: OHIO Athletics and Sustainability

Mia Citino, Voinovich Environmental Studies

SalesChangeOrderAdmin for Kenworth

Garrett Bethel, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Search-and-Return Robot (SARbot)

Nick Andujar, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Secure Voting Booth

Lucas Nagle, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Selectively oriented crystalline growth of Mn3Sn on Al2O3 (0001) using molecular beam epitaxy

Sneha Upadhyay, Physics & Astronomy


Nicholas Castelli, Media Arts

Shop Equipment Maintenance Process

Milena Vanessa Bumba David, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Showcase of Environmental Education Experiences

Kennedy Hammond, Voinovich Environmental Studies

Siamycin: An antimicrobial lasso peptide heterlogously expressed in L. lactis

Mara Grace Kessler, Biological Sciences

Silver Star

Sam Birnbaum, Emerging Communication Technologies

Simultaneous CO2 Reduction/C2H6 Oxidation on a Solid Oxide Cell

Andrew Kasick, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Small-business biogas

Tyra Huxley, Voinovich Environmental Studies

Smart Compost Monitor

Dan Bridavsky, Mechanical Engineering

Social Justice Advocacy

Jennifer Ojiambo Isiko, Counseling and Higher Education

Social Roles as a Moderator of the Relationship between Internalization of Body Shape Ideals and Body Dissatisfaction

Jenny Jo, Psychology

Software Defined Radio for ADS-B

Kate Gothberg, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Solvent assisted conformational and structural changes at methacrylate based polymer surfaces.

Tharushi Ambagaspitiya, Chemistry & Biochemistry


Katelynn McCollum, Media Arts

Sound Exposure Among Collegiate-Level Dance and Music Theatre Major Students

Grace Cymanski, Rehabilitation and Communication Sciences

Southeast Ohio in the Early American Republic

Margaret Spetz, History

Spin qubits in photon-coupled microwave cavities.

Samuel Johnson, Physics & Astronomy

Spirit Solution

Ean McFadden, Emerging Communication Technologies

Sport Specific Virtual Reality on Quadriceps Muscle Function and Cortical Activity during Knee Extension Exercise.

HoWon Kim, Rehabilitation and Communication Sciences

sRNAs works as a mediating factor SCW formation.

Abhijit Sukul, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Stacked ABR Wave I Amplitude as a Potential Electrophysiological Measure for Hidden Hearing Loss (HHL)

Shane Mason, Rehabilitation and Communication Sciences

Standardizing Protocols for Accurate 3D Digitization of Arthropods

Jorge Castillo, Emerging Communication Technologies

State Tax and Financial Policy in Relation to Quality of Life and State to State Migration

Nate Bilski, Finance

Statistical & Energy Consumption Analyses of Multi-Factor Effect on Nutrient Removal Via Electrochemical Animal Wastewater

Babatunde Ojoawo, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Stem Loop 2 Motif Structure in SARS Corona Virus 2 (COVID-19) is not pH-Dependent

Danushika Herath, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Stereochemistry and Stoichiometry in Aliphatic Polyester Photopolymers for 3D Printing Tailored Biomaterial Scaffolds

Scott Brooks, Mechanical Engineering

Steve Presents Trivia Night at The Union

Nathaniel Buchanan, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Storeroom Inventory Location

Caroline Barte, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Storytelling in Attractions

Jada Ashmeade, Emerging Communication Technologies

Streaming Killed The Radio Star: Economic and Consumer Behavior Trends in the Age of Music Streaming

Jonah Krueger, Journalism

Stress and Burnout in Collegiate Performing Artists and Athletes

Lauren Kerekes, Athletic Training

Study of CO2 Corrosion Inhibitor Persistency Using Langmuir Isotherm Model and Effects of Iron Carbide on Persistency

Kasra Shayar Bahadori, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Study of solid phase separation of metal halide perovskite using visible light fluorescence Spectro-microscopy

Deepani Vidarshika Athapaththu, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Study of surfactants adsorption at interfaces via molecular simulations

Abolfazl Faeli Qadikolae, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Studying 11B proton structure via the 10Be(p,n)10B reaction.

Yenuel Jones-Alberty, Physics & Astronomy

Studying the Effect of Organic Acids on H2S Corrosion of Mild Steel

Drew Trommer, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Studying the effect of Suicide literature on suicide stigma in teens

Walker Newsome, Social Work

Studying the History of American Narrative Television and U.S. History to Develop a Historical Western Mini-series

Austin Amburgey, Media Arts

Supportive Housing for Veterans

Evan Comella, Art

Synthesis of New Derivatives of δ-Lactone as Antibacterial Agents

Sa-adatu Abdullai, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Synthesis of Plasmonic Zirconium Nitride (ZrN) Nanoparticles

Luke Davenport, Physics & Astronomy

Systematic Studies of High Polyploid Violets on the Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plains

Remington Burwell, Environmental & Plant Biology

Tales from an Armchair

Tristen Luken, Art

Targeting the growth hormone receptor attenuates tumor exosome-mediated propagation of chemoresistance in melanoma

Prateek Kulkarni, Biological Sciences

Team ADA

Ayshah Aljedani, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Temperature dependent transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulation in Staphylococcus aureus

Raeven Bastock, Biological Sciences

Testing Temperature-Time-Composition Relationships Between the HP/LT Metamorphic Rocks of Complexes in the Dominican Republic

Selene Lisbey, Geological Sciences

The Anatomy Of Airline Pricing

Hisham Azzi, Aviation

The Association of Multicultural Sports Professionals

Maya Jones, Sports Administration

The College of Business and Sustainability

Dakota Dement, Management and Strategic Leadership

The Comparison of Mental Health and Body Image Among Collegiate Athletes, Performing Artists, and Non-Athletes/Non-Artists

Kaitlin Shine, Athletic Training

The Dialectic of TiktTok: Fakeness and Authenticity in the Digital Age

Samuel Smith, Sociology and Anthropology

The Effect of Dementia Experience on the Relationship Between Dementia Worry, Knowledge of Dementia, and Age

Taylor Lambertus, Psychology

The Effect of Discharge Prescriptions Filled at an On-site Pharmacy in Reducing 30 Day Readmissions Among CHF Patients

Jacob Binkley, Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine

The Effect of Green Bond Labelling on New Issue Bond Pricing

Nicole Grant, Finance

The Effect of the Medicaid Expansion on DUI Arrests

Dylan Rainey, Economics

The Effects of Domestic Septage Derived Hydrochar on Brassica oleracea and Soil Greenhouse Gas Responses

Finn Maynard, Voinovich Environmental Studies

The Effects of High Water Conductivity on Larval Eastern Hellbenders (Cryptobranchus Alleganiensis)

Nico Cunningham, Biological Sciences

The effects of Seed Production on Future Forest Species Composition

Hoang Luu, Environmental & Plant Biology

The evolutionary history of petals in the family Caryophyllaceae

Riley Rees, Environmental & Plant Biology

The Feedback Dilemma: How to Make Negative Feedback Effective in Eliciting Change

Lauren Bailey, Accountancy

The First Pterosaur from Egypt

Belal Salem, Biological Sciences

The Forgotten Joint Score Assessment of ACL Reconstruction Patients

Caitlin Ogilvie, Athletic Training

The Glideless /aɪ/: A Reflection of Generational Language Shifts in SE Ohio

Lynden Caldwell, Linguistics

The Greenhouse

Amanda Cole, Art

The histology of osteoderms and hindlimbs of the theropod dinosaur Ceratosaurus and their implications for osteoderm evolution.

Riley Sombathy, Biological Sciences

The Horrors of A Patriarchy: The Final Girl and The Finnsburg Episode

Claire Waldrop, English

The Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) on Cellular and Overall Health

Riley Corrigan, Applied Health Sciences and Wellness

The Impact of Cognitive Load on Gait in American Sign Language Users - A mixed methods study

Emily Jones, Rehabilitation and Communication Sciences

The Impact of Interventions and Demographics on Client Satisfaction.

Heather McHenry, Social Work

The Impact of Policy: How Federal Housing Policy Shapes Citizenship in the United States

Abigail Scherer, Political Science

The Influence of Riparian Vegetation on Total Organic Carbon in Restored Streams after Replanting

Tatiana Burkett, Voinovich Environmental Studies

The Influence of the Influenza Pandemic: How the 1918 Spanish Flu Epidemic Impacted Modernist Literature

Liza Gildemeister, English

The Influence of the Small-Scale Environment on Dwarf Galaxy Evolution

Casey Ann Horvath, Physics & Astronomy

The Life and Music of Composer Charles Theodore Pachelbel

Katy Lessick, Music

The message is the manner: The role of supportive communication in improving pap screening in North-Central Nigeria.

Nancin Dadem, Communication Studies

The OHIO Wildlife and Nature Photography Scholarship Competition

Kristina Rezek, Individual Interdisciplinary Program

The Pathetic Sigale-gale

Edy Panjaitan, Interdisciplinary Arts

The Piano Music of Ernesto Elorduy (1853-1913): Historiography, Cosmopolitanism, and Reception

Edgar Gomez, Music

The Politics of Dis (Connectivity) and In-betweenness: A Qualitative Case Study of Rupaidiha School on India-Nepal Border

Anisha Mahima, Communication and Development Studies

The post-Covid experiences of international (African) students in the United States

Ben Yussif, Counseling and Higher Education

The Potato Famine Paper

Andrea Matthews, Art

The Potential of Digestate as a Fertilizer

Helena Karlstrom, Environmental & Plant Biology

The Relationship Between Organizational Health and Teacher Self-efficacy for Culturally Responsive Practices

John Seipp, Psychology

The Role of Amphiphilicity in the Self-Assembly of Plant Cell Wall Glycoproteins

Allan Kenneth Regunton, Chemistry & Biochemistry

The Role of E3 Ligases in the Gravity Response of Arabidopsis thaliana

Elyse Hensley, Environmental & Plant Biology

The role of Social Enterprises in Emerging Economies

Yara Lane, Communication and Development Studies

The roles of financial inclusion and effective governance on economic growth

Sydney Shadik, Economics

The Sanctuary: An exploration on the mutually beneficial relationship of humans and animals

Courtney Archibald, Art

The Small Protein ScrA is a Novel Regulator of Staphylococcus aureus Virulence Acting Through the SaeRS Two-Component System

Marcus Wittekind, Biological Sciences

The Sustainability Network

Samantha Holdaway, Environmental Studies

The ubiquitin–26S proteasome system and autophagy relay proteome homeostasis regulation during silique development

Peifeng Yu, Environmental & Plant Biology

The Use of Indigenous Knowledge in Response to Climate Change: A Case Study of Thabwa village, Malawi.

King Khangamwa, Communication and Development Studies

The Vietnam War and Buddhism

Henning Elsass, History

Thematic analysis of personal narratives on workplace inequalities

Katelyn White, Sociology and Anthropology

Thermal ecology and activity patterns of desert-living tortoises

Julia Joos, Biological Sciences

Thermal Properties of Methacrylate-Based Copolymers

Darrion Demase, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Through Time and Space: Using Archival Maps to Explore Changes in Athens County

Sarah Romer, Biological Sciences

Tilted Dirac cones and topological transitions in strained kagome lattices

Miguel Mojarro, Physics & Astronomy

Tipping the scale on work-life balance: Thematic analysis of exploitation in the workplace

Maxwell Cowan, Sociology and Anthropology

Topological Quantum Field Theories for Submanifolds

Matthew Humphreys, Mathematics

Toward a SARS-CoV-2 Antiviral Drug: Development of a Supramolecular Peptide Loop

Nathan Thompson, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Traditional instruments and electronic music composition

Yizi Xu, Interdisciplinary Arts

Transcriptome Analysis of an Experimental Growth Hormone Variant with Therapeutic Potential

Jolie Bogart, Biological Sciences

Transformant Phenotyping in Arabidopsis

Rachel Ingle, Biological Sciences

Transport Phenomena in an Electrochemical Reactor

Ardavan Zanganeh, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Trends in Prehistoric Land Use in Somerset County, PA

Emma Kinsinger, Sociology and Anthropology

Two Perspectives on the Contemporary State of Craft

Christopher St John, Art

U.S Monetary Policy on Foreign Nations

Logan Nagy, Economics

Understanding Menstrual Stigma and Its Implications on Women's Health: A Qualitative Study in Ghana.

Wilhemina Bofla, Communication and Development Studies

Understanding the Practice of Child Marriage in Amhara and Oromia regions of Ethiopia: A qualitative analysis

Narges Ghafary, Communication and Development Studies

Unlock Professional Success: Developing Students' Identity, Locus of Control, and Help-Seeking Attitudes

Kübra Civan, Counseling and Higher Education


Kylie Loeffler, Art

Using Automated Telemetry to Determine Migratory Pathways of Swainson's Thrushes

Sarah Romer, Biological Sciences

Using CHNAs to Identify Statewide Health Trends

Anne Mathew, Social and Public Health

Using Dual-Doppler Analyses to Investigate the Impacts of Terrain and Surface Roughness on the Three-Dimensional Wind Flow Field

Benjamin Price, Geography

Using macaques to study cervix and throat infections by Neisseria species.

Malik Jibran Ahmad Khan, Biological Sciences

Using Minecraft to Simulate Field Mapping in a Karst Environment

Zoe Williams, Geological Sciences

Using Rosetta Fold Scores to Predict Protein Protein Interaction

Julian Renton, Biological Sciences

Using Silent Intervals of Frequency-Following Responses to Train a Non-Negative Matrix Factorization Machine Learning Algorithm

Katie Matzdorf, Rehabilitation and Communication Sciences

Using VR Technology to Develop Conversational Skills among L2 Learners: Case Study of University Students Learning Arabic

Oussema Dhieb, Linguistics

Utilizing Parallelism and Multithreading for Iterative Refinement of Antenna Pattern Visualization

Brady Phelps, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Vivas Nos Queremos: An analysis of digital collectivities and the dichotomy of body-territories

Prathana D., Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies


Emma Ward, Art

Wetland pollinators

Quinn Cifani, Biological Sciences

What comes after the initial invasion? Developing novel model-based tools to understand the drivers of biological invasions

Prothama Manna, Biological Sciences

What does this mean for Us? Exploring the Negotiation of Queer Intimacy in Artistic Practice

Emily Pierce, Dance

What factors affect US Citizen's opinions on homosexuality?

Sydney Sears, Economics

What is a Fine Art?

Kevin Bethell, Philosophy

"Women Can(not) Have it All in Academia": Neoliberal Feminism and Female PhD Digital Influencers in China

Eva Liu, Media Arts

Women's Role Conceptions in Paramilitary Organizations

Cheyenne Knavel, Political Science

Work -Family Conflict: Mental Health Providers' Job Satisfaction

Tawakalitu Lasisi, Social Work

(working title) Maggie's Convent: A theatrical look at the life of Margaret Cavendish

Molly Tucker, Theater

Worlds Collide: How Contact With the Poor Shapes Altruistic Social Preferences

Ethan Brown, Economics

Zion's Walls: The Enduring Appeal of a Shape Note Tune

Meg Smith, Interdisciplinary Arts

風来坊 (Wanderer)

Donovan Hale, Art