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Adena Baby-Centered Recovery Program

Cody Anderson, Social Work

Exploration of How Patient Characteristics Influence Patient Openness to Treatment and Resources

Grace Connolly, Social Work

Impact of Survivor Advocacy Program's Service Delivery Type on Student Survivors

Kaitlyn Urbaniak, Social Work

Job Satisfaction Among Youth Mental Health Providers: The Impact of Self-Efficacy, Perceived Stress, and Burnout

Jessica Hartman, Social Work

Job Satisfaction and Burnout Rates Relevant to Age and Coworker/Supervisor Relationships at Shawnee Family Health Center Portsmouth

Jessica Collier, Social Work

Ohio University's Survivor Advocacy Program's "Start By Believing" Documentary Impact on Regional Campus Students

Morgan Dick, Social Work

Organizational Support, Job Flexibility, Length of employment, and Compassion Fatigue and the Impact on Job Satisfaction...

Danielle Doss, Social Work

Parent & Guardian Perceptions of the Effectiveness of College & Career Readiness Resources in Rural vs Urban Public High Schools

Anna Fletcher, Social Work

Program Evaluation of Peer Support Services

Milton Greek, Social Work

The Impact of ACT on Psychological Flexibility at Pathways

Michelle Horton, Social Work

The Impact of the Bridges Residential Program on Client Reported Anxiety Levels

Breanna Horton, Social Work

The Utilization of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance-Commitment Therapy Based Interventions and Associated Outcomes

Rebecca Dillon, Social Work


Tammy Dannemiller, Social Work