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Approximation of functions in Barron’s space using sums of separable functions.

Indupama Herath, Mathematics

Association between perceived barriers to access healthcare services and utilization of cervical cancer screening in Kenya.

Jackline Otieno, Social and Public Health

Birds of a Weather: Impact of weather patterns on overwintering home ranges of radio-tagged male slate-colored juncos

Emily Bails, Biological Sciences

Breakfast Consumption and Energy Balance in Active Adult Males

Lane Cullums, Applied Health Sciences and Wellness

Buzzy Study

Kelly Scruggs, Pediatrics

Casting Black Cinema: Opinions of African American Students on Contested Casting in Black History-Films

Adelaja Oriade, Media Arts

COVID-19 and Migrant Worker Ghettoization in Singapore

Ben Nichols, Geography

Demonstrative Use of a Manipulative Model for Osteopathic Cranial Strain Education: Perceptions and Practicalities

Sumedha Medicherla, OsteopathicManipulativeMedicine

Does Inquiry-Based Learning Reduces Math Anxiety Compared to Lecture-Based Instruction?

Harman Aryal, Teacher Education

Effects of Arabidopsis thaliana AHA2 Protein Phosphorylation on Gravity Response

Victoria Swiler, Environmental & Plant Biology

Effects of Silent Intervals on Noise Separation of Frequency-Following Responses by using Machine Learning

Allison Giordano, Rehabilitation and Communication Sciences

Ensuring Student Collaboration in Group Projects

Deependra Budhathoki, Teacher Education

Estimating Heating Values for the Simulation of Coal-Derived Products with Aspen Plus

Chiderah Chukwuka, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Evaluating the curing kinetics of solid phenolic resins using differential scanning calorimetry

Sophia Almanza, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Evaluation of mother daughter dyad communication with respect to sexual health and its implication in prevention of sexual abuse

Roshni Ashiq, Communication Studies

Exploring the Impact of Community Gardening on the Health of Participants

Hannah Wynne, Geography

Fuel Station

Jessica Robinson, Emerging Communication Technologies

Genetic diversity and differentiation across geographically separated populations of North American small terrestrial mammals.

Molly Haugen, Biological Sciences

Identifying and Understanding Pathways to Student Thriving at a Public University in Benin: A Mixed Methods Perspective

Oumarou Abdoulaye Balarabe, Counseling and Higher Education

Influence of inhibitor concentrations and carbon steel microstrucutres on inhibitor adsorption mechanism investigated by atomic

Huiru Wang, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Inhibition Behavior Change of Tetradecyl Phosphate Ester at Elevated Temperatures

Ren Shuai, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Inquiring Rights

Theodore Berry, International Studies

Investigating the Effect of Bacterial EV-packaged RNA on Human Gene Expression

Emily Marino, Biological Sciences

"Karens" as the Vocal Sleeper Agents of Intersectional Privilege in the United States

Daniela Grijalva, Sociology and Anthropology

Ohio University's Survivor Advocacy Program's "Start By Believing" Documentary Impact on Regional Campus Students

Morgan Dick, Social Work

Patterns in the growth of the theropod dinosaur genus Allosaurus.

Riley Sombathy, Biological Sciences

Plants in Space: Proteomics of Arabidopsis thaliana grown in NASA BRIC LED hardware

Gbolga Olanrewaju, Environmental & Plant Biology

Quantitative Reasoning for Student Empowerment

Amrit Thapa, Teacher Education

Root-associated Microbial Analysis of E. crassipes and T. pallida and Their Effect On Plant Growth and Bioremediation

Muneeba Ghauri, Environmental & Plant Biology

Spore sizes reveal ploidy levels in known and new Great Lakes Bog Clubmosses (Lycopodiella).

Nate Augustine, Environmental & Plant Biology

Study of CBRAM cells

Spoogmay Han, Physics & Astronomy

Study of CO2 Corrosion Inhibitor Persistency Using a Developed Methodology and Langmuir Isotherm Model in Continuous Treatment

Kasra Shayar Bahadori, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Sustainability within Greek Life

Mia Citino, Voinovich Environmental Studies

Swimming for Survival: Carryover Effects of Pesticide and Predator Exposure on Larval Wood Frog Tadpoles

Era Bakia, Biological Sciences

The effects of the 1977 Spanish Amnesty Law

Kaitlyn Booher, Modern Languages

The Use of Agricultural Waste to Remove Heavy Metals from Mine Water

Edward Abbiw, Voinovich Environmental Studies

Triangulation of the Phonetic Usage of Appalachian Englishes in Southeastern Ohio

Lynden Caldwell, Linguistics

Use of NAPPA to study the biochemical properties of plant cell wall glycosyltransferases

Matrika Bhattarai, Environmental & Plant Biology

Using R programming to study the affects of elevated CO2 on Arabidopsis thaliana herbivory

Victoria Swiler, Environmental & Plant Biology

What's color got to do with it?: Persuasive appeal for participation in COVID-19 vaccine trials in the US.

Nancin Dadem, Communication Studies