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AFM of Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIP's)

Cole Pridemore, Chemistry Biochemistry

Copolymerization of Bulky Methacrylate Polymers with a Hydrogel for Artificial Corneal Application

David Miller, Chemistry Biochemistry

Development of Scyllatoxin-based BH3 Domain Mimetics to Target BCL2 Proteins

Matthew Vince, Chemistry Biochemistry

Examining the Role of Small RNAs during the Transition from the Primary to Secondary Cell Wall Biosynthesis in Arabidopsis

Abhijit Sukul, Chemistry Biochemistry

Finding a Fit: Investigating RNA-Ligand Binding Specificity with Experimental and Computational Methods

Mason Myers, Chemistry Biochemistry

Improving the Photosensitizer in Singlet-Oxygen Producing and CO-Releasing Molecules

Grace Judd, Chemistry Biochemistry

Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIPs) with Sulphapyridine as a Target Analyte

Madalyn Moore, Chemistry Biochemistry

Monitoring Polymer Brush Growth Using Sum Frequency Generation Spectroscopy

Uriel Joseph Erasquin, Chemistry Biochemistry

Regulatory Mechanism of IKKa Expression in cells post-UVB Irradiation

Yuxi Zhou, Chemistry Biochemistry

Reorganization of Polymer Thin Films under Liquid

Emily Robertson, Chemistry Biochemistry

Self-Assembly of Switchable Surfactants Used for Demulsification and Emulsification Processes at the Oil-Water interface

Ambagaspitiya Walawwe Tharushi Ambagaspitiya, Chemistry Biochemistry

Two End DNA Immobilized on the Functionality Surface

Dinesh Gautam, Chemistry Biochemistry