Online Journal of Space Communication


Space Solar Power will be too expensive until it is too late to afford it. Politicians shy away from projects that last longer than they will remain in office. Governments are reluctant to fund projects where there are no short-term paybacks. Militaries will not sponsor work that cannot be used to fight wars. Corporate investment in long-term projects without a proven return are unlikely. Environmentalists, status quo defenders, and established energy interests alike will resist large-scale projects, driving up costs and costing time. There is presently no consensus on an optimal SSP architecture; nor is there an agreed-upon cost; nor is there an organization charged with achieving either. Therefore, SSP needs a miracle. By definition, miracles cannot be predicted, or counted upon. However, it is possible to prepare for miracles, so that when they do arise, action can begin immediately. This paper describes how to prepare for the miracle.



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