Online Journal of Space Communication


Space-based solar power (SBSP) is an emerging industry whose objective is to relieve the world of its crippling dependence on fossil fuels. However, beyond energy and climate change, this business is rarely considered for its potentially positive impact on future society. Large-scale efforts at commercialization of innovations have long been dependent on collaborations between government and private sectors, addressing public need. What the Transcontinental Railroad did for the American economy in the 1800's is an example: this technological breakthrough spawned the Industrial Revolution. In the 2000's, space technologies and their industries have demonstrated the potential for a similar revolutionary influence. As the globe continues to face political, commodity and economic strife, technologies such as SBSP will introduce unforeseen solutions that will help to sustain global peace, improve quality of life and create important new breakthroughs of the future. Presuming SBSP becomes a viable industry, future generations can look forward to greater global collaboration leading to more efficient access to space, space commercialization and careers beyond our horizon, the result of the disruptive solar power satellite.



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