Online Journal of Space Communication


The rapid advance of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in low and middle income countries has created an unprecedented opportunity to change the way that pre-service and in-service education of health care workers is delivered. The virtual ubiquity of satellite delivery, the dramatically increasing accessibility to the Internet, and the ever expanding mobile phone platform means that there is virtually no part of the world that cannot take advantage of ICT to deliver more effective and less costly learning experience to health care practitioners. ICT can play a vital role in training healthcare professionals, across the board - in nursing schools, medical schools, urban settings, and even in rural areas where it is often needed the most, that is, in remote hospitals, health centers and dispensaries that are under-staffed and where the addressable population is scattered. The health care sector can reap the benefits of ICT globalization, and our vision sees the deployment of ICT to deliver world class health education/training seamlessly and reliably to practitioners in the remotest village to cosmopolitan capital cities wherever they be located.



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