Online Journal of Space Communication


Michael Beavin, Department of Commerce

Robert Bell, SSPI

Tamara Bond, SSPI

David Bross, Hannover Fairs Corporartion

Dean Henry Burdg, Auburn University

David Cavossa, Arrowhead Global Solutions

Scott Chase, Access Intelligence

Leonard David, Space.com

Kenneth Davidian, NASA

Don Flournoy, Ohio University

Tara Giunta, Paul Hastings Janofsky & Walker LLC

Ray Hamilton, Auburn University

Douglas Heydon, Consultant

Susan Irwin, Irwin Communications

Hussein Jirdah, Universities Space Research Association

Randy Johnson, Auburn University

David Logsdon, US Chamber of Commerce, Space Enterprise Project

Andrea Maleter, Futron Corporation

Ted Mallory, Astar Air Cargo

Joseph Pelton, George Washington University

Art Poland, George Mason University

Lon Rains, Space News

Delbert Smith, Jones Day LLC

Dianne Townsend, Auburn University

James Vedda, Aerospace Corporation



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