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Major General James Armor Jr., Director of the National Security Space Office, throws some light on the space policies of the government and their relation to commercialization of space, which he says sustains the military industrial base. In his experience, the military prefers to buy the most advanced systems that technology has to offer even though government has unpredictable needs. He acknowledges "There is a significant gap between what is said at policy level and what has been done. As a result, the credibility of government action is fading." Major challenges include finding ways to initiate discussions on space control, developing long-term leadership and management, affirmative action, increased budget to serve infrastructural needs and improved international cooperation. He says players can and should demand a secure commercial environment.

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(Audio) Keynote Address: Military Perspectives on Space Commercialization

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(Presentation Slides) Keynote Address: Military Perspectives on Space Commercialization