Online Journal of Space Communication


Purpose and Use of the Media Selection Guide

Increasingly, educators and trainers are challenged within their respective
organizations to provide for the efficient distribution of instructional con-
tent using instructional media. The appropriate selection of instructional
media to support distance learning is not intuitive and does not occur as a
matter of personal preference. On the contrary, instructional media selec-
tion is a systematic sequence of qualitative processes based on sound in-
structional design principles. Although media selection is often mentioned
when studying the discipline of instructional technology or Instructional
Systems Design (ISD), it is sometimes overlooked when applying the se-
lection process in a distance-learning environment. It is our intent, there-
fore, for this guide to highlight the essentials of good media selection. We
hope to present an instructionally sound and systematic approach to se-
lecting the most appropriate media for the delivery of content at a dis-



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