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Mobile Satellite Services: With the launch of the Iridium and Globalstar constellations into low earth orbit in the 1990s, there was reason to think that the new era of global voice connectivity from space had begun. These lectures illustrate the reasons, having to do with timing, technology, economics, regulation and consumer preferences, why the narrowband voice services failed to meet expectations.

Innovations in spacecraft design and more capable earth terminals in the 21st century brought about a new generation of GEO-based broadband satellite applications for mobile users. The instructor examines the technological breakthroughs that have created new business opportunities in the MSS sector as a result of the offerings of Thuraya Satellite Telecommunications Co., Inmarsat with its new I-4 series and Boeing Connexion.

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(Audio) Flournoy Lecture 2: MSS-LEO and MSS-GEO