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PT Citra Sari Makmur, or "CSM," began its VSAT operations in 1989 and became the first VSAT operator for the public in Indonesia. In the beginning, VSATs were targeted mainly to the corporate market in Indonesia: entities that operated nationwide and needed online data communication for financial transactions, online integrated data bases and report consolidation.

CSM was founded and led by an Indonesian businessman with vision, Mr. Subagio Wirjoatmodjo, who is currently also a member of MASTEL's executive board. MASTEL is the Telecommunications Association of Indonesia.

Today, CSM as market leader is holding 64% market share among VSAT public operators and 34% market share of the whole VSAT population in Indonesia. The market share report was published by Comsys, a research consultant based in London, U.K. CSM is among the 5 big players in the Asia Pacific region and for one of its products, namely SCPC, CSM is the market leader in the whole of Asia Pacific.



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