Online Journal of Space Communication


This paper introduces a web-based remote sensing application which can provide advanced image comparison and processing functions for natural habitat conservation and environmental monitoring. This project is one of several NASA Affiliated Research Center (ARC) projects being developed at San Diego State University in response to NASA's Earth Science Enterprise (ESE) Focus Area program. This project utilized Java programming and commercial Internet Map Server technology to provide integrated web-based analytical capabilities to regional government agencies and park services.

A prototype website (http://map.sdsu.edu/arc) was established to demonstrate the on-line analytical functions and potential operational applications for environmental monitoring and habitat managers. The web-based prototype was tested and evaluated by several user groups, including park rangers, graduate students, and GIS professionals. Users' feedback indicated that the Java-based tools and Internet Map Servers can provide a flexible way to access both remote sensing data and geospatial analytical tools for environmental monitoring tasks.



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