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We propose a four-stage plan to demonstrate the effectiveness and safety of Space Solar Power (SSP) for use on Earth. Our project goal is to achieve Technology Readiness Level (TRL) by means of: 1) a test mission in low Earth orbit using a small spacecraft; 2) that will support a manned mission to Mars; 3) that includes a bent pipe experiment (power supplied from Earth, to a spacecraft and back to Earth), and 4) to complete system deployment.

The primary impediment to SSP implementation is thought to be the acceptance of the system by those on Earth who may be afraid of the by-products of its use (e.g., radiation) or its misuse (e.g., targeting areas with high levels of radiation). By gaining operating experience and raising the TRL in ways that are less objectionable, it is believed that the Space Solar Power technology may gain greater acceptance for use on Earth.

Click here to see this team video: Team Martian - Test Bed for Space Solar Power on Earth



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