Online Journal of Space Communication


This paper describes the latest edition of the NASA Propagation Effects Handbook for Satellite Systems Design and presents a summary of application of the handbook information to satellite link design and performance. NASA, which has supported a large part of the experimental work in radiowave propagation on space communications links, recognized the need for a reference handbook of this type, and initiated a program in the late 1970's to develop and update a document that will meet this need. The Fifth Edition provides, in a single document, an update to two previous NASA handbooks; the fourth edition of a handbook which focused on propagation effects from 10 to 100 GHz (Ippolito, 1989), and the second edition of a companion handbook which covered propagation effects on satellite systems at frequencies below 10 GHz (Flock, 1987). This Fifth Edition covers the full range of radiowave frequencies that are in use or allocated for space communications and services, from nominally 100 MHz up to 100 GHz.



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