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Winter 2022


Table of contents:

Set in Stone
The father of statehood’s old home still stands ... 4

Pleased to Meat You
Fat Boy Q founder serves authentic BBQ ... 8

Safe Space and Coffee Cake
Cafe owner understands the importance of inclusion ... 10

Family Tested, Tastebud Approved
Two restaurants share a love for their customers .. 12

A Tale of Two Switzerlands
Two towns claim to be the “The Switzerland of Ohio” ... 14

Quilt barn trails started as an Adams County idea and grew into a national trend ... 16

Blood, Sweat and Alpaca Spit
The Cammas know all their alpacas by name ... 19

Museum Attracts Tourists, Dull Pencils
Paul Johnson’s legacy is now a museum in Logan ... 21

Connecting Cultures
The Athens Asian American Alliance brings visibility and history ... 24

Off the Bench
Lane Smith performs despite one blind eye ... 28

Nude Is Everyone’s Color
Strip away self-doubt and societal expectations at Cedar Trails ... 30

Pioneer Timber Framing: Love for Craftsmanship
Timber framing business builds handcrafted homes ... 34

Southeast Ohio Talks Trash
Ramping recycling and conservation efforts ... 36

An Acre of ACRE
Elementary school gets fresh start as an asset to Amesville ... 38

Connecting the Dots
The Little Cities of Black Diamonds celebrates the coal mining region ... 40

Staying on Track
Retired railroader and friends convert station to museum ... 42

John “John Boy” Pelletier
An interview with the recently retired Jackson County broadcasting legend following a 53-year career ... 46



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Winter/Spring 2022

Southeast Ohio Winter/Spring 2022