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Spring 2012


Table of contents:

Finer with Age
A mellow alternative to the bar scene ... 2

Order Up!
Small-town diners reflect the character of Southeastern Ohio ... 3

Haus Special
Serving up sauerkraut with a side of tradition ... 6

Weddings on Demand
Traveling Chapel marries couples in an alternate style ... 7

Powered by Culture
Park your car alongside horse-drawn buggies at this Mennonite-owned bakery and general store ... 8

A Toy Story
Located in two train cars, this toy store lets imagination run off the tracks ... 10

Escape Claws
Ohio’s exotic animal laws evolve in the wake of the Zanesville tragedy ... 11

Chasing Bevo Francis
1950s hoop star reflects on record breaking career ... 14

Unlocking Lucasville
In the shadow of death row, a small town finds its own identity ... 18

Whirlwind Rescue
The MedFlight 6 crew operates an emergency room in flight ... 22

Under the Leather
Bikers fuel Cambridge community and break stereotypes ... 28

Skin for the Tin
Fat Daddy Tadpole uses motorcycles as his canvas ... 33

Blind Devotion
A woman and her horse share an unbreakable bond ... 34

Running a Muck
Warrior Dash pits racers against the elements ... 39

Life, Legacy, & Family
The nation’s longest- serving sheriff heads into retirement ... 42



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Spring 2012

Southeast Ohio Spring 2012