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Summer 2020


Table of Contents:

Night sky views at Hocking Hills astronomy park ... 4

Hand Crafted
Ghostwriter Public House features locally sourced food and furniture ... 6

Grounded in Place
Pomeroy’s River Roasters more than a coffee shop ... 8

Top Shelf
Speyside Bourbon Cooperage exports its millionth barrel ... 10

Down Home in Gallia
The original Bob Evans Farm transitions to historical site ... 12

Beauty in Beer Caps
Zanesville artist creates art from recycled materials ... 14

The Art of Environmental Activism
Professors transform toxins into paint ... 16

How to Become a Firefighter
Training with The Plains Fire Department ... 18

Heritage Gold Mine
Rendville appreciates its rich history as racially integrated town ... 20

Naming the Numbered
A historian uncovers the identities of those buried at The Ridges ... 22

Lifting Appalachia
Joe Burrow’s Heisman speech sparks a movement ... 24

Furnishing Home
Compassion Furniture Bank provides high-quality pieces to those in need ... 28

Stocking Chillicothe
Hilltopper Resource Center serves college students ... 30

Southeast Ohio Through the Decades ... 32

Then and Now
Southeast Ohio revisits 1970s Athens ... 38

Ben Davis Jr.
Appalachian musician writes songs of “Suthernahia” ... 42



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Summer/Fall 2020

Southeast Ohio Summer/Fall 2020