PHENIX Results on Jet Modification with π 0-, Photon-, and Isolated Photon-Triggered Two Particle Correlations

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© 2018 Institute of Physics Publishing. All rights reserved. PHENIX has measured π 0 and direct photon-triggered two-particle azimuthal correlations in a variety of collision systems ranging from p + p to Au+Au at 200 GeV. In p+p, p+Au, and d+Au correlations, interesting new measurements related to angular correlation widths are made which may reveal 'cold' nuclear effects. In Au+Au collisions, we have developed new methods to obtain isolated photons by using an isolation cut like those used in the smaller systems which provide for a cleaner sample of direct photons but reveal new challenges in the high multiplicity Au+Au environment. We present first measurements of centrality-dependent isolated photon-hadron angular correlations that quantify the transition from low zT (=pTh/ pTγ)enhancement to high zT suppression relative to p + p collisions.