Beam-target helicity asymmetry e in K0 Λ and K0 Σ0 photoproduction on the neutron

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© 2018 American Physical Society. We report the first measurements of the E beam-target helicity asymmetry for the γ - n - →K0Λ and K0Σ0 channels in the energy range 1.70≤W≤2.34 GeV. The CLAS system at Jefferson Lab uses a circularly polarized photon beam and a target consisting of longitudinally polarized solid molecular hydrogen deuteride with low background contamination for the measurements. The multivariate analysis method boosted decision trees is used to isolate the reactions of interest. Comparisons with predictions from the KaonMAID, SAID, and Bonn-Gatchina models are presented. These results will help separate the isospin I=0 and I=1 photocoupling transition amplitudes in pseudoscalar meson photoproduction.