Few-body universality in the deuteron- α system

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© 2018 American Physical Society. We treat Li6 as an effective three-body (n-p-α) system and compute the d-αS-wave scattering length and three-body separation energy of Li6 for a wide variety of nucleon-nucleon and α-nucleon potentials which have the same (or nearly the same) phase shifts. The Coulomb interaction in the p-α subsystem is omitted. The results of all calculations lie on a one-parameter curve in the plane defined by the d-αS-wave scattering length and the amount by which Li6 is bound with respect to the n-p-α threshold. We argue that these aspects of the n-p-α system can be understood using few-body universality and that Li6 can thus usefully be thought of as a two-nucleon halo nucleus.