Level densities of Ge 74,76 from compound nuclear reactions

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© 2019 American Physical Society. The level densities of Ge74,76 nuclei are studied with Zn68,70(Li7,Xp) reactions. Proton evaporation spectra are measured at backward angles in a wide energy region, from about 2 to 25 MeV. The analysis of spectra allows for the testing of level density models used in modern reaction codes for practical cross-section calculations. Our results show that at excitation energies above the discrete level region, all level density models tested in this work overestimate the level densities that are needed to reproduce proton spectra from these reactions. The Gilbert and Cameron model, which includes the constanterature energy dependence of the level density, shows the best agreement with experiment, however, its parameters need to be adjusted to reflect the observed reduction of the level density at higher excitation energies.