Status of J-PARC E07: Systematic study of double strangeness nuclei with hybrid emulsion method

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© 2019 Author(s). J-PARC E07 is the most complex emulsion experiment to date investigating double hypernuclei with a hybrid emulsion method. This experiment aims to detect 104 Ξ- stop events, ten times more events than the past experiments. Thus, an unequivocal identification of several new double hypernuclei is expected. The beam exposure has been completed at the K1.8 beam line of the J-PARC hadron facility in June 2017. The photographic development of all emulsion sheets has also been completed in February 2018. The emulsion sheets are presently being analyzed with dedicated optical microscopes. Current statistics is comparable to that of E373 and so far 10 events of 3-vertices topology have been detected. A typical event of double Λ hypernucleus and a twin Λ hypernucleus are introduced. We plan to complete the main part of the emulsion scanning within a year.