Simulating core excitation in breakup reactions of halo nuclei using an effective three-body force

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Core excitation, Halo Effective Field Theory, Nuclear breakup, One-neutron halo nuclei, Three-body force


We extend our previous calculation of the breakup of 11Be using Halo Effective Field Theory and the Dynamical Eikonal Approximation to include an effective 10Be-n-target force. The force is constructed to account for the virtual excitation of 10Be to its low-lying 2+ excited state. In the case of breakup on a 12C target this improves the description of the neutron-energy and angular spectra, especially in the vicinity of the 11Be [Formula presented] state. By fine-tuning the range parameters of the three-body force, a reasonable description of data in the region of the [Formula presented] 11Be state can also be obtained. This sensitivity to the three-body force's range results from the structure of the overlap integral that governs the 11Be s-to-d-state transitions which it induces.