Three-boson stability for boosted interactions towards the zero-range limit

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Faddeev equations, Relativistic interaction, Zero-range limit


We study the three-boson bound-state mass and wave functions for ground and excited states within the three-body relativistic framework with Kamada and Glöcke boosted potentials in the limit of a zero-range interaction. We adopt a nonrelativistic short-range separable potential, with Yamaguchi and Gaussian form factors, and drive them towards the zero-range limit by letting the form factors' momentum scales go to large values while keeping the two-body binding fixed. We show that the three-boson relativistic masses and wave functions are model-independent towards the zero-range limit, and the Thomas collapse is avoided, while the nonrelativistic limit kept the Efimov effect. Furthermore, the stability in the zero-range limit is a result of the reduction of boosted potential with the increase of the virtual pair center of mass momentum within the three-boson system. Finally, we compare the present results with Light-Front and Euclidean calculations.