Measurement of Double-Polarization Asymmetries in the Quasi-Elastic He→3(E→,EP) Process

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Double-polarization asymmetry, Helium-3 nucleus, Proton knock-out


© 2018 The Author We report on a precise measurement of double-polarization asymmetries in electron-induced breakup of He3 proceeding to pd and ppn final states, performed in quasi-elastic kinematics at Q2=0.25(GeV/c)2 for missing momenta up to 250MeV/c. These observables represent highly sensitive tools to investigate the electromagnetic and spin structure of He3 and the relative importance of two- and three-body effects involved in the breakup reaction dynamics. The measured asymmetries cannot be satisfactorily reproduced by state-of-the-art calculations of He3 unless their three-body segment is adjusted, indicating that the spin-dependent part of the nuclear interaction governing the three-body breakup process is much smaller than previously thought.