C 12 (n, 2n) C 11 cross section from threshold to 26.5 MeV C 12 (n, 2n) C 11 CROSS SECTION from ... M. YULY et al.

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© 2018 American Physical Society. The C12(n,2n)C11 cross section was measured from just below threshold to 26.5 MeV using the Pelletron accelerator at Ohio University. Monoenergetic neutrons, produced via the H3(d,n)He4 reaction, were allowed to strike targets of polyethylene and graphite. Activation of both targets was measured by counting positron annihilations resulting from the β+ decay of C11. Annihilation gamma rays were detected, both in coincidence and singly, using back-to-back NaI detectors. The incident neutron flux was determined indirectly via H1(n,p) protons elastically scattered from the polyethylene target. Previous measurements fall into upper and lower bands; the results of the present measurement are consistent with the upper band.