Measurement of the normalized U 238 (n,f)/ U 235 (n,f) cross section ratio from threshold to 30 MeV with the NIFFTE fission Time Projection Chamber

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© 2018 American Physical Society. The normalized U238(n,f)/U235(n,f) cross section ratio has been measured using the NIFFTE fission Time Projection Chamber (fissionTPC) from the reaction threshold to 30MeV. The fissionTPC is a two-volume MICROMEGAS time projection chamber that allows for full three-dimensional reconstruction of fission-fragment ionization profiles from neutron-induced fission. The measurement was performed at the Los Alamos Neutron Science Center, where the neutron energy is determined from neutron time of-flight. The U238(n,f)/U235(n,f) ratio reported here is the first cross section measurement made with the fissionTPC, and will provide new experimental data for evaluation of the U238(n,f) cross section, an important standard used in neutron-flux measurements. Use of a development target in this work prevented the determination of an absolute normalization, to be addressed in future measurements. Instead, the measured cross section ratio has been normalized to ENDF/B-VIII.β5 at 14.5 MeV.