Submissions from 2023


The relationship between drop vertical jump action-observation brain activity and kinesiophobia after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: A cross-sectional fMRI study, Ho Won Kim, James A. Onate, Cody R. Criss, Janet E. Simon, Dominik Mischkowski, and Dustin R. Grooms

Submissions from 2022


Human adaptation to immobilization: Novel insights of impacts on glucose disposal and fuel utilization, Natalie F. Shur, Elizabeth J. Simpson, Hannah Crossland, Prince K. Chivaka, Despina Constantin, Sally M. Cordon, Dumitru Constantin-Teodosiu, Francis B. Stephens, Dileep N. Lobo, Nate Szewczyk, Marco Narici, Clara Prats, Ian A. Macdonald, and Paul L. Greenhaff